Sunday, January 24, 2010

He Loves me More than I Love Him

I’m crying lately when I receive this love letter from Someone I really valued most. This is the love letter that really touches my heart. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Your love never fails indeed. Thank you Lord, for Your letter and for the love song.

More- Mathew West

Take a look at the mountains
Stretching a mile high
Take a look at the ocean
Far as your eye can see
And think of Me

Take a look at the desert
Do you feel like a grain of sand?
I am with you wherever
Where you go is where I am

And I'm always thinking of you
Take a look around you
I'm spelling it out one by one

I love you more than the sun
And the stars that I taught how to shine
You are mine, and you shine for me too
I love you yesterday and today
And tomorrow, I'll say it again and again
I love you more

Just a face in the city
Just a tear on a crowded street
But you are one in a million
And you belong to Me

And I want you to know
That I'm not letting go
Even when you come undone

I love you more than the sun
And the stars that I taught how to shine
You are mine, and you shine for me too
I love you yesterday and today
And tomorrow, I'll say it again and again
I love you more
I love you more

Shine for Me
Shine for Me
Shine on, shine on
Shine for Me

I love you more than the sun
And the stars that I taught how to shine
You are mine, and you shine for me too
I love you yesterday and today
And tomorrow, I'll say it again and again
I love you more

Than the sun
and the stars that I taught how to shine
You are mine, and you shine for me too
I love you, yesterday and today
Through the joy and the pain
I'll say it again and again
I love you more
I love you more

And I see you
And I made you
And I love you more than you can imagine
More than you can fathom
I love you more than the sun
And you shine for me
Keep going everyone. God bless.

Explore the Myrtle Beach and Shore

Take a look at the ocean far as you can see. As you can see its horizon, the sky kisses the ocean. God created everything so beautiful and amazing. Maybe it’s time for us to explore God’s creation- the beauty of the ocean, its cool breeze and blue sky.

If you’re looking for the best place to explore, then you may also take a look and add to your list the Myrtle Beach Resort. I just visited there site and I think this is one you should not miss to visit. This is one of the perfect places if you want to have a vacation and relaxation. Pack up your things now and leave the busy city and enjoy the peacefulness of God’s creation.

Resort in Myrtle Beach is one of the lovely places I’ve seen in the net. The lovely shores, the pools, and many other infrastructures like the golf course and affordable hotels- Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel. Go with your group vacation and enjoy the week.

Ocean and beaches are really close to my heart. How about you?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rainy and Lazy Weekend

Happy weekend everyone. It’s a cold Saturday here. I cannot decide what will I do- maybe because of the cold weather. I supposed to go to our church’s young people service today but I decided to stay at home. Yeah, quite one of the lazy decisions I’ve made. Honestly, this is one of my negative sides of me. I used to like and plan things- well sooner or later it won’t or I won’t make it happen.

I want to ask God for forgiveness and everything that I decide for my life without His guidance and council. Though it’s raining outside, I just wish that I will still pursue more to go to church.

I pray that everyday in my life, I just don’t want to involve myself in the works for God but a total commitment and submissive to glorify Him.
Keep going everyone. Have a blessed weekend.

God bless.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Have a Stress-free Day in Key West

I think this week is one of the toughest and the busiest week I’ve ever encountered in my whole life. From first day, Monday, I’ve was the Office in Charge in our school department. Being a leader and in charge, that was really a difficult task- especially that day is our College foundation day.

Right at this moment, all I got is body pain and stresses. All I want to do right now is to relax and stay in the Lighthouse Court Hotel Key West. Yeah, as I visited there site, I’ve seen the most and perfect place to relax and release all the stress I’ve got this week. As I’ve seen from there photos, Key West is truly an amazing place. Well Hotels in Key West has all what you want for relaxation. I just wish that I can fly to Key West right away.

Keep going everyone. Relax and have a good time.
God bless.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Learn from the Expert: Beauty Tips

Yes, I’m too excited for today’s event. Our college had this beauty pageant today- Mr. and Ms. CED. My closest friend is also a participant in that event. I’ll pray that she’ll going to make it.

Since, I’m the officer in charge for our department well it is my responsibility to take care to our department representative.

It is so hard for me because we have to hire make-up artist and beautician for our candidates. I really want to know all this things- estheticians and make-up artist. By the way if you want to learn more on how to apply make-up, cosmetics and any beauty products you may check out this esthetician message board. Truly this is where all estheticians and beautician meet. They can discuss everything- about the best products and comments and suggestions. When I found this massage therapy message boards and I find it very interesting.

Check this our for yourself and learn something through massage therapist message boards.

Keep going and God bless.

Christian Workshop- Young People Service

Last time, during our young people service, I’m the one who handle the work shop and with God’s glory and guidance it really works so well. We are blessed with that workshop we did.
Here’s what we did (together with one of my church mate):

I. Banana Lesson (Game)

Break the group up into groups (2 groups) and give each group a banana and tell them to cut it up. Then I give them tape, tacks and glue and ask them to put it back together again. After attempting this impossible task, we stop to discuss how hard it is to redo errors that we make. Sometimes they cannot be redone... so it is wise to think carefully about the consequences of things we say or do before taking action"

I got this information from one of the Christian blog- Tea Time. So I made it as a workshop or activity.

I. Reflection Activity (Same group)

Each member of the group should reflect on the following.

Don't open your mouth WHEN:
1. You are angry- Prov. 14:17
2. You don't have all the facts - Prov. 13:18
3. You haven't verified the story - Deut. 17:6
4. Your words will offend a weaker person –
5. Your words will poorly reflect on the Lord or your friends or family - 1 Peter 2:21-23
6. You are tempted to make light of Holy things - Eccl 5:2
7. You are tempted to joke about sin - Prov. 14:9
8. You should be ashamed of your words later - Prov. 8:8
9. Your words would convey wrong impressions - Prov. 17:27
10. Your words would damage a friendship - Prov. 16:28

11. The issue is none of your business - Prov. 14:10
12. Your words will damage someone's reputation - Prov. 16:27
13. You are feeling critical - James 3:9
14. You are tempted to tell an outright lie - Prov. 4:24
15. You can't speak without yelling - Prov. 25:28
16. It is time to be listening - Prov. 13:1
17. You may have to eat your words later - Prov. 18:21
18. You have already said it more than one time (it becomes nagging) - Prov. 19:13
19. You are tempted to flatter a wicked person - Prov. 24:24
20. You are supposed to be working instead - Prov. 14:23

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Remove Those Unnecessary Hairs

I can’t help it. I was quite “worn out” and tired with our college’s activities. Sometimes, over work can really make your face sagging, stressed and unease. To prevent all this things we need to relax for a while and check out your self. Maybe you have already black eyes, wrinkles and etc.

I also haven’t removed all my grown-eyebrows or even remove all my grown hair in my legs and arm pits- this is one of the reasons I feel so conscious about it. Go and have some makeover for yourself- I also need it too. To make it easier, we’ll just check out some of the recommended site for permanent hair removal training. Yeah, we can all have the chance Laser Hair Removal Video as a tool for training.

I Know, girls really want to be educated about it. Learn about permanent hair removal and do some makeovers for you.
Keep going.

The Complete Guide to Laser Hair Removal (run time: 1 Hr. 44 Mins.) can be ordered for $175.00 plus shipping, by calling 1-800-414-2434 or visiting

Hair Removal Videos | Facial Hair Removal

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Work Safely with Safety Gears

Today is Monday, and honestly this day is quite tough day. I think, as a vice president in our school organization, I have to do multi tasking. Yeah, I’m in charge for works and activities today. I’m the one who is in charge of everything we need to accomplish today- since the president is out for his practice teaching.

So, I think I have to start this tough day in thanking God for giving me strength today. Then a 9 AM, I’ll be going to school to assist my other officers and classmates in making our department booth for the said Charter Day Activity of our college.

(I also experienced using safety harness and fall protection during our bouldering and rapelling activities- it is really a big help)

We really need man power this time- and I hope they will secure their safety in building it. For, me I have this negative mentality, which sometimes hinders me doing difficult task well in fact, safety materials are all available for us. Safety signs are very important especially in a construction site or even in the streets and public places. Always think and secure the people that surround us- so I will be the one responsible for the people that will be working our booth today.

Speaking of safety, if you want to check out different safety gears and gadgets for your personal use, well here’s some safety glasses and safety boots for you. This site can really give you more than you needed- safety. They have also other products that is needed for safety in any activities and task you’ll do today. Check it out.

Well have a safe day to you. Keep going. God bless.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hard Time with Math Problems?

My sister is a math tutor here I the Philippines. She’s studying master’s degree in mathematics and I’m very much proud to her. Before, she had an extra job as a math tutor- to sustain her extra expenses in studying. Now, she stopped tutoring and concentrates to her studies. Actually, she admits that she really had a hard and difficult time learning her math lessons.

The tutor house- where she worked before- tells her that she is always welcome to come back again anytime she wants. My sister feels so flattered. I ask myself, is it really hard to learn math? Usually math tutors are very much in demand today.

Based on my experience, in high school and in college, I can learn mathfre but I have better performance if I ask some help to my sister. Maybe the same with you, you always consume your time answering difficult Math homework . Well, end this up today. Tutorials are expensive but I can help you work out these expenses, here’s a Free math homework help for you. For sure, this one is a big help for you. Through there Free math tutoring online, you can access and ask help in your math problems in the most easiest and convenient way. Why not try the Free math tutoring today.

You may find the right place to Solve calculus through Calculus tutor and Calculus help.
Answering math? Worry no more.

Keep going everyone.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Exploring God's Gift of Nature

Exploring the Beauty of Nature

Every time I browsed different blogs everyday, seeing there lovely post during a vacation, I wonder how happy it is to be in a vacation in an island or beach resort that is like a paradise. I think they are so blessed because they can go where ever they want to go. They can travel different places and experience different fantastic scenery- which is what I really wan to do.

That is why when I browse different scenes I can picture out myself to be in the real scene. I can picture out myself to be in the beach and enjoying the beauty of nature. One of the wonderful places I’ve browsed in the net is the Myrtle Beach Resort. I can picture out enjoying the perfect waves of the ocean and breathe the sea breeze- oh, how lovely it is. Myrtle Beach Resorts is one of the best places to go when you want to relax and chill.

I know that you have the same dream as mine so why don’t you check out Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort now and have your reservations. Keep yourself away from stress and experience the beauty and gift of nature.
Go now and make your reservations in the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts.

Keep going everyone. God bless always.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

God Can Move Mountains

I got this one from one of my e-mails. Thanks you for sharing it to me. I hope you can check this out.

I'd love sharing it to you. God bless.

From: Denise

Sometime ago I had a huge mountain in front of me and cried out to the Lord:
"Lord how do I speak to this mountain that is in my seems too large"! The Lord speaks to me through visions. That night this is what I saw.

As I looked before me...a large mountain towered over me.....blocking out all light of hope and victory. Instead I felt darkness of despair and hopelessness set in. I cried out to the Lord to help me. I felt a warm wind and turned around and behold I was starring at the Large sandals of Jesus who was sitting on the Throne. He bent down and picked me up, placed me on His lap and spoke: "My child you cannot move this mountain without calling out to Me to help you.

We will move this mountain out of your way together". With me on His lap He pulled this mountain before us and said to me: "Okay now my child put your right hand on top of this mountain and I will put My left hand on top of yours, now your left hand and now I will tap My right hand on top of yours and together we will knock this mountain down. Have faith in Me that I will always help you through My Holy only need to ask and believe"! So in this vision we BOTH knocked this mountain down. The next day I new without a doubt that my mountain had been "cast into the sea".

Be encouraged and know that you do not have to remove the mountains by yourself.
May the Lord Bless you abundently for 2010!

Keep going.

Experience the Asian Style of Relaxation

One of my dreams is to travel abroad and meet different kinds of people- Asian, American, European and etc. The best thing about traveling is that you can experience and learn a lot of things from the people’s culture. If I can travel now, I want to go around Asia first.
One of my favorite is that, Asians do really have a lot of cultures lifestyles to learn. Asians are usually known for being health conscious. From herbs to yoga, therapy and body massage they are well known to it.

Check out one of the best Thai Massage and experience the soothing therapy for your tired body. If you can’t afford to travel, why not try to avail thai massage video online. For sure you can learn thai massage training by yourself. Check out one of there DVDs now. Enjoy!

There are a lot more to discover in Asia. I’m an Asian girl who says, Discover Asia.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010: You Will be The Prom Queen

Welcome to the 2010. Have a Happy New Year to all my friends and bloggers out there who always been so supportive to me and to my bog. So what’s p to look forward for 2010?
Me, I expect great things will happen this 2010. One of this is our government election that will happen this May. I also expect that there will be the new and latest technology that will exist. Wow. Aside from technology, this is one of my favorite, there will be new and latest trends of fashion and dresses. I love it.

Check this out this is one of my favorites I just browsed lately.

Personally, once I browsed and see different fashion outfit in the net, I always stay there for a long hour and just browse and look at its designs. One of m passion is to design dresses. That is why if you want to browse different ball gowns then you may do so. So check it out. I love to browse this site and, hopefully, buy some of there dresses.

February is the month for Valentine’s Day and a month for proms and college and high school ball. To stand out from that crowd, check out the bet 2010 prom dresses and surely you are one of the eye catchers of the night or the prom queen.

I hope this February we will have a JS Prom. I’m a fourth year college now and in all my life, in my student life, I never experience to have a prom in school.

So hopefully I can experience this year 2010. Keep going everyone.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Enigin: Environmental Friendly Engine

My cousin just mentioned to me about there “so-called” project proposal. He is an IT student and one of there individual activities are to propose a project using the latest computer to make our work more convenient and more environments friendly. That project doesn’t really exist today and if they will given, and this is the project they want to exist in the future.

I love the idea, when they predict and make use of the computer to create something helpful for the environment and for the people. He mentioned his bright ideas and so with his classmates. It’s good to make some bright ideas for the people. Just like what I’ve browsed lately- Enigin. I thought all inventions today I just for luxurious satisfaction of the people, but this time they’ve created it for the people and the environment. The Enigin is a carbon offsetting kiosk- check out the latest enigin today. Kiosks nowadays, are very helpful for travelers and tourist or to those who wants to ask information about the flight or the place.

I think everything is possible today. Technology is always here to give service and possible resources for us. So what can you do in the future? Do you have any bright ideas that can help in the future?

Keep going everyone. God bless.
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