Friday, April 3, 2009

Sharing InfoTech

The world today runs with technology. I think, almost everything are possible through technology- mainly computers. I’m a teacher and yet I still longed to know more about computers. Sometimes it occupies my busy day. All are great. I’m very much amazed on how things work through computer. We cannot deny that almost all of us are interested in InfoTech.
When my cousin made there movie- a short film, I’m just amazed on how they edited and animated the pictures and videos. When you say theater and arts, which is my passion. When you say computer, I can say that is my obsession. Well not totally obsessed but I do care about it.
After I graduated, I’m planning to learn more about computer. Well it’s good for me because there are a+ cbt available in the internet world. It is an online IT (Info Technology) training which available in and training videos. With a high quality instructor and a high quality of subject matter. It is also packed with multimedia content designed for you to be involved. Well, I’m just happy hearing about it from my cousin which is an IT student. I’m too excited for it.
Always set your goal for the future application. Learn technology. Make good of it and share it.

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