Friday, July 31, 2009

Employment Opportunities: There are Always Open-doors

Results from the January 2009 Labor Force Survey (LFS)
I was browsing the ne when I read this article in the net. This article is a result survey from January 2009 Labor Force Survey (LFS). I stop and think for a while.

What will happen to my sister- my sister is a fresh graduate last April. She’s currently in her tutorial lesson as her job while she’s studying her master’s degrees. Soon, as she graduates, she’ll find and land a job. I’m also a graduating student that’s why I keep on asking myself… what can do to so that I won’t be a part of those unemployed citizen in the Philippines?

As a single individual, we can always make a change. For me, it’s not always the government who are liable to the unemployed Filipinos. We, ourselves, are also accountable to our deeds. Though, there are fewer opportunities available in the Philippines but most of the problem is from the job seeker. They put into there mentality that there are no available jobs for them. They have less effort in finding a job well in fact; you can always find employment opportunities in the net.

Are you a fresh graduate? And you are so tired in finding the best job for you?

Well let’s end-up that long suffering for you. Let’s make your life easier and try to find your career opportunities in the net. Just check out this new site I’ve found for you. Who know… at this time you will now find your dream job. Let EmploymentCrossing Reviews help you in doing so.

God is always been good to us. When we need help, He always offered His helping hand to us. He always extends His help whenever we need. God do not want us to suffer, He wants us to experience abundance in life… Always seek for His instructions.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

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Eli said...

One reason why i keep on visiting your blog is your posts that deals with God, positive outlook in life, and on such interesting things about the youth, education, and good values. Your blog is really entertaining and worth spending time often.


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