Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Cousin’s Lesson

I just watched the morning news today. I think everyday there are a lot of news about vehicular accident. The news which truly a hassle in streets and a cause endless traffic.

When I saw the news, I remembered my cousin’s vehicular accident a month ago. Actually, my cousin was riding my uncle’s motor bike when he hits a brand new car. He had a small injury plus the car had a small damage. At that time it was raining and the road are slippery- plus it’s speedy driving. I don’t know what comes into his mind but he ran away together with his motorcycle. He keeps that accident as a secret until such time the owner of the car- which is happen to be my uncle’s friend- traced there house and approach my uncle about the accident. My uncle was very angry about what happen.

Thank God because the brand new car had a car insurance that’s why they had settled the problem right away. It is an advantage if we have a car insurance now a day. It's good because we haven’t paid so much for the repair. And finally... my cousin had learned his lesson.

Keep going.


nancy said...

it really pays to be extra cautious!

dropping by here, sis :) do you mind adding my bloglink here. you have been added to my blog long ago :)
thanks ahead... enjoy the rest of the day!

Mikes Sumondong said...

uhm we can't blame your cousin, i'm pretty sure he was afraid.

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