Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Symphony of the Classic

The weather is so fine today and the sky is so clear. I’m looking for our piano in the house just to play some classical songs- later I realized that we have no piano at all.LOL. How I wish that I could have one. Well it is actually one of my favorite musical instruments to learn. Well then, I just want to start my day well by praising God and listen to my favorite music. It’s the best way to make a good start for your day.

(Thomas Dausgaard and Ina Kringlebotn)
Do you know that, our teacher told us, listening to classical music while you are pregnant can make your child intelligent, bright and talented child when they grow up. So make a good start now. There is a need for you to keep in touch with different songs mainly classical.
With this habit… you develop the sensual side of you- which is to love music. Experience the one of the beautiful works and Download Classical Music from one of the finest composers Frederik Magle and some other musical piece like Carillon, Cortege & Danse Macabre, Cantilena, Journey and many more. Experience the wide variety of music and the symphony of music that will surely touch your heart.

Experience and learn new music from classical music forums. Enjoy the music!
Keep going everyone. God Bless.

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