Thursday, April 30, 2009

Left Behind?

Are you bored this summer?
Well, there is the best thing you can do to make your summer day more informative and competitive when it comes to IT and computers. How about enrolling in an IT training class?
It’s a good idea right? This time it will help you enhance your skills and develop self- esteem when it comes to computer basic skills and upgraded skills. Now a day, we tend to be involved in the latest technology (mainly computers) in order to be competitive in all aspects of our social living- maybe work, school or even businesses. Because almost all jobs, school work and business involves computer. Sometimes, people who are not born in the so-called “computer age” cannot compete and show their intellect and skills just because they don’t have knowledge about it. If you are one of those, then, this is your time to unleash the difficulty and incompetent when it comes to computer
You can always have k alliance with you. It provides computer based training through self-study videos, instructors are either it comes in CD form or online formats. Since it is an online and a self-paced learning you may decide when and where to study and to focus on.
Here’s another informative post for you. What are you waiting for? Register now.

Keep going. I wish for your success and blessings in life. God bless.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Enlight yourself with the Word

Always keep in touch with God’s word. God loves you so much. Be blessed with God's amazing love.
Keep going. God bless you my friend.

Summer Trip

Hello friends. How I wish that we could have find another time to relax like this. I was a little bit tired everyday seing a lot of paper works and unfinished business at our school’s office.
I just wish for another summer trip with my friends and family. Keep in touch with this memorable pose.

This is a photo taken at the pool together with my cousin and friends. This was taken last month and I want to have a relaxing trip again.

Keep going. God bless.

Beware of Life Theft

Scammers are everywhere. We cannot deny the fact that there are a lot of people today who are suffering from the different crimes and scams. Life will never be that hard if only you are careful and cautious about the things that surrounds you surely scammers and identity theft will be vanished.
I’ve watch the news lately and scamming is the most common crime among people. One of the cases is a fraud identity scammer. The woman is applying for her VISA to go abroad but she was surprised when her status is married- which is actually single. Another one is that the man was under arrest because of runaway debt- which is supposed to be other people’s crime. The man’s identity was used by other people to scam, steal bank accounts and loan some debts.
Don’t loose your good name. Protect your name as well as your identity. This is the reason why Life lock is our protective shield. In lifelock, you can guarantee your good name and a peaceful life to live. If you wish to be protected against those life theft maybe you need to know the benefits when you use life lock services. Just check this out by yourself with the new LifeLock reviews. Surely you will be convinced.
Keep going. Take care.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You Made me Smile

When I saw this photograph… I smiled. Don't ask me why.

So here I am to share these smiles with you...

and soon you'll discover its beauty and calmness from within.

Have a wonderful day ahead.

Relax and keep going. God bless.

New Trend of Fashion

All of us seek to be fashionable- even in our very simple way. So, friends… people can never stop us from choosing our own trend and declaring our own style.
When it comes to fashionable clothes and accessories, I always encounter different problems and doubt- whether I’ll wear it or not. But this time I made myself more confident in choosing my own style. This time, I’ll start doing my style in a simple accessory- and that is choosing the stylish belts.
Well, I’m fanatic in wearing different kinds of belt. Keep in touch with the latest trend of fashion with he new designs that are intended for us who loved to make new styles and love to experiment in fashion. The new Dsquared2 heels will captivate your delight in choosing the best of today’s style.

For me my favorite belt color is white. That’s why this fascinates me a lot.
It simply shows, neatness, trim and smart.
Maybe you can have your own style in wearing it… Why not share it to the world and stand out from the others. In fact, everything you need- fashionable clothes and accessories- are all available in the net. So, you can never use this alibi to hide yourself. Show to the world that you can stand out.

Keep going. Keep in touch. God bless.

East versus the West

I love boxing. Just like me, maybe you’ll love to watch boxing? Okay, now let’s all watch this big event that will happen in Las Vegas- the Pacquiao versus Hatton fight- which is a Junior Welter Weight title fight this coming May 2, 2009. Mark this in your calendars.
So, boxing fanatics… Let’s get ready to rumble… LOL.
I just wish the best for both f them. Well, if you’ll going to ask me about my bet… for sure it’s or very own Filipino champ. Please support our people’s champion Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.

Pacquiao Vs Hatton
The  East against the West
(Filipino)       Versus   (British)

Keep going. Enjoy.

IT Online Training Today

Well I was fascinated doing some computer works this afternoon. I’m working at our school’s office, that’s why I was a little bit tired today. When I got home, though I want to sleep early, I just hurriedly work in front of my computer. Yes, I was busy doing computer works today. Our school dean assigned me to work some files- I'm glad because I'll be working it using computer. Well that’s fine on me because I was I have a background about computer.

Hi, here’s another informative post for you...

I just realized how computer works in employing professional workers and employees. Now a day, working qualifications required us to be a computer literate and computer competent. That is why we need to be equipped with the skills and knowledge with today’s support professionals in the world of Information Technology (IT). In order to validate your knowledge and skills in the IT world you have to undergo some skills training and this is where a+ online training will help you. This will give you special training online. These involve different topics with regards to computer skills computer maintenance, installations and basic networking.
Computer a+ online training is suitable for working professionals. Because it is online, you can learn wherever you are and any time you want. It is easy and fun. It is open to those who are willing to learn computer because it’s never too late to learn the latest technology.
Keep going. God bless.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Perfect for a Pose

I was working at our school’s office for my OJT and I’ve learned a lot of things there. I also meet new people I called as friends. Well, they are my boss’s but they treat us as a friend. We work there with my colleague Litlit and we really had a great fun working with our boss. Actually tomorrow will be there pictorial day (for all the stuffs) and Ma’am Lorie, one of my mentor and my boss, asked me for an advice on what to wear for tomorrow’s pictorial. Well, I’m glad that she really asked me about my opinion. The theme should be in semi-formal.
Speaking of semi-formal, well I found some interesting dress from the net. I know that this one will surely suite for her. Though she can’t have it right away, but for sure this one will be perfect for ma’am Lorie.

This is Steven Alan skirt. It is fashionable skirt. It has different styles. It comes with different designs like it’s floral that will surely match with different upper dress. You can pair it whatever you want- whether it’s formal or non-formal look. I’m excited to tell her about it. I just love seeing ma’am Lorie wearing it. She will surely look so beautiful.
Keep going everyone. Wish me luck for tomorrow’s work and activity. God bless.

House Task

Hello everyone. How’s your day?
I was a little bit stressed today. How I wish to be at home and relax.
I was so excited to be at home this afternoon. But I was irritated when I found out that there are a lot of unwashed dishes in our kitchen sink. I want to eat but there are no dishes available. At that time I just wish that our faucet will run out of water so that, they (my sisters who supposed to do the task) will suffer in washing our dishes. When I was relieved, I feel sorry about what I did. It’s very hard if they suffer the consequences. If the pipes will worn-out we’ll all suffer to find plumbers who will repair it.

Now a days, there are few in which you will guarantee as the”best plumber” in terms of services. Just like the San Diego Plumber… I just found this site a while ago and I think this is more useful when it comes to plumbing. In this site you can find the skilled workers who will work on your plumbing fixtures, pipes for your drinking water and waste drainage. All you need about plumbing- advices, services and quality work.
I hope this seems to be informative to you. Keep going. God bless.

Register +Enjoy +Play +Earn Cash = Wall Street Survivor

I wish to travel for a vacation break. I was a little bit bored today. I was working in the office for my OJT (on job training) today. Its summer time but I’ve been working for the whole summer. How I wish that I can travel in a different places and relax but I don’t have enough time and money for my vacation.

Well, I’m looking for something that will make my day enjoyable. I want to enjoy after I worked in the office. Though I can’t go anywhere but still I want to find something interesting at the same time reasonable. So friends, check this out. I had found something that will surely enjoy and it will benefit you most when you join. I find this site, Wall Street Survivor, and for sure you will enjoy. I swear.

Now, what is Wall Street Survivor? It is a site where you can earn money by just playing, participating and enjoying the site. It is a real-time stock trading, interesting games related to real-stock trading and win cash prizes daily, weekly and overall cash prizes.
Good news for all of us who where at home. So check this out and be a part of this Wall Street Community.
Keep going everyone. God bless.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Sunday


God wants this Sunday to be a blissful day to us. I’m blessed today and I want to share these blessings to you. You’re a dear friend to me and I want to share this wonderful day to you. May you’ll be blessed by God.
Keep going.

Say Goodebye to Your Debt

Hello friends. Well I was a little bit disappointed because my money for this month is not enough. I still have one week left and my money is only one-thousand pesos. Well, I have to budget it vey carefully because my next allowance will be next month… so I have to spend it wisely.
I’m glad that I’ve budget my money wisely. I’m on my OJT, so the budget for food and transportations is just enough for my budget. I don’t know why but I’m afraid to have debt from others.
I’ve encountered a lot of people who have problems regarding with there debts. If you have a problem like this, maybe this will help you, try debt consolidation. It is a way of consolidating all our debt payments like our credit cards, bills, personal loans and etc. When you try this it will lessen your debt calls and it will help you in debt management. It will also turn your payday into low monthly payments. See? This is how it works when you know how to consolidate debt. Before it’s too late and before you loose hope in your debt, you supposed to find the best debt consolidation site that will surely help you out of your debt.
God bless. I hope this post seems to be informative to you. Keep going.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Protector Shield

Yes, I feel comfy with the weather right now. The weather is neither hot nor cold. Well then, this is the perfect time to hang out and wander around the city- to do shopping of course.LOL. Commuters do really love this kind of weather. It’s a perfect timing to relax this weekend- to wander at the mall, shop and eat in a restaurant. I just hope I can do it without hassle- I mean to have my own motorcycle bike.
For sure, commuters love this weather. Riding on your bike and motorcycle will surely do. My uncle had a motorcycle in his own that’s why I know the essence and comfort to have it. Riding it has a lot of advantages- especially getting off from traffic. But having a motorcycle needs a great responsibility. We need to wear always our helmet.

If I would have my own motorcycle, I would rather choose to use these high class Motorcycle Helmet. Aside from its good look, it’s in high quality plus safe to use. I’m just amazed in its color- just what I want for my future motorcycle. If you want to have a lot more accessories and unique style you may try German Helmets plus Leather Vests.LOL.
Keep going everyone. Always enjoy your weekend. Thank God for the weather today.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bloggers Inc.,

Let me introduce to you the blogger’s company… LOL. I was just amazed on how our “blogger’s tree” was formed.
Marky was the founder. Actually he was the first one who tried blogging. In my whole life, I never knew this thing called “blog” until he introduced this word to me… not just the word “blog” but “blogging” itself. I know deep in inside there is something in it that awakens my passion- finding oneself and expressing ones emotion through art- the art of expressing and writing.

After me, everyone follows… First, my friend Nikka became interested in it. Well, I’m glad she was inspired by me… and then, my cousin ate mayang realized that she can be a blogger and a teacher- actually teaching is her profession. Being encouraged by us, my cousin Micah and my uncle a.k.a. Joyce got the idea and they're interested to try it.

Bloggers Inc.,

Here we are… a happy family of bloggers. I just wish everyone’s luck… to bring out the best in us and to make a change. Always remember that we, bloggers, should blog from our deepest us… always blog from the heart.
Because every words and thoughts you’ve shared to the world could always make a difference: either for good or for worse. (just make sure that you'll make we are in the right track).

Keep going everyone. Happy blogging.

Us Girls

I was about to leave the house this morning when I suddenly went back at my room and changed my outfit. I just don’t feel like wearing it. I’m on my OJT (on job training) so I have to wear better clothes and look good. But honestly I have a few clothes left in my closet.
How I wish to have a lot of clothes in my closet.

Here are the best clothes I wish to have… 
It’s perfect for women who love fashionable women plus size clothes. 
Here are my top choices…  

A Smocked Detail Dress
This is perfect for all occasion. Wearing bright and clean color adds comfort and dazzling feeling. Because of its cream color, for me it is lighter, pleasant and fashionable. The floral design adds beauty and it fits for the summer motif- I love flower designs.

Cotton Voil Maxi Dress
This is perfect for a fashionable-summer look. Refreshing and revitalizing green color will surely complete your summer parties.

Printed Cami
I simply loved it. It’s absolutely perfect- the combination of designs, colors and textures. This is my favorite.

And there are a lot more that you can find in the net. Shopping will be made easier and convenient.
Just check it out and experience and dress-up just the way you want it.
Keep going everyone. God bless

Monday, April 20, 2009

Last Minute Message

Hello, well… it’s already 11:59 here. Before this day will end up, I just want to post this message to you. Yes, I just received it from a friend… I’m glad that she still remembers me at these wee hours of the night. I just want to share the message to give significance to her effort and time in sending this message to me…
Let’s make a good start with this great thought…

the measure of the person is not how he prepares for everything to go right, but how gracefully he stands up and moves on after everything goes wrong”…

Make sense?
I hope this will help you in facing today’s quest. Oh, it’s already 12 AM here… good day everyone… I have to sleep now.
Keep going.

My Movie Marathon

Hello friends this is Lingz, well I’m just excited for tonight. I and my sister will have a movie marathon. We have already a setup all the movies to watch and we bought some snacks. We will watch in the living room but I hope next time, when we watch movie, we could have our own queen air mattress to sleep upon. Usually, it is already dawn when we finish the entire movie. So having a comfortable mattress is the best stuff for our next movie marathon.
God bless.

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Tutor Friend II

Do you have a friend? How about tutor?

Well if you have both, then you might be inspired with this funny-romantic Asian movie
I just watched this movie lately and here's a two-thumbs-up from me. Yes, I’ve been watching this movie over and over again. The movie is entitled "My Tutor Friend II". I think this one is much better than the part I. But any way I do really enjoy the show, it is more realistic and fun to watch.

Maybe you can give yourself a try. If you want to watch it, then click here. (Don't worry, there is always a subtitle). Enjoy the show.

Don't forget to comment me after watching it. See you.

Snapshots from the movie… 

Enjoy the show...
Thank God for this lovely and enjoyable day.
God bless everyone. Keep going.

Money War

I was bored this afternoon so I watch a soap opera. The story runs with the concept about the “war of money”. They were both eager and frustrated just to have money. People or the cast are killing and hurting just to get what they want- money. There own lives were affected and they didn’t live a normal because of there run-away-debt. Yes, they live a life full of misery.

How about you? Did you live a life the same as with the soap opera? Come to think of it. Maybe you have it but you just denied it. Or you may have an immense credit but you don’t know about it. Well no more denials and no more running away from debt. Always monitor you credits. Make sure you always have a credit report. Yeah sometimes people use your name as a recipient of the credit card. You may be shocked because of credit reports of the unopened account that was named by you. That’s why you should always identify the theft by the use of free credit report

If you can avail it then… money will not be a cause of war.
It’s not wrong to lend or have credits but always shoulder your responsibilities, limit the things you owe and the last always counter check your transactions and credit reports.
God wants us to be blessed everyday. And use your money wisely.
God bless always. Keep going.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let's TEST your IQ

Hello friends. Let's have fun today. Here's an IQ test for you. I hope you’ll participate.

Start here.

“If tomorrow is Thursday and before Wednesday is yesterday and after yesterday is today, what is tomorrow after yesterday"?

If you know the answer, don’t hesitate to comment in this post. This IQ test will last for 5 days. So, I’ll wait for your answer. After this, answer will be revealed and all your comments will be approved. Let’s see who got it right. So, keep in touch.

Keep going and have fun.

- The answer is Wednesday-
Thanks for your answers...

Crunchy... Crunchy Roll

Well, I didn’t do anything. I just browse the net and I found this web site. It is called crunchyroll site. It really got my attention. I’m an Asian-movie lover. And I found this site more interesting in finding some different Asian movies and anime. I got this website from a friend… and then I just end-up doing nothing on my blog but instead... I just browse and watch- sad thing because I forgot to post for my blog today. I supposed to do at least three to four post on my there blogs, but it’s okay as long as I enjoyed the moment.

If you want to be entertained with different Asian movies, why don’t you come and visit this site with my recommendations.LOL. I just hope that I could watch more movies from this site. Keep going.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Home sweet Home

It is raining outside. Though its summer time, but I think the rain always pours out every afternoon. It keeps me worried because our computer was located at our living room and I know that there are some minor damages in our roofing. I always observed that there are few rain drops that falls from our ceiling. Our roof was very old now and my dad made that roofing arrangement. He serves as he engineer and the constructor- that’s why he is more reliable when it comes to its quality. I just wish that my dad will repair it. But lately he was busy at work so that rain-problem is still unsettled.
Well, it’s good to know about Indianapolis roofer. It’s good when your roof was done by a professional roofer. It will be well planned and the quality of materials and construction style are properly and well-planned. You can have a contact with the roofer and they are easily accessible. Keep in touch with this site, maybe you’ll need a professional roofer just right for your satisfaction- in terms of quality of work.
Just spend some time in re-innovating you home. In home, this is the right foundation of our family. The home is where we live, so keep an eye on it and make it a relaxing place where you can stay together with your family. Keep going everyone.

Hearing His Voice

“To hear God’s voice, you must turn down the world’s volume.”

I got this quotable quote from my sister Marinel. She sends this message to my phone. I didn’t erase it either because I love the thought of this message. Well, when you say hearing God’s word, you can never heard the calling of God when you are so much concern with the earthly things. Keep some time to reminisce, to hear and talk to God. I know that He is calling each one of us… sad to say that there are few who heard and few that hear His voice but refuse to listen.
We must turn-out the volume of the world’s noise before its too late. Keep going. God bless everyone.

Best Buys of Electronics- Online

We live a life of electronics. Our cell phones, desktop & laptop computers, digital cameras, television and etc., became a part of our daily life. Almost everything runs in electronics. I know, all of us, are very much extremely keen to know the latest model to the different electronic gadgets I’ve mention.
Do you wish to have more? Well, you can always visit With that site, you can buy electronics online. Wow, sounds great. Yes, it’s true. I’ve seen this site at the net and the electronic gadgets are purely technologically advanced or they call it “hi-tech” device. Oh, I love to own one of those stuffs.
To buy electronics is somewhat making our daily living a deluxe, a comfort and satisfaction.
Keep in touch. I just wish to God that I can own a new digital camera this month. Keep going.

Pink and Silky Burberry Dress

Hi everyone. How’s your week? Well I had a fine weekend and I want to share it with you. I’m glad because, during weekend, I had a great time to have a fellowship with my church mates. We went, together with my sister, to church last Saturday and Sunday. Again, I was blessed with God’s word. His words make me more mature as a Christian. I thank God for every good things and good gifts that He gave to me.
Speaking of good things, I had bought my new Sunday’s dress- well just for a change and a new look for me this summer. We have to look good and feel beautiful every day. Ladies usually do this. If we could find the best things or dresses that suits for us, there’s nothing wrong to have it. As long as you didn’t do the wrong thing just to have it.
Since it is summer, I’ll show you the perfect dress that surely suits for you in every occasion.

This pink-silk Burberry dress is just right for your style. I do really love its design and it’s perfect for Sunday’s dress and for any casual occasions. I know ladies want to look elegant and stylish all the time. I just hope that I could have one of this fashionable silky burberry dress. How about you?
Keep going and always make yourself beautiful in the eyes of people and most especially in the eyes of God. God bless and keep going.

Can I learn computer at home?

My life runs in computer. I don’t know why, but everyday, computer is always been a part of my life. Now that I will undergo summer OJT (on job training), I’m expecting that there are more computer works for me to do. Actually I’m not really confident about computer works. Thought, I used to work with computers, but my knowledge in it is not enough. I’m assigned in the office and it is expected to do some computer works. So, how can I make myself confident in my first day of work?
About my question, if I can learn computer at home or at work, the answer to it is… Yes. I know, just like me, you are eager to know more about computer without traveling away from home or from work. Here’s a simple way in doing it. As I browsed in the net, I got this innovative way of computer training. It is a self-paced computer training program. It is a self-training program? Well, you will learn computer through computer training videos. It is fun and accessible because the training videos can be purchased in the net. Have fun and enjoy learning computer.
Using these training videos you can valuably enhance your knowledge in computer and make use of your time wisely. You don’t need to enroll, travel and go to school just to have a traditional learning in the classrooms. I hope this post seems to be informative for you. Keep going.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter egg: New Life

God renewed our life each and everyday. He was there to reconcile our life and make it for the better. Today, let’s celebrate God’s goodness in our life. He was resurrected and now, He lives in our heart… We have to make a stand and live for Christ. God wants our sinful nature to be buried in the tomb, and cloth us with a new life.
Let’s celebrate God’s resurrection because it means victory. Us sinners, we were washed by His blood. And we are forgiven. We are no longer dead, but Christ lives in us.
Let’s celebrate Easter Sunday. (I don’t know why it is always associated with the egg, egg hunting and etc.) But egg symbolizes a new life. So let’s celebrate though.
Keep in touch in Christ and blessed Sunday to all of us.
Keep going.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fire Ants Demolition

Good morning everyone. I had a great time yesterday because my family and my aunties cooked fruit and root crops, stewed in coconut milk or they called it “binignit”. Well, this will be another exciting day for me. I called it exciting because I have to clean up our yard where there are a lot of messes from yesterday’s cooking. Most of all, there are a lot of fire ants in the yard.
How can we prevent fire ant? In a natural ant control method, we scald fire ants with boiling water. But sometimes it’s not 100% effective. Maybe we you can try to have fire ant poison. It is much better and effective way.
Good day everyone.

Thoughts to Ponder (2)

If they laugh at you because you are different,

Then, laugh at them because they are all the same."

Make sense?
Don’t loose hope and keep on dreaming even if the entire world is against you. Fight for what you believe is right and what is inline with God. Keep going. God bless.

Everybody is Doing it

Hi friends, how are you today? Well, this day is a busy day for me. I’m telling you about blogging. Well, I’m glad that my family and relatives are doing it- they already started blogging. They were all inspired with me and to my cousin Marky.
Blogging is a very interesting thing to do, especially when you blog about the happiest event in your life. Before you start blogging, you must consider the best web host. Many were asking about “what is web hosting”? I also asked this before and now I’ll share it again with you.
Webhosting is a company that is responsible in hosting your site. It is an internet hosting service that will provide you with a site which is available in the web. Before you sign up for your site, try to consider the best web hosting company that will provide you the best site. Let web hosting geeks help you. Actually this site provides the top 10 web hosting site that will surely help you in choosing the best web host providers.

Keep going everyone. I hope this will be informative post for you. God bless.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Facebook of the Week (2): Marinete

At first, I was confused who will I feature in my week (2 ) facebook. But then, I've come up for this week’s persona, here’s Marinete . She was my classmate in college. Actually, I feel sorry because I misinterpreted her. She’s outspoken, loud, shallow, talkative, and tactless. She speaks what’s in her mind even she offended someone. That’s maybe the reason why I was always irritated in her voice.

As days pass by… as we work together in our project I’ve known her better. As she opened her book of life to me, I’ve learned that she’s deep. She’s deeply committed to her studies. They’re broke. Financially she cannot go to school but emotionally she did. With her will to study, she made it and she’s now all the way to her success and hope for the future. Her father forced her to stop too but she pursues more. When she saw her family unwell and her brothers lose there hope- pressure of the society and drugs- it keeps her heart fighting.

She wants to graduate but her failing grades were on the way. She wants to win her family back… the family who stays together and support each others dream. As she cried out to me, I know she’s deep. I know there’s a thorn in her heart that keeps hurting her every time she’ll breathe. I feel her pain and sacrifices. I can feel her tears that speak how much she’s hurting.

I just wish she’ll get over it. I want to give her the courage and that’s what I’m doing. I just wish that she could fight for the best. I’ll always be here for her. I consider her as a new found friend, that’s why she deserved to be in my week # 2 facebook.
Keep going.

My Dream Profession

All were set. Yeah right, I’m too excited yet nervous for my OJT this summer. This will be on the 13th of April. I have to prepare for my proper attire for my first day on my job training. I’ll be working in a dean’s office. Though we were told to work in a plant or any industrial company but I choose to work in an office. For me this is considered as an opportunity and job training for me. I’ll be working with the teachers and faculty. I’m excited to work in an air-conditioned room with Steelcase Furniture. I cannot imagine how I will look like working in that office. Aside from teaching, working in an office was my dream job- what ever profession it is as long as I’m in the office.LOL.
There are times, when I visit my uncle’s working place, seeing his beautiful Steelcase Furniture in his office, I used to imagine myself working in that kind of setting. Oh, I love it especially when I answer the phone and do some computer works. For me, if I’ll be a teacher soon, I’ll make my bed room just like an office. I’ll set up my office desk, task chair and everything that makes me feels like I’m doing my dream professions.
It looks like I’ve come up with the bright idea.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dream Big

Hello friends. I do really want to post this one for you. Maybe you’re also looking for your dream car.
I do really dream to have my car, I mean a family car. Yes, all of us really want to have there own personal car. But for me, I consider a dream car, is for my family. I want to tour and travel around the Philippines. And the main reason why I do really want to have one is that, I want all of us to go to church together- as a family. I cannot remember anymore the last time we go to church together. So, I have all my reasons to aim more and dream to have a car.
What will be the best car for me? Well, I’ve seen in the internet about this dodge ram 1500. I’d love the model and its color. Yeah you can find different styles and configurations. It is also considered as a best selling vehicle for me. It's so interesting to have it as my own and as our family car.
When you dream in life, dream big. Don’t limit your perseverance and your worth to do great things. And above all, don’t limit God as a provider of everything you desire in life. God bless.

Getting along with FRIENDS ♥

Well, what is the best part of today's news?
Today was the finest day for me. I didn’t stay at our house the whole day. We had really a good time with my classmates- consider them as friends though. It’s not an outing actually. We just went to a medical laboratory to have our medical check up. This check up is for our OJT requirements.
We enjoyed every moment in time. That was my first time to take some x-ray test… actually that was “our” first time so we laugh and teased each other. We make fun of telling how we reacted when the doctor told us to remove our inner wear as well as the T-shirt.LOL.
Another exciting and crazy idea we did is that, while waiting for the medical report, we ate in a fast-food restaurant- to be precise its Jollibee. We ate there without enough money. That’s why we laugh out loud when we cancelled some of the expensive food that we order. We also crave for pizza but when we had already the money for it, they turn-out of stock… I mean it is not available anymore.LOL. It’s so sad for us…
I just thank God for today’s memorable experience. The medical report was okay and I thank God for preserving my health. I will always treasure every moment that God allowed it to spend it with my friends as well as… you. Live it well.

Keep going and God bless.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Gift of Love

All the kings and queens I’ve know in history sent their people out to die for them.
I only one know one King who decided to die for His people…


The Holy Cross

Remember God’s goodness all the time. This holy week, let’s enjoy and be thankful for God’s gift… whish is eternal LIFE. 
That’s the purpose of the cross. May we always claim this gift and live with it for the rest of our lives.
God’s love is the reason for the cross. Let’s not live knowing that the cross  is where Jesus died. But instead… it’s a victory over the enemy. The cross symbolizes LOVE from God. It’s a free gift that all of us should claim. 
Because of Christ death on the cross ,we have a new life… Our sins were cleansed by His blood.
Let’s celebrate the good news. Jesus is no longer dead but He is alive and Christ lives in us.
Please spread the good news.
God bless. 
Keep going.

Advance Birthdays

April have a lot of celebration day in my family. We have four birthday celebrant and one will celebrate her debut. So I was so excited for this month. That’s why I’m preparing for their gifts and most of all I’ll prepare my health. I have to make sure that I have low cholesterol this time because, from my sister’s graduation, I think I over eat. I feel like my body was not in good function. I also didn’t exercise every morning.
From last week’s celebration I was also worried about my father because he ate too much chicken and meat. He also experienced a skin allergy. I’m worried because he might have high cholesterol and I know that high cholesterol can cause heart attack. I just I hope that my father will be aware on this kind of stuff. He should know how to get rid of it. I was planning to give him vitamins for his health.
God bless. Be health conscious always. Keep going.

Summer's Sports League

It’s summer time. What are your plans this summer?
Me? I’m pathetically stuck-up with office work. Actually I’m a college student but this time I’ll be working at our dean’s office as a sort of my OJT. My cousin and my aunties are very much excited for the upcoming summer vacation break. Why? Well as usual they’ll be having a “sports league” at our community. This time, there will be having a badminton and basket ball league for man and women.
Oh, I love to be there but unfortunately I can’t participate for that event. So I’ll just dream for myself playing badminton while I’m wearing my dream Columbia Pagora shoes.
Columbia Pagora sportswear shoes
For me, this will be the best footwear shoes- perfect for our badminton league. I Just hope that I will be given the chance to be in the game.
Though I’m not sure whether I can participate or not in the game, but I’ll try to make my summer happier and lively with thisColumbia Kaci shoes.

No one can stop me in wearing this in the office. It’s so fashionable and comfortable.

It is one of the beautiful products from Columbia Sportswear Company. I love it.
There are also available for clothing and footwear for men women and for kids.

Keep going everyone.

Distance Learning

Finally it summer time but I’m not fully excited and happy about my summer because of my OJT. I feel like I was at school my teacher required us to do online learning were in we have to submit our weekly reports about our accomplished task. Now what can you say about that? It is like distance learning at all.
I think almost all of us had experienced to be in school right? But not all of us experienced distance learning. Now what do you mean by distance learning?
Distance learning is a kind of learning where in the learning processes are done through internet communication and in distant setting. As a student taking up an Educational Degree, I’m pretty much aware on the benefit of distance learning. Distance learning has a lot of advantages. It’s like enrolling in college but this time, you will be enrolling in an online school- connected with internet base communication. Unlike with the ordinary colleges, there’s not personal interaction between the teacher and the students. Distance learning has online colleges which serve as its campus. Through distance learning, you can avail a diploma or certificate after you finish your degree.
Are you interested? I was very interested on it. For more help and guide in choosing the best degree courses and schools, why not visit onlineschools now?
Keep going, I hope that I can be familiar with the programs that our teacher will use during our distance communication and learning. Keep going everyone.

Who told you its December?

They say that in the month of December is the best time for gift-giving. But I probably disagree on it. For me, everyday will be the best time for “gift-giving”. Let’s prove that everyday will be Christmas day. Let the joy and love of God flow in our hearts. God wants us to share our blessings. Those who are in “much” must come to realize to share to those who are in “less”. Let’s serve as an angel to those who loose hope. God wants us to be an instrument help those people who are in needs. Let’s shed our light to those who can’t find there way.

I see street children begging for food, homeless and hopeless and I feel blessed but guilty at the same time because I cannot do something good to ease there hardship. But we can always make a change. We can always do gift-giving even if it’s not Christmas. We can always do charity works. I was amazed to see this site It is where people who have kind heart may donate for charity. I was amazed because there is some Donate Boat and some do Car Donations. It is for a cause. It can help orphans and youth who almost loose hope. This will serve as a fund for there books, Free DVDs for Kids, books and educational purposes.

All of us have the chance to donate in a simple way. Let’s help each other. All of us can be an angel as long as you give from your heart.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Unexpected Rank

I was surprised this morning when I opened my so-called "old-stagnant blog". You know what I’ve seen? Well, it’s just a matter of my own happiness…
Unexpectedly I discovered that it is already a PR 1. Why is it I’m shocked? It’s been a long while since I’ve updated my blog. My last post from that blog was last February 10… and since then I’ve never open it again. I already forgot bout that blog. That’s why I was amazed how I gain that PR 1 (page rank) blog. That was amazing.
My blog was “Happy Virus”. I was just over whelmed and thank God about it. Here's my blog.

The Happy Virus

If you could also support that blog, it will be a pleasure to me. Thank you very much. And God bless. Have a happy day to all.

Bounded by Debt?

I was planning to have a movie marathon today but our remote control for our DVD player was busted. My sister really insisted to watch a movie so we watch a movie at our computer desktop. We watched the movie “Shopaholic”. The main character was shopaholic and she continued spending her money even she had a lot of unpaid credits in her credit cards. The movie was really nice and it really reflects the life, not just the Americans but to the people who were involved in credits cards and debts.

How to eliminate debt? Let’s start within ourselves. Minimize the “wants” and stop spending too much money. And if you’re bound with unpaid debts, then try debt management. Try to find a specialist and company who will help you to do debt settlement, debt counseling, debt and consolidation. That’s why internet offers you different website like that will surely help you in debt elimination. It also gives you tips on how to get rid of debt by giving different tips and debt management plans.

People have needs and wants. The main reason why people experienced economic crisis is because of the debts of the people. The economy is in crisis and there are people were bounded to unpaid credit cards and debt. And the hope and change will start within us. God blessed to supply our needs and knowledge to manage it, that’s why we should make use of it properly.
Happy holiday everyone

Reminiscing my First Love

They say, there no best place like home. I mean the “literal” one. For me, the house is my best hang out place. I usually stay at home whenever we don’t have classes or if it is summer break. That’s why I’m always at home now because summer break is coming.
Before I started blogging, drawing is my favorite hobby. Drawing is my life… it is my self- expression… my passion and my company. But this time, I cannot find myself doing it again. Maybe that’s the reason why our patio was not totally lively at all. Before, whenever I draw my master piece, I usually stay at our patio and then I’ll start drawing. It is so peaceful and beautiful. Every day, that’s what I always do. The place, like our patio, keeps me motivated. And my paintings keep me lively.
When I saw the Patio Furniture House Site, I remember “first love”-which is drawing. I like to visit this site because I can find different patio chairs which you will also surely love. I know some of us were willing to pay much just to have furniture for the place where they can relax, but this time, you can find discount patio furniture. It was well designed and properly made just right for you. if you are interested, there are a lot more of patio furniture for sale.
Maybe, I’ll spend some time also to renovate our patio, and bring back my very first love… working with arts and painting.
God bless everyone and keep going.

A Thought to Ponder: Good Deeds

Make sense?

“If you can’t be a pencil to write anyone’s happiness, then at least try to be a nice rubber to erase someone else’s sorrows.”
Keep going. Just continue doing good things.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Experiencing Deluxe in Life

People today were investing for the interior designs and furniture that will make there home classy. Well, there’s nothing wrong about that. Maybe people were doing it for there self-satisfaction and comfort.

When I went to Ninianne’s house, my elementary school classmate and a close friend, I was amazed on how they designed there house with modern furniture. The house was so big and the furniture matches to its wall paints and any interior designs. There house looks so elegant and comfortable. Well the place was all set perfectly. There house was fully air-conditioned.

She invited me to come to her room and I was amazed on how she arranged the rooms and the bedroom furniture were made up of high quality materials. The bed was great. If ever I could have one, I wish to have a platform beds for me and to my family.

Here’s a little glimpse from eromservice’s modern furniture and flatform beds. These are one of the beautiful furniture I wish to have.

Keep going and God bless.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Trading Card Games

It’s been a while now since the time I started to relax. I was glad for the improvement of my time schedule. I can already sit down, relax and nothing to worry. I was a little bit how I wish that I could be like my sister Marilou who has nothing to think about. She didn’t worry of anything. She can do all she want. I wish to sleep, play, relax and reminisce.
But now, I’m little bit guilty. I’m guilty in for restricting her in playing computer games. I put password in the computer so that she wouldn’t be able to open it. I just couldn’t take to see her playing. I don’t know why….
Maybe I don’t have to be so strict on her next time. I wish that I could have play with her this vacation break. She loves anime games. Maybe this will be my peace offering on her. I found the net a new game. I’ll plan to bond with her by playing herobits, not he usual computer games, but it’s a trading card games. The rule of the game is to eliminate the opponent's Herobit's character. Start to learn the game. For sure you will love it.

I just hope that we will both the weekend playing together. For sure she will love it. because we both love anime characters.
Keep going everyone.

Rainy Weekend

Hi everyone, have a happy weekend. It’s raining in here. And I can’t get out of the house now. I wonder why it’s raining when summer season is coming. LOL. Maybe it is intended for me to spend time together. I’ll be right here… keep in touch. I just wish that the rain will pour very hard and I’ll feel the coldness outside.

Insomnia? Nope.

Time check 2:15 AM. Well this is the usual thing- sleeping late at night. I want to sleep. But it's my mind who tells me... I shouldn't.
What I did, different from before, I just spent my time in renovating, uploading and beatifying my multiply account- I’m not used in doing it. It’s not necessary to do this, all we have to do is to secure an account for our OJT forum site and that’s it. It’s not insomnia. I swear. I just don’t want to be in bed. I’m lazy. Yes, I admit.

TO sum up everything, I just want to do nothing.LOL. Actually I never did anything. I just keep on hanging and that’s it. After all, this is my choice to do nothing and just staring. I know you got confused on me. So, don’t mind it anyways- it’s just a childish thing from me.

Interested in connecting with me at multiply? If yes then you may fallow this link.
Okay, I’ll be in bed after this
Keep going. See you later.
Keep in touch always.

Sharing InfoTech

The world today runs with technology. I think, almost everything are possible through technology- mainly computers. I’m a teacher and yet I still longed to know more about computers. Sometimes it occupies my busy day. All are great. I’m very much amazed on how things work through computer. We cannot deny that almost all of us are interested in InfoTech.
When my cousin made there movie- a short film, I’m just amazed on how they edited and animated the pictures and videos. When you say theater and arts, which is my passion. When you say computer, I can say that is my obsession. Well not totally obsessed but I do care about it.
After I graduated, I’m planning to learn more about computer. Well it’s good for me because there are a+ cbt available in the internet world. It is an online IT (Info Technology) training which available in and training videos. With a high quality instructor and a high quality of subject matter. It is also packed with multimedia content designed for you to be involved. Well, I’m just happy hearing about it from my cousin which is an IT student. I’m too excited for it.
Always set your goal for the future application. Learn technology. Make good of it and share it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wanted OJT Company

It’s been a week and a half, since the last time our OJT instructor required us to find our company where we will conduct our OJT. It is really frustrating because until now, I still can’t find the right company that will accept us. Yes this is my fault, because I spent a little time to work for it. Plus, we can’t go anywhere because we’ve been busy working for our final project. We send letters to the different company but until now we haven’t receive any reply from them… maybe because we have to be there to talk personally to HR (human resource) organizer.
Wanted OJT Company
I’ll have to find a company for my OJT (on job training) 
I know that God planned everything. He knows the right company for me and He knows he that I can cope up with it. I just have to wait patiently here. So while waiting, I’ll enjoy the day- blogging for sure. LOL. Keep going.

Finding True Love

Finding oneself is hard to do. But finding someone to be loved is the hardest thing- to find the right person that you feel comfortable to be with. We have to know ourselves first- the real you- before you can say… “This is the one”.
Sometimes, in life, we find some discomfort from the company of others. Think of yourself when you live a life trying to harmonize with someone, are you happy? If yes, then go for it. This will be the right one for you.
We find our fate and destiny in every corners of this world. We try to find it at school, at the office where you work or even at the net- Goth Dating to be precise. This is the place where you can find yourself and the person who is inline to your personality. And above everything, it should inline to God’s will.
Keep going. Be happy in love.
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