Friday, July 31, 2009

Dare to Share Jesus

Friends pray for us.
We had already started our youth revival in the school. Yes, I haven’t told you about this last week. But I’m glad and find joy in serving God. He is so good to me. He always sealed all our plans and actions. I keep on praying to him to seal our plan for the Bible study last Monday- and He did. Thank God we’ve done our first Bible study at school (every 4:30 PM). This Bible study is for the purpose of encouraging each other and remind us always about the word of God. By receiving Jesus in our heart, we will now ready to share it to others.

God keeps on doing His best to bless us spiritually. God will always faithful to us, He will always do miraculous things and I believe that He will turn our University into a God fearing and Christ like Christian youths.

At this moment, we were six in the group. Me, Beth, Li Ann, Jairee, Kristy and Ritchell . But we believe that God is going to multiply our numbers. There is going to be a big revival among the youth in our University. We will always pray and believe in God.

Dare to share JESUS!

Employment Opportunities: There are Always Open-doors

Results from the January 2009 Labor Force Survey (LFS)
I was browsing the ne when I read this article in the net. This article is a result survey from January 2009 Labor Force Survey (LFS). I stop and think for a while.

What will happen to my sister- my sister is a fresh graduate last April. She’s currently in her tutorial lesson as her job while she’s studying her master’s degrees. Soon, as she graduates, she’ll find and land a job. I’m also a graduating student that’s why I keep on asking myself… what can do to so that I won’t be a part of those unemployed citizen in the Philippines?

As a single individual, we can always make a change. For me, it’s not always the government who are liable to the unemployed Filipinos. We, ourselves, are also accountable to our deeds. Though, there are fewer opportunities available in the Philippines but most of the problem is from the job seeker. They put into there mentality that there are no available jobs for them. They have less effort in finding a job well in fact; you can always find employment opportunities in the net.

Are you a fresh graduate? And you are so tired in finding the best job for you?

Well let’s end-up that long suffering for you. Let’s make your life easier and try to find your career opportunities in the net. Just check out this new site I’ve found for you. Who know… at this time you will now find your dream job. Let EmploymentCrossing Reviews help you in doing so.

God is always been good to us. When we need help, He always offered His helping hand to us. He always extends His help whenever we need. God do not want us to suffer, He wants us to experience abundance in life… Always seek for His instructions.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Cory Aquino: At Peace (1933-2009)

Cory Aquino died today August 1, 2009-at the age of 76. She died in a Cardio Respiratory Arrest. The former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino died in a colon cancer. The whole Philippines are mourning in her death.

It’s my deepest condolence to the people and Cory's family.

Pres. Cory symbolizes democracy and peace. Quoted from Manila Philippines (Yahoo)- “Former President Corazon Aquino, who swept away a dictator with a "people power" revolt and then sustained democracy by fighting off seven coup attempts in six years…
…The uprising she led in 1986 ended the repressive 20-year regime of Ferdinand Marcos and inspired nonviolent protests across the globe, including those that ended Communist rule in Eastern Europe.”
We will always remember Cory’s great courage and picture of Democracy to the people. She gave the Philippines the true picture of the people power.
I’m praying for her soul. As long as she received Jesus in her life, I know she will be saved and live in eternal life.
God bless you Cory. You are truly a picture of a true mother in our Country.

Paintballing: What about this Sport?

Do you love sports? What kind of sports suites your interest?

I had a friend who shows pictures about his new hobby or sports and that is paintballing. So I was curious about that king of sport is that?

Paintballing is a kind of is a sport in which players eliminate opponents by hitting them with pellets. usually this sport is used to train soldiers and any military men. Usually air rifles, airsoft guns, crosman air rifles are being sold today.

Always remember to secure your safety in playing this kind of sport and don’t use this sport to harm others.

Keep going.

Search Engine Optimization: Anyone?

Are you too much concern with your blog traffic?

Or are you curious about how SEO helps increase your site’s success?

Do you have any business in the internet and you want to receive unique visitors and soon to be your costumer?

Well… this is the time for you to learn about SEO.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can help you improve the quality of traffic to a web site. SEO can give your site a targeted search through image search, local search, word link or text. It is a kind of internet marketing strategy. SEO can give your website a boom in the World Wide Web.
I just read about Chicago Search Engine Optimization and I love how they give meaning to SEO. SEO serves as the “lifejacket” it will give you a support to float above competitors, and it’s true. If you want more about SEO and access to it there is truly a good site to go…. Search Engine Optimization Chicago is right for you. Check it out.

Inline with our task, as a blogger, we have to provide a good topic or blog post. And you know what I learned that SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the biggest concern is the keywords that are heavy, unique, updating content, relevant. This will surely give you the blog success you’ve been wishing for.

Keep going. God bless.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Center Of Excellence:MSU-IIT

Our School's so-called "Fountain"
Here’s another photo shot from me. Wish me luck for my passion for photography.
Here’s another captivating shot from our school’s spot. I love it. This photo was taken from our school. LOL. Most f my subjects are from my school (Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology)- I’m in the school most of the time.
Keep going everyone. god bless

Title: Center Of Excellence (Cool! LOL)
Photography: no.3
Photographed by: LinGZ

Symphony of the Classic

The weather is so fine today and the sky is so clear. I’m looking for our piano in the house just to play some classical songs- later I realized that we have no piano at all.LOL. How I wish that I could have one. Well it is actually one of my favorite musical instruments to learn. Well then, I just want to start my day well by praising God and listen to my favorite music. It’s the best way to make a good start for your day.

(Thomas Dausgaard and Ina Kringlebotn)
Do you know that, our teacher told us, listening to classical music while you are pregnant can make your child intelligent, bright and talented child when they grow up. So make a good start now. There is a need for you to keep in touch with different songs mainly classical.
With this habit… you develop the sensual side of you- which is to love music. Experience the one of the beautiful works and Download Classical Music from one of the finest composers Frederik Magle and some other musical piece like Carillon, Cortege & Danse Macabre, Cantilena, Journey and many more. Experience the wide variety of music and the symphony of music that will surely touch your heart.

Experience and learn new music from classical music forums. Enjoy the music!
Keep going everyone. God Bless.

Beach Hopping

It’s a fine sunny day today. Everything is so clear and everything is so fine. How I wish that I could go to the beach and swim the whole day plus, eating my favorite dishes. Somehow in your life… you come up in the sense that all you want to do is relax and leave the busy place like school or office.

My favorite hangout place is the beach. Though there is no beach near our house, but I longed for one, I still believe that this is the best place that can give me a peace of mind. This is the place to relax and communicate with God- where you can see the sky and the see meets.

So if you want to enjoy your day, maybe you want reminisce something or you want to relax for a while… then don’t hesitate to do it. Then go and jump up the shore… bring all your favorite swimwear- well I do really have my favorite swimwear or do you need swim suits? Maybe you need them too- then go buy them and enjoy your trip to the beach. Make up with your own style and personality. There are a lot of designs like bathing suits are for sale just right for you. Check it out and have fun with your trip.

What's up for Dinner?

We have no class in the afternoon. So I stay the whole afternoon in the house. I'm very hungry. Well... I'm just looking forward for dinner tonight. I hope mom will cook my favorite vegetable... "Green beans". I hope mom will cook "Ginisang Beans" today.
Keep going everyone.

Monday, July 27, 2009

1,2,3 Get Connected

Hello friends I’m back from yesterday’s sickness. I’m so excited to share some new stuff for you but mom told me to rest today. So before I go I just want to share this info to you. It will really be an informative one for you.

I just want to share this new interesting Wild Blue Internet, it is a site where you can find internet services. I just thought maybe we all needed there internet services- when you are looking for a high quality Satellite Internet.
Lately, it’s really difficult to update my blog when I started to encounter some problems in my internet reception. Usually it happens when it rains outside. Yeah, it is really a hassle because it delays delay some of my tasks.

Wild blue is an interesting one because you can really assure and see how it works.

They also offer free standard installation and any other customer services. For sure this is really a perfect satellite internet service for your home, in school, in your working place or offices.

Keep enjoying the wide access in the internet. Get connected today.
Keep going everyone. I’ll be with you later- this time I have to rest for a while. Okay?

God bless.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm Sick

I’m sick. I still have cold, cough and fever. I hate to take medicine but I have to- mom might scold me.LOL. I hate to be in bed the whole day but I have to.

I’m so sad because I didn’t go to church today. Today is Sunday but I’m still unwell. I pray to God that I’ll be okay soon. I need to rest for the whole day. Well, all I have to do is to meditate myself. Seek God’s presence and I’ll be okay.

Keep going everyone.

Insure Your Life

I’m having a fever, colds and cough today. I’m sick for almost three days. I think I was over-stressed and tired in all the things I’ve done from last week. Come to think of it, it is not really good to be sick. You have to stay in bed the whole day and it’s so tiring. I was in bed the whole day that’s why I keep on imagining things. Sometimes, we think so many things. I cannot deny that we tend to think of the things “what if I die today?” Well… I’m not afraid to die because I believe in God. But sometimes we worried to our family. We don’t want them to suffer. That’s why term life insurance is made for us.

Life insurance, now a day, is the most common for people who wants to assure there life. Just give your family a peace of mind and assure your life. You no longer worry if you die today. Life insurance is made even better. You can have it online. It’s made easy and convenient for you.
Life is very precious so live it to the fullest. Always offer your life to God. With your family and friends you have, having life insurance is the best way to give them peace of mind.

Keep going everyone.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Earning While Saving

Last night I had a dream. I dreamed that I became the next millionaire and I had my own car and big houses. Then I woke up and realized that, that was only a dream.

Well… there’s nothing wrong about dreaming because honestly dreams do come true. Start saving now because savings can give you earnings. Then start finding the best Bank CD Rates today. CD or Certificate of Deposit s a time deposit so, you can guarantee that your money is safe and earn some interest. Check out this new Bank CD Rates today and start earning while saving.

Keep going everyone

Photography:Scented Color

Hello this is my second photograph. I made this shot at school. yeah I love what I'm doing right now- Learning photography.
I hope you'll appreciate the photo. Keep going.

Title: Scented Color
Photographer: LinGZ

Color can give extra scent to the flowers. Even if it's not fragrant at all.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mom's Present from Me

“Hi Mom… Well, I’ll be at home at eight…” I usually phone my mom to tell this line to her. I usually have class until eight o’clock and I’m very glad that mom always cooks delicious food for me. She prepared everything before I arrive. And when I got home, everything is ready and instant dinner awaits me. Mom… I just hope I could have given something for you… as a sign of appreciation and thanks giving. Surely… mom, I think it’s time for me to buy you new prescribed eyeglasses.

It’s been a while now sense the time heard you complaining about your new glasses. You said you need some replacement. I can also remember the time when we went to the mall and stroll around to find the cheapest eyeglasses for her budget. Well… “Mom you don’t need to do that”. What’s the use of the High-indexed Prescription Eyeglasses On Sale if I couldn’t it for mom? Yeah, for sure it will really look very nice seeing mom wearing some of there affordable glasses. It is affordable and high quality guarantee. Its singe vision eyeglasses’ price ranges starting at $8- depending upon its different variety. It feels really cool having one of those “high-demand” glasses in the internet.

“Mom, it's my pleasure to give you some of the wonderful present you’ve been wishing for”. I hope that mom will love it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Close Encounter: Entering the Holy Presence of God

I will never forget this day. God made an anointing in me.
It was almost one o’clock in the morning when went to bed to sleep. I say a little prayer to our Lord when He give me an anointing- the blessing and the power of the Holy Spirit to pray and speak in tongues.

Delight thyself in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
Psalms 37:4

Truly our Lord gives thee the desires of my heart. At that moment He grants the desire of my heart- to speak with Him and draw close to Him. Truly our God is a great God. He speaks to me with the Holy Spirit (speaking in tongues) and then by His power He let me understand it in English. Praise God… that was my genuine experience with Him.

He speaks to me… HE speaks to me… He anoints me… He was there speaking to me… And I was filled with His Holy presence.

He answers every single doubt in my heart with the assurance of His love. He comforts me and made a big revelations and promises in me. Thank God.
Praise God for giving me an anointing… to draw closer in Him… and to know Him more. Truly God answers prayers and grant the desires of your heart.

I got this scripture from this website and truly it tells on how to build up a strong relationship with God.

It is a call to meet Him in a quiet place and commune with Him in private…
…When our lives are so in harmony with our Savior that our only goal is to see Him face to face…
…Our delight is the Lord and Him alone.
Out of this great union of man and God comes a change of heart. We no longer are driven to the stuff of this world, but are hungrier for the things of God's heart. His heart becomes ours and His desires are implanted in us…
When all is said and done, isn't doing His will and living His desires our true goal in life. Why not begin today? Talk to the Lord and say, "Lord show me your heart and let me dream your dreams". Living our His dreams is far more exciting than trying to live ours. Adventure begins at the heart of God.

Cindy Jacob's Prophecy for the Philippines

"The Lord would say to the Philippines...
...For I have waited for a generation that could raise up a purity and and a holiness in.
... I am raising up firebrands- there is a forerunner anointing... coming upon the youth of the Philippines.
Look and see what I will do in Mindanao...
For I am going to visit in a way that you cannot imagine.
I'm coming to Mindanao says the Lord..."

This is the prophecy of the Prophet Cindy Jacob to the Philippines.
Philippines will rise up... there's a big revival that will happen. It is the prophecy of God's promises...

Please do watch it. And be anointed.

Here's more related videos about it:
Prophecy of the Philippines
Cindy Jacob's Prophecy to Eddie Villanueva

K Alliance: A Preparation for Tomorrow's Job

Everything in the future is certain- God already arranged it for us. Before, I felt so fearful and doubtful every time I think about my tomorrows. It’s hard to find a job, now a day. But cast away all your fears and begin to trust God.

While we are studying let’s do our best. Let’s grab the possible opportunities that can help us to do better in our future job. K Alliance is the best “stepping stone” to expose in a high quality training skills.

K Alliance is an online IT training company and we all know that IT careers is one of those in-demand jobs in the future. To do better in that profession, we must be challenged and enroll ourselves in one of those IT trainings that can help us develop our skills and knowledge. K Alliance qualified and passed the CompTIA’s certifications. K Alliance is now a part of CompTIA's Network of Specialized Trainers. Yes, enrollee’s in K Alliance can now assure us a high quality skills and comprehensive education.

As God fulfill His promises to us... we have to do our best to be a better and deserving to His blessings and promises.
In everything we do, seek for high quality learning and always do our best.
Keep going everyone. God bless.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My First Macro Shot: Life in Hand

With my new DC-833s Digital Camera, I’ve come up to an amateur photo shot. My cousin Marky- which is my mentor in blogging- taught me how to take a “macro shot”. Well… here’s what I got from that first session.

Photo Title: “Life in Hand”
“Macro Shot”
Mentor: Marky

Well… I’m just so happy to have it as my first subject. Truly our life is in God’s hand. Keep going and live well.

My Favorite Cars is in my Wish List

“Do you want to ride with us?” This is the friendly approach that our neighbor offered me last night when the rain pours very hard.
It was 7 o’clock in the evening, after our class, when I stood in the nearest bakeshop near our school. I was waiting for transportation vehicle. I do really want to go home early but it’s somewhat a total disaster when all the commuting vehicles were full. Luckily, at that moment, our neighbor offered me to have a ride in there car. That’s how lucky I was. But at that moment, I’ve been wishing to have our own family car.
In my life I do really dreamed to have my own car. I think it is been perfect partner for traveling and a vacation trip or even a school service. Well then… I always write down some of it in my “wishing list”.

The 2010 Chevrolet camaro reviews is one of the best article to read if your looking for the latest 2010 car model. I'll be so much fortunate if I could have own this one of the latest car model. Or maybe I can have the Dodge Caliber which suites for this ear 2009. I know once you’ve read one of there latest reviews about it, surely you will probably the number one in your wish list. Another one,I will never exclude in my list the Toyota Yaris. I’ve read one of those Toyota Yaris review. Based upon there reviews, there reputation and resale value are all reliable. And my list wil never be complete without the Buick luxury brand. Gotcha! My wish list is now complete… now it’s my time to work hard to have all this in the future.
Keep going everyone. Always give to God the desires of your heart. Who knows… maybe tomorrow you will own one of those in your wish list. So don’t stop believing.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My DC-833s Digital Camera Debut

Hello friends… I’m so excited to blog about my new DC-833s Digital Camera. I just bought it yesterday and quite busy for a shot so I didn’t manage to share this to you last time.
I think this is the perfect gift I've given to myself. I’ve already started painting and drawing. Now, I’ll make it to the next level- capturing real pictures. I'm so excited to start my amateur photo shooting. Wish me luck.
I just want to thank everyone who keeps on visiting my blog… thank you for giving me such passion to blog more and do better that's why I passionately own a digital camera.
With my new digital camera there will be more captured moments and unforgettable experiences to share …

This is my new DC-833s Digital Camera....
DC-833s Digital Camera
8.0 megapixel CCD
3264 x 2448 pixel resolution (max.)
3x optical zoo, 4x digital zoom
2.5’ TFT color LCD
1G internal memory
SD memory card slot (SDHC compatible)
Videos with sound
Thank God for my new camera.
Keep going everyone. God bless you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bright Morning

Hello everyone... I was so glad this morning because the weather is just so fine and everything is in good hand. With God’s morning blessings, I think my day will be complete.
I just want to thank God for this beautiful sunny morning.
The trees green life reminds me to be happy because God is so good to us- for giving us such wonderful scenery.

Okay time to go to school now.

Keep going.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Cousin’s Lesson

I just watched the morning news today. I think everyday there are a lot of news about vehicular accident. The news which truly a hassle in streets and a cause endless traffic.

When I saw the news, I remembered my cousin’s vehicular accident a month ago. Actually, my cousin was riding my uncle’s motor bike when he hits a brand new car. He had a small injury plus the car had a small damage. At that time it was raining and the road are slippery- plus it’s speedy driving. I don’t know what comes into his mind but he ran away together with his motorcycle. He keeps that accident as a secret until such time the owner of the car- which is happen to be my uncle’s friend- traced there house and approach my uncle about the accident. My uncle was very angry about what happen.

Thank God because the brand new car had a car insurance that’s why they had settled the problem right away. It is an advantage if we have a car insurance now a day. It's good because we haven’t paid so much for the repair. And finally... my cousin had learned his lesson.

Keep going.

Christ Notes- June 15, '09: THE sWORD

For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12

Don't neglect God's word. Let God's word divide your worldly soul and replace it with God's spirit that is always moving and alive. Let every word of God a sword that will penetrates into your soul and convict your sinful spirit. Repent and live a life according to God's will and purposes.
Jesus reigns.
Keep going.God bless.

A Convenient Home with Reflective Foil Insulation

Good morning everyone. Thank God that the rain is over. I can see the raise of the sun. It’s early in the morning but the sun is so hot- I can really feel the heat inside the house. Well, it is not a problem anymore if you have the Foil Insulation in your house. I just learned lately, when I was browsing the net, that there is a so-called foil insulation in your ceiling or your attic. It will keep you stay warm during cold season or rainy season and cool during sunny day. I was so amazed when I read it this morning. Maybe we can have a try on it at home. Yeah you will really save electricity and energy. Plus, it is not harmful to our health and it is eco-friendly.

So let’s start to insulate our home with foil. There are also sites who offer Foil Insulation manual and services and its different products. So what are you waiting my friends? Let’s save energy and money by insulating foil in our homes.

God bless.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sweet Monday

Take care everyone... There's someone cares and loves you- Our Lord and savior.

Have a sweet Monday my friends. God bless.
Keep going.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Who Am I? (Hand Mime Skit)

Have a blessed afternoon everyone.

Well. I just want to share this amazing and beautiful presentation I just watched from YouTube.
Actually we were planning to make the same presentation like this for our coming concert in our church. I was so glad because we were able to come up in an organized- and somewhat fellowship- practice. We spent the whole afternoon practicing this kind of presentation.

Above everything… we offer it to Glorify God. Everything we have… we entrusted it to Christ. All or talents and gifts will be offered to Christ our Lord.

I hope you enjoy the show.

“Who Am I?” – a hand mime presentation

God bless everyone. Keep going.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Christ Notes- July 10, '09: Guidance

For I command you today to love the LORD your God, to walk in his ways, and to keep his commands, decrees and laws; then you will live and increase, and the LORD your God will bless you in the land you are entering to possess.
Deuteronomy 30:16

Be Guided with God's light. Seek for guidance and deliverance. Keep going everyone. God bless.

Shopping Ideals

We encountered problems now a day with regards to our city. It’s no longer safe to wander outside because of those bombing incident happened yesterday. Yeah, there are still bomb threats until now. So at this point in time we cannot guarantee our safety when we go out and shop. I just wish that our city will be okay soon.

To provide the needs of the people in the most convenient way, shopwiki is the best place to shop. Now a day, shopping is just so easy and fun. You no longer pull those heavy carts, fall in line in the cashiers counter and pay, walk and wander around the mall just to find the best stuff you needed and we will no longer afraid of any bomb threats in the super mall and etc. Because in fact, shopping is just right in your computer.

All you have to do is shop online. Yeah, lately my sister needs to have blouses for her interview. And through online shopping info she find different way on how to choose womans attire through there women’s suits buying guide. You may shop different dresses for the season. It is very interesting for this season because I fin different seasonal casual clothes- for summemr and winter oufits. It's very interesting and convenient like choosing my favorite weekend casual clothes like my all time favorite flip-flop slippers.

Happy weekend everyone.
Keep going everyone. Enjoy your day.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's Up with theGoogle Today?

What’s up with the Google home page today? Yeah, I was shocked lately when I open my browser and it pop up with this Google image. I'm totally puzzled.
It was an unusual thing or logo for Google. Usually Google celebrates different holidays and special days with us like Christmas, New Year Halloween, Mother’s Day, Independence Day and etc.
But when I saw there logo today… was puzzled and curious… What’s going on? I don’t know what day today. If you know about it can you please share me your ideas. I will truly appreciate it.
Thank you.

A Directory in Finding Direct TV Satellite Service

Good morning friends. Well… it’s time for TV viewing again. Every Friday, we have no class in the morning so I always schedule my day to wake up early, not because I have classes but because I want to watch TV. I woke up early and pray. I also updated my blog and then I will watch TV programs. Yeah, this is my daily routine.

We only have two channels available in our TV that’s why I look for possibilities to acquire satellite TV at home. This way I can have the chance to watch variety of TV channels and interesting TV programs. Finding the best Direct TV and satellite TV is not that hard at all because we can find Satellite TV Providers in the net.

Good new, because this is what Satellite TV Business Offers:

I just want to thank Kaptain Satellite website for sharing this information.

Keep going everyone. God bless and enjoy the day.

Can you Give me a Problem?

Lately, I felt so bothered with regards to my thesis. I’m a fourth-year college student. I faced problems lately with regard in finding "problems for my thesis". In short... I'm looking for a topic for my thesis or research study. I still don’t know any problems to tackle or any reliable and effective topic to research. I do really need it.

I just wish that I could have the chance to meet people who will help me work on it. I’ll be a future teacher soon and I love my course. I take up education subjects so my topic will be probably more on education matters.

I believe that God can provide everything I need. He will grant wisdom and guidance to overcome this struggles. Who knows…? He might use you to help me. So, can you suggest any best topic for my thesis? Please?
Just e-mail me.
Thank you in advance.

Keep going.

K Alliance: The New Member of CompTIA’s Network of Specialized Trainers

What are the IT training companies can give you?
No need to surf more, because K Alliance can give you more privilege in acquiring high competent skills- internationally.

I’ve been blogging about K Alliance ever since I heard there good quality services to there constituents. K Alliance's online classes is a high quality school which provides IT classes and trainings for those students who wish to learn IT and any computer skills. Through there quality services, K Alliance is now a member of CompTIA’s Network of Specialized trainers. There performances in providing online classes had passed the company’s qualifications and guidelines to be a part of CompTIA’s specialized trainers.

CompTIA, in a brief review, is one of a top association that represents the international technology community. It is now a great advantage for K Alliance because CompTIA can offer to educators an trainers in specialized resources that will help improve K Alliance’s services to there valued constituents or enrollees.

I just want to congratulate the k alliance for there unstoppable success and improvement with regards to there IT and online training services. I know with this new reinforcement it will surely give the students high quality of learning and enhancement in there IT careers.
For the K Alliance, Here’s a cheers for you.

Keep gong everyone.

The Perfect Place to Sleep and Relax

Hello everyone I went to school early in the morning, I wake up early in the morning, so I feel so sleepy during our lecture. At that time I keep on wishing that I could go home early today so that I can rest and sleep in our house. Sometimes I stayed at my classmate’s dorm to sleep. I don’t want to go home in our house because I don’t feel comfortable to stay and sleep. It’s so hot because of its unfinished ceiling. Plus our furniture is not that well-oriented and uncomfortable. I hope that we could change our furniture and renovate our house.
I was greatly fascinated with this site. Check out this new stuff I found from Furniture Sales. I’ve been looking for the best site that offers wide variety f furniture to choose from plus its affordable and reasonable sale they’ve been offering. The quality and designs are good and elegant. I keep on browsing on its wide variety of styles and for sure you can really choose the best that will suite for your home.
There are a lot of items and high-quality designed furniture is available. Furniture Sales are available online when your are looking for a low price and high quality furniture- you can save more. Surely, next time, our house will be the perfect place to rest and relax.

Keep going everyone.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm an Asian Fanatic

If you’re going to ask me about my personal belongings- like my wallet- then you might be surprised that I’m an Asian fanatic too. Me, as a Christian I do admire some Asian personalities. Kim Bum is one of those.

He is a member of the Korean F4- from Boys over Flower TV series aired here in the Philippines. I jus wish that you will not laugh at me at me at this moment after reading this post.

I'm a certified Kim Bum Fanatic
Kim Bum
Now my picture in my wallet was revealed.LOL.
Keep going everyone. LOL

A Birthday Gift for Grandma

Hello everyone. My grandmother’s birthday is coming. This 9th of July she’ll celebrate her 73rd birthday. I’m glad and thankful to our Lord because He gave my lola (grandmother) a long life and a healthy body. My grandmother is still strong and active. She can still manage to look after her small store- source of family’s income. Though, sometimes she’s complaining on her body pain and arthritis. Hardworking grandmothers and grandfathers deserve a treat. The best party will be the best treat for them.
How about the gift? I think joint supplement will be the best gift that we can give to our grandmother. Sometimes we were confused and afraid to try some new products or other supplement because it might not good or some side effects on them. You have nothing to worry at all because there is the best site that will give joint supplement review about the best joint supplement that is the best in the market and found out more about joint supplements.
Keep going everyone. Have a safe and healthy day ahead.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Protect Your Home with ADT Alarm Systems

Good day everyone. It’s a nice weekend isn’t it? Well I went to school today and I’m back again with my hectic schedule. I’m glad because we have no class this afternoon so I have enough time to rest. I hurriedly went home to give myself a break.

When I went home at the house my mom left the house unattended. We lived at the back of my grandmother’s house. So it’s okay if mom will not lock the door as long as we have an ADT Alarm Systems. It is a type of home security alarm that will give you protection with regards to your home. It’s somewhat an assurance for your safety and to your home.

It is pack with the wireless keypad, pet-sensitive motion detector, two-way voice, window decals, yard sign and etc. I just check out some of there sites and it totally give some home security facts. I do really want to have this one at home so that we will no longer worry during midnight and it will give an alarm to my grandmother if ever we leave our house unattended.

With this ADT alarm system, we can always feel safety and secured in or homes.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nobody But You- :D

Hello friends. I just want to share this video to you.
I watched this video over and over again... All I can say is... "Hilarious".
If you want to laugh-out-loud you should watch this video.

It is good to laugh and be happy, because God wants us to enjoy life.
I hope that I've made you happy today.
May you have a happy Sunday.
Keep going.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Wedding

The wedding… this is the most sacred and the most prestigious event for women who dream of marrying the man they longed and loved. If I’ll marry someone, I want to make sure that he is my “God’s will”. He will be my forever best friend, my comforter and most of all we will honor God within our relationship as a married couple.

I just watched the official soundtrack of the movie The Wedding which is currently aired here in the Philippines. I love the way Anne Curtis did the role. It’s good to see movies like this- brides all dressed in white and walking the aisle to marry her one great love.

In your wedding, this is the time of exchanging of vows and tying you as husband and wife, so there’s no reason for you not to be beautiful. Make this an unforgettable date for you by wearing one of those best wedding gown. If you’re looking for the fabulous dress for your unforgettable date, like wedding dates, there’s only one place to go- can give it all. I really love to see different styles and fashionable clothes here. I just wish that you can find the right gown for your wedding- just like finding the right person for a lifetime partnership.

Keep going and enjoy shopping with its fabulous prices and products. God bless everyone.

Christ Notes- July, 3 '09

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
Romans 12:21

Keep going everyone. Be bless always with the word of God.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Morning Entertainment

Good day to everyone. It is a great morning for me because we have no class this morning so I have a lot of time to spend for recreation. I’m just so happy because my daily schedule is not that hectic, unlike before. So it’s going to be a great morning for me.LOL.
So, what are my plans for today? Well, I’m planning to do blogging and the rest… Well, I’m planning to watch TV today.
Watching TV is somewhat an interesting thing to do since I was young. So I used to watch a lot but I cannot explore more on the interesting TV programs and channels because a that time we can only watch three TV channels. That is why it’s much better if I can have the chance to avail a Satellite TV that can direct me to the different interesting channels. I’d love to have it especially TV by Directv offers a lot of special services like the numerous channels to choose from and the DIRECTV HD.
I you’re looking for a total entertainment… you can always access entertainment and Deals from DIRECTV.

Keep going and God bless. I hope you enjoy your morning. God bless.

Missing You

How I wish we can meet again...

I’ve been missing you…
I miss your touch…
I miss your care and the lovely feeling of seeing you everyday.
I think it’s been a while already since the time I’ve seen you.
It’s not easy to hold this feeling of missing you everyday.
I hope I can see you again...

Actually what I’m missing right now is to see the sunrise outside our backyard.
LOL. I think, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Mr. Sun rise. Usually I get up in the morning almost 11 AM in the morning- so it’s quite unease. Usually I sleep late at night that’s maybe the reason why I can’t wake up early to see the sunrise.
Wishing to see you soon… I’ll spend time to meet you again… Mr. Sunrise.
Keep going.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Get Connected: Remote Computer Access

Hello friends. I just want to share this info about remote access. I was really amazed and interested when I read this kind of stuff for my computer
Do you have problems with regards to accessing files from one-computer to another? Maybe you have unfinished work in your PC from home to your office’s PC? I know that you are interested with this new kind of technology isn’t it? 
I just learned that you can now access and connect your PC from home to any another PC. You can now easily transfer your files and documents from one PC (computer at home) to other PC (computer in the office). Remote access is fast, accurate, safer and convenient way in accessing connect one computer to another.
This is my first time to read about this technology so I want to share it to you. This are very helpful to us especially those who works at home and in the office or to those who have businesses-
Keep going everyone. God bless.

Best Blog Award

I've been awarded with this award "Best Blog Award" from ate Liza, Mommy's Little Corner. Yahoo... thanks ate Liza. Thanks a lot. And I want to share it to my friends. So your next..

And now the awards goes to:

God bless my friends.

The rules for these awards are:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to 5 other blogs that you’ve discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
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