Thursday, July 16, 2009

My DC-833s Digital Camera Debut

Hello friends… I’m so excited to blog about my new DC-833s Digital Camera. I just bought it yesterday and quite busy for a shot so I didn’t manage to share this to you last time.
I think this is the perfect gift I've given to myself. I’ve already started painting and drawing. Now, I’ll make it to the next level- capturing real pictures. I'm so excited to start my amateur photo shooting. Wish me luck.
I just want to thank everyone who keeps on visiting my blog… thank you for giving me such passion to blog more and do better that's why I passionately own a digital camera.
With my new digital camera there will be more captured moments and unforgettable experiences to share …

This is my new DC-833s Digital Camera....
DC-833s Digital Camera
8.0 megapixel CCD
3264 x 2448 pixel resolution (max.)
3x optical zoo, 4x digital zoom
2.5’ TFT color LCD
1G internal memory
SD memory card slot (SDHC compatible)
Videos with sound
Thank God for my new camera.
Keep going everyone. God bless you.

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