Friday, April 17, 2009

Money War

I was bored this afternoon so I watch a soap opera. The story runs with the concept about the “war of money”. They were both eager and frustrated just to have money. People or the cast are killing and hurting just to get what they want- money. There own lives were affected and they didn’t live a normal because of there run-away-debt. Yes, they live a life full of misery.

How about you? Did you live a life the same as with the soap opera? Come to think of it. Maybe you have it but you just denied it. Or you may have an immense credit but you don’t know about it. Well no more denials and no more running away from debt. Always monitor you credits. Make sure you always have a credit report. Yeah sometimes people use your name as a recipient of the credit card. You may be shocked because of credit reports of the unopened account that was named by you. That’s why you should always identify the theft by the use of free credit report

If you can avail it then… money will not be a cause of war.
It’s not wrong to lend or have credits but always shoulder your responsibilities, limit the things you owe and the last always counter check your transactions and credit reports.
God wants us to be blessed everyday. And use your money wisely.
God bless always. Keep going.

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