Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Advance Birthdays

April have a lot of celebration day in my family. We have four birthday celebrant and one will celebrate her debut. So I was so excited for this month. That’s why I’m preparing for their gifts and most of all I’ll prepare my health. I have to make sure that I have low cholesterol this time because, from my sister’s graduation, I think I over eat. I feel like my body was not in good function. I also didn’t exercise every morning.
From last week’s celebration I was also worried about my father because he ate too much chicken and meat. He also experienced a skin allergy. I’m worried because he might have high cholesterol and I know that high cholesterol can cause heart attack. I just I hope that my father will be aware on this kind of stuff. He should know how to get rid of it. I was planning to give him vitamins for his health.
God bless. Be health conscious always. Keep going.

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