Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Daily Dose of the Latest Geek Gadgets

If you are going to ask me about my favorite site, which I often visit, probably you've already figured it out. Aside from Facebook and Christnotes (which I got my daily verses and weekly wisdom), I can't slip a day without checking some of the latest and Best Gadgets available in the World Wide Web. I love to visit this site because we can get an updates and alerts about the latest technology and stuff for the geeks and not so geek.LOL. Well, actually, this site is for all of us. Enjoy!

If your favorite site is Facebook and you loved to play angry birds, well this cute stuff is for you. 

Angry Birds Mini Plush with Sound

Angry Birds Mini Plush with Sound

If you are a socialized geek, then this cool stuff is for you. You can talk and drink wine all night without hassle. 

Wine Yoke Party Time Hand Free Wine Glass Holder Necklace

“Wine Yoke” Party Time Hand Free Wine Glass Holder Necklace

If you are a wine lover, you can have this Magical Lasso Wine bottle Holder. It will hold your wine with style.

Rope Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

Magical Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

This Faceless Watch is one of my favorite. Somewhat awkward to wear but it's somewhat unique and one of a kind watch so it is interesting to wear this one and show it to your friends.LOL.

Faceless Watch
The Faceless Watch

The Faceless Watch

Everyday, there's new and latest updates about your favorite gadgets and stuff. I think everyone , who will visit this site can have their own bets and favorites. All you wish is to buy all of this and add it in your own collection. 

In collecting and purchasing your favorite gadgets, you will surely need Staples coupons. You can have your biggest discount in wanting and owning your own gadgets. 

Retailing and selling it to your friends, colleagues and relatives would build up a good business. Surely they will love your product. Then save as much as you can in creating your own business cards. Make sure that you know about Vistaprint coupon codes. This can give you big discounts in any printing services. Just visit your favorite website, our favorite website, "GeekAlerts"- the daily alerts of the latest gadgets for geeks.

The geeks and the "not so geek", I hope you enjoy reading my post. Keep going everyone and God bless.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Google Logo: Guess What is our Google Logo all About?

Hi friends, here's some interesting game for you. Guess this today's Google Logo? You are free to comment. LOL. Just explore the Mr. Google today to explore the answer.

Keep going and enjoy our game. God bless.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to be a Good Steward of God's Blessings?

 It's raining. It seems like rainy seasons is approaching. I have to check my umbrella before I leave the house.  Lately, went to the mall and shop with my siblings. We really had a great time together. Thank God the rain poured out its full blast after we get home. Well, that is the disadvantage of not having a family car. I am really praying to God to grant my prayer- to have a family car. It is really useful. It will serve as our family service every time we go to church, shop and go on a vacation. One thing that we must see to it when we have our car- it is our family's safety.

Make sure that your family is safe. During rainy season, car accidents are prone. Always see to it that your car and your family are secured. If you are having a hard time finding the best car insurance, try to checkout cheap auto insurance Houston today. It is not just the lowest price that they offer but also have the best rated insurance companies. When you find the best insurance company, you are free to drive anytime without worrying anything. You might think that your possessions will be stolen. Well this is the cheapest, best rated and instant insurance quotes available in the net. Learn more about insurance and find the best insurance quotes today. Secure your family's safety and secure your car's insurance.

 This is my dreams Family Car ^^,

Little by little I am fulfilling all my dreams. With God's help, I know, we can have our own family car. It will be useful and a blessing to my family. I will make sure we have the best insurance ever. I will be a good steward of God's blessings.

Enjoy and watch out us God pours out the rain of blessings. Keep going everyone and God bless. 

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