Friday, October 31, 2008

Broadcast HIM than… YOU

Surfing the internet, you will discover new things and great sites in the internet. There are great sites that, somewhat, not yet been discovered by many. We all know that YouTube is one of the most popular sites in the world. All ages, young or old, know about this site lets. This is a video-sharing-website which allows you to broadcast yourself and upload & download videos for free. But did you know that, God had prepared a best site for you. Today we have already new sites for you- the GodTube. GodTube is also a free video sharing website, similar to YouTube, but it specializes in Christian-themed videos. God reaches out His hand to you- to help us grow. YouTube is for me and for you- to let the world know about you. GodTube is for our spiritual growth- to know and tell the world about God. It’s not important to acknowledge “YOU” but rather acknowledge “HIM” above everything.
Let’s support GodTube- Find Your Purpose. God Bless.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rainy Afternoon.

Hi Friends... I like the weather today. It's good to relax and watch movie. I just like to share you this Taiwanese movie I've been watching right now. It is entitled "They Kissed Again" This is a wholesome movie... I hope you could watch it.


They Kissed Again 2

God Bless.

Undecided- TodaY’s Techno… So complicated

Well this day is the same day as yesterday. I think that, every day of our life runs in technology. Technology is already part of our life. I cannot deny the fact that I’m also guilty of this so-called “techno addict”. Lately I’ve been blogging all day at the same time watching TV and mobile chatting, and as a growing Christian… it’s a “disease”. It will sicken your spiritual health. There’s no more time for us to seek God’s presence. We have been building walls that will hinder us from the very presence of God. It’s quite tough when all of the demand of technology will dictate what’s going on in your daily life. I know we all have needs. We all have task to do that will require us to rely on technology. But we must remember that above everything… Beyond life’s suffering, God is always there to help you. Let’s handle our life wisely. Always remember, at the end of the day; let’s check our heart- if it still beats for God. Live your life happily and Godly. God Bless.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The PrOMise

I want to share you this inspirational video from God. God Bless & Good Night.

source: Youtube

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Getting Over You

Well I don't know what happen today... before we started the semester-break and this week is the signing of clearance-week. Though very tough but I tried to finish it as soon as possible... to rest for the whole week. So what I did I rush to our office and do the usual things... fall in line, pay you liabilities and that's it. But when I'm on the line I just suddenly saw my high school crush. And I think reminisce the past... where this "kilig" (admiration) feeling I feel when I saw him. Keep me reminding of my high school past. The memories when everything is almost over. When ever I think of my life in high school it made me laugh and feel sad. . Laughs because everything was there are all a teenage stuff, crushes, friendship, outing and city-stroll. Everything was all right. No pressure. I usually admire him. Now, I'm more focus to do better. I used to getting over the past, and get over you (him). There is more that lies ahead of me. Good Day.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Me Maestro Dissapointed Me

*sigh... I don't know what I'm feeling right now. I'm happy because finally it is the start of our semester-break, and I'm free now... from my endless-projects... to "nose bleeding-exams", activities and requirement are over. It's a long break will start now, but it is not that easy at all. I was very excited to know the result of my hard work, but what I got is a complete "disappointment". I can't believe that our teacher gave me a flat 2.00 grades my two major subjects. I work really hard for that reward... but what happen is I totally loose it. What hurts more is that, though I'm happy for my friend but, my friend got higher grade than I. For me I deserve all that credits cause I work hard and help her finished that projects+ I got more higher grades in the exams. So maybe our teacher or let me say our "maestro" got me wrong. I thank God for the wisdom of acceptance. Accepting the the defeat and start over and do better next time. God Bless.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Her Complement Smile

Hi friends, got to know her? This is my big sister... I took this picture early this morning. She just forced me to do this and ask to post in on my blog.LOL just kidding... she might kill me if she reads this. Well I just want to post this photo for her. I know we had a little bit argument yesterday... so this is my sort of peace offering.
I don't know why I'm the first one to apologize? Well angels should first apologize than to those not so... good? LOL She should realize that if somebody offended her, she should not make used of her emotions to hurt others... Yeah, she got mad at me. Ops, she might slap me now LOL.(I hope she won't read this)But still... she's my sister so I should give my enough patience (as long as I can) to avoid strong-encounter and quarrel like this or (punching and kicking) Now that we are old enough I think, we won't do it... so far. Well today... I think she's okay. The sea is now clear and the strong storm is over, with that smile, it's a full complement to say peace...
But she's not good at smiling. Her smile is no good. I think she should improve it next time. I think I should ask for peace offering to her after this post.LOL
Keep going.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Amazing Grace

This is an inspirational song that will help you grow. Experience God's love. Be a miry clay that is willing to be molded by Him.

For more videos please do visit this site:

OUr Craziest Idea

I got so much funny memories with my friend. We met when we were second Year College. So almost one year when we became friends. We usually enjoy each others company. Today we do a terrible thing... craziest yet funniest. Usually I eat during lunch in their boarding house and what happens is that... on the way to school (we are tired in using the overpass) so what we did is that we cross the street that is strictly prohibited to pedestrian. The signage was very clear- "No Jay Walking". But we still go on. There is this traffic enforcer and whistle us. Instead we stop and use the overpass, we ran though. LOL Every body is looking in us. The drivers, our colleagues, the traffic enforcers even he surveillance camera. It’s too bad for us. It’s a college student breaking the rules? I think it's not me... for me, that’s a funny but very terrible thing I've done. Enjoy your day. God Bless.

Friday, October 17, 2008

What Happens today?

Since today is my birthday... God gave me a reason to thank Him in everything. First... Early this morning my classmate- which I had some misunderstanding yesterday- is the first one who greeted me happy birthday. It so happen that they were in a canteen that time when I'm on the way to our classroom. Well... for me I was shocked... so what I did is hat I just give her my precious... thank you. Second, the time that I got inside our classroom... All my classmates greeted me. And I was so thankful for that. During lunch...LOL I run fast so that they won't catch me.(just kidding), I spent my lunch with my best friend Beth. So I treat her for lunch. The next thing that I'm thankful of is that Beth gave me a souvenir that all my classmates... signed it and writes some messages. After my long day in school, I went home, and my mom prepared a party for my relatives and family. Thank God for this day.

It's My Birthday

Well I just hope that somebody will give a gift for me. Yeah, I love to receive some gifts. It sounds very exciting...Knowing what's inside. What’s my plan for today? I will go to school. *sigh... I have a class today, and we will be having an exam. So disappointing... Give me sometime to enjoy the day. Well...well I have to treat my best friend Beth to a restaurant and we will eat some food and enjoy. I know my class mates will also ask me for lunch LOL... Hope mom will give some allowance for today and... Extra expenses so that I can treat all my classmates for lunch today. God Bless.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Maybe it's just a matter of... Pride

Well this day is really disappointing. I've done a lot of things that leads to trouble. First my sister was mad at me because... I hit her head. But for me that was just a joke. Second I got mad at my elder sister because she always underestimate me and she looks down at me... as if I'm no one... nothing! Third we had misunderstanding with my mom. I got irritated... every time she scolded me. I used to help my mom in washing our clothes but one thing that distracts my mood is that when she scolded me. She’s asking something with sarcastic voice. I help her because I care for her, I help her because I know she needs me... but what I did today? Is just I walked out and didn't finish my laundry. I know it's me who has a big pride... keeping things that keeps my heart hurt. I don't want to apologize, but I act and do good things as an apology... maybe I was wrong or they're wrong. I don't know. Maybe I need to think for a moment and relax. Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll start. I hope.
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