Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cool Truck Exhaust: Good for the Health and in Environment

Good day everyone. I’m back to my duty. Still, I’m assigned to do some practice teaching in one and a half month. So, I still have few weeks to go back and forth in the school where I was assigned.

So, how is it feels to be so much stressed from work and then annoyed with so much traffic and pollution while going home? Well this is what I really feel while going home. Every time I go home, I really feel tired and sick- smelling all those black smoke coming from cars, trucks and any public vehicles. That’s why I don’t doubt why there is an occurring global warming today- that is because of too much carbon dioxide in the air.

I would be happy... people would be happy if you re-design your car or truck with this newest truck exhaust. It would be very helpful in our environment as well as it is so cool for your car id there is no smoke coming out from your exhaust. Checkout more car accessories online and enjoy having a new look and new stylish car accessories.

I really honor those vehicular drivers who really take time to fix their car specially changing their worse car or truck exhaust.
Keep going everyone. I hope you’ll have a clean and fresh Tuesday. Keep going everyone.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Need for a Moving Blanket

Definitely I was stressed from my practice teaching. How I wish I could find the best place to relax and release all the stress I got from my two weeks in practice teaching. I want to explore the nature. Mountain escapade or beach hopping would be a great idea. With my moving blanket with me, surely it is going to be great exploration. With all the hardships and stressful work I had, probably, I need moving supply to pack up all my things or even a turnbuckle to help me bring all my cargo and stay there for one year.

Keep going everyone.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Teaching Experiences: Loaded and Lesson Plan Making

Hello friends… happy week end to all of you.

If you’ve been reading in my other blog- my foliage Diary- you’ll definitely know what’s going n in my life. It’s been my econ week in my practice teaching and many of my co-practice teachers were telling me that we are like participants in the best known show “Survivor”. LOL.

Really, you’ll never know what a life of a teacher has, unless you become one…
So here I am today loaded with so much work- checking papers, recording scores, making visual aids and lesson plan. But I always thank God for every way He leads me to go. In this kind of situation He allows me to deal with different people and know there needs. It is about time for me to impart knowledge and show them my faith.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Access Auto Insurance Quotes Today

This morning, I woke up almost 5 in the morning- I usually go to school 5:30 AM. In the school’s policy you should not be late. That’s why I hurriedly pack up my things and prepared for school in 15 minutes. I do really hate it when I cram and hurry things. Plus, I traveled in a public vehicle that is why I arrived in school very late.
I can almost see the benefit of having your own family car or personal car. It really helps you wherever you go. You’ll no longer suffer in a public vehicle- that usually stops whenever there are commuters. You will not delay in traveling for work or in school. Yes, I used to dream to have our own car too. Having your own car is really beneficial. If you all have the money then you can have your own car but many people experience hardships in finding the best and cheap auto insurance. Usually they are looking forward to save money- we have to be practical this time- especially now that we are facing economic crises.

Unlike any other insurance company, I found this cheap Texas auto insurance in the net. They offered an easy way to access and find the cheap auto insurance in Texas. I find it helpful for you (my reader). In there site they help you save money by getting and comparing auto insurance quotes online. By just getting a number of quotes to compare is one of the best way to get the lowest rate together with the other discounts available. All you have to do is enter you zip code and everything follows like signing up forms and etc. If you are interested in getting cheap liability insurance in Texas just check it out.

Finding auto license and auto insurances are not a hinder in dreaming and pursuing to have your personalized car. If you have enough money there are helpful sites in the net that helps you save money.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Changing Lifestyle

It’s a brand new day. How is your day?

For me, it’s my first week in school where I was assigned to do practice teaching. I’ll be handling third year student or we call them seventh-grade students. I know it’s quite tough because they are all young and worse, they are all boys. So I have to adjust my classroom management- we all know boys are really tough sometimes. I’m the only female in the room so I have to be strong and firm so that I can manage them well. So far it is quite good. The schedules are quite intimidating because we have to be in school before 6 o’clock in the morning and classes starts at 6 AM. We should come in time and be courteous all the time.

So far, I feel okay but later on the change of my lifestyle will surely affects my health condition. It causes me a little bit stress and lack of rest. I’ll be making paper works and lesson plans. It is going to be tougher in the next few days. It’s good if you have assured your health and availed any insurance leads where in you can really find reassurance when it comes to your medical assistance, financial assistance and life insurance benefits.

Sometimes, we have been in the situation where in we face heavy duties and stressful work but one thing we should be aware of and that is to take good care of our health. Health is wealth so make your health in the top of your priorities and everything follows- success, wealth and etc. So, what ever you are taking up today, let us find time to rest and invest in an insurance leads.

Keep going everyone and God bless.
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