Thursday, July 9, 2009

Can you Give me a Problem?

Lately, I felt so bothered with regards to my thesis. I’m a fourth-year college student. I faced problems lately with regard in finding "problems for my thesis". In short... I'm looking for a topic for my thesis or research study. I still don’t know any problems to tackle or any reliable and effective topic to research. I do really need it.

I just wish that I could have the chance to meet people who will help me work on it. I’ll be a future teacher soon and I love my course. I take up education subjects so my topic will be probably more on education matters.

I believe that God can provide everything I need. He will grant wisdom and guidance to overcome this struggles. Who knows…? He might use you to help me. So, can you suggest any best topic for my thesis? Please?
Just e-mail me.
Thank you in advance.

Keep going.

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