Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Get Connected: Remote Computer Access

Hello friends. I just want to share this info about remote access. I was really amazed and interested when I read this kind of stuff for my computer
Do you have problems with regards to accessing files from one-computer to another? Maybe you have unfinished work in your PC from home to your office’s PC? I know that you are interested with this new kind of technology isn’t it? 
I just learned that you can now access and connect your PC from home to any another PC. You can now easily transfer your files and documents from one PC (computer at home) to other PC (computer in the office). Remote access is fast, accurate, safer and convenient way in accessing connect one computer to another.
This is my first time to read about this technology so I want to share it to you. This are very helpful to us especially those who works at home and in the office or to those who have businesses-
Keep going everyone. God bless.



wow tnx for dis info. it helps a lot. hndi sakin sa iba, dahil tambay lang ako,haha

Cebuanong Hilaw said...

comon i2 sa call center

Anonymous said...




Mike Golch said...

Thanks for the tip.

jhon said...

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