Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Summer's Sports League

It’s summer time. What are your plans this summer?
Me? I’m pathetically stuck-up with office work. Actually I’m a college student but this time I’ll be working at our dean’s office as a sort of my OJT. My cousin and my aunties are very much excited for the upcoming summer vacation break. Why? Well as usual they’ll be having a “sports league” at our community. This time, there will be having a badminton and basket ball league for man and women.
Oh, I love to be there but unfortunately I can’t participate for that event. So I’ll just dream for myself playing badminton while I’m wearing my dream Columbia Pagora shoes.
Columbia Pagora sportswear shoes
For me, this will be the best footwear shoes- perfect for our badminton league. I Just hope that I will be given the chance to be in the game.
Though I’m not sure whether I can participate or not in the game, but I’ll try to make my summer happier and lively with thisColumbia Kaci shoes.

No one can stop me in wearing this in the office. It’s so fashionable and comfortable.

It is one of the beautiful products from Columbia Sportswear Company. I love it.
There are also available for clothing and footwear for men women and for kids.

Keep going everyone.

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