Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Need for a New Furniture

Today, we celebrated my sister’s graduation day. We did really have a good time bonding with our visitors. My relatives and all my cousins were there and that’s the memorable time. They come from different places so we have to prepare for this celebration. Though our house was small, but all our visitors were properly accommodated while they sat in our sofas. Yes, we need a bigger space and better and good quality furniture. I can’t deny that I was uncomfortable because of the need of replacement for our dining room furniture. It’s quite expensive and too difficult to renovate for a new one- you may visit different sites where you can compare and check its quality. So I’m trying my best now to earn to replace our old furniture. Since my sister had already graduated, I know for sure she will work in the office, I think she needs Home Office Furniture.
So it’s better to change for good and improvement.

Keep going.

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