Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Morning... Mr. Monday.

It's going to be a happy day. I know God really prepare something for me today. It's good to wake each morning acknowledging God's blessings and goodness in our life. Thanks and I have to live this beautiful Monday to the fullest. Be blessed for every day that comes in your life.
I know its school time today but I have to rejoice on it~ though sometimes I feel so lazy in going to school. But Wake! Wake! Live the day. It's my future, it's good to be educated so... I'll see you later. I have to go to school today. Bye. God Bless.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where is my favorite Band?

Recently I just watch news about the Filipino bands having concert in Manila... That was a great event and almost 60 bands are there to perform. Well it's just sad to say I haven't seen my favorite band perform. Yeah, I've been so busy- blogging LOL... It's already a month that I haven't seen my favorite band airing on TV. The name of the band is "SpongeCola" Yap, it's a Filipino band and I believe all Filipino artists are really great.LOL. They play rock music... but I believe they have the talent to perform. GO! GO! I hope I can see them perform again on T.V.

Please Watch...

Please Watch...

Get Started...

I do really feel good today. It's the day of refreshing oneself- spiritually. Yes, we need to go to church. Since today is Sunday, we went to the church together with my sister. It's been a couple of weeks already or almost two Sundays that we missed-out to go to church. I tell you... we need to seek God first. Let's try to evaluate ourselves. Only in God's hand we can feel comfort and assurance.
I can testify this to you. I’ve been in a long week of struggles. Everyday, my heart is restless. I've been so worried about "decision making"... what will comes next... and how can I overcome it? I've been talking about my conflict schedules, school work, financial expenses... Huh... so miserable since last week. Thanks to our Lord. He restores my heart again. I'm free and ready to face Mr. Monday. It's time for me to Get Started to this week's life-journey. Have a blessed Sunday.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let's make a Change

This video really touches my soul.This is entitled " Bagong Simula"(New Beginning).Though it is sang in Filipino language but the concept and message are really expressive.
Our country had undergone a long run to have this what we called "freedom".The youth symbolizes new beginning, we are the next generation... we are the makers of change. It's been a long time when we were colonized but our heroes fought for our country. Now we are colonized by our own deeds... poverty, war (between our own countrymen), corruption, economic crisis... we don't have the freedom to live with a happy and abundant life. It's our time to make a CHANGE... The youth are the heroes of today. Let's make a change, for the better, even in our own little ways.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rapture... No turning Back

Well, when I was looking at my blog, I was thinking of the things that I want to share to the world. What am I supposed to write? As a Christian, I should be more responsible of letting the world know what they should supposed to know. Then, it’s just a sudden that I thought of the word “rapture”.
What do you mean by rapture. Actually its quite a month when I’ve heard about these word. I just heard it from my sister. And for me it’s hard to define that word. But one thing I want to share to you, ,as Christian, we should prepare for this day. We don’t know when is the second coming of God. That COMING OF GOD is called “rapture”. It’s a SUDDEN- just a blink of an eye- GOD will come. And those people who come to know GOD and accept Jesus as his personal savior and walk according to His ways will be raise up by God and live eternally in His KINGDOM. While, those who walk in the darkness and evil will be left behind. And the world will be perish. Be prepared for this DAY, for the coming of God is near. Believe… walk… according to His ways… for there is NO TURNING BACK to change the days you have been walking in darkness and all you can say is “ IF ONLY…”

Are you Ready?


"For the Lord Himself will descend from Heaven with a shout,
with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God,
and the dead in Christ will rise first"
(1st Thessalonians 4:16 NASB)

"Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the
clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord"
(1st Thessalonians 4:17 NASB)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Get Ready for the ENROLMENT

Tomorrow will be our enrolment for the 2nd semester. I can’t believe that my semester break has end up and my busy and tough day will bee started. If I’ll think of it, did I make use of my time well? Well I think so. I started to make my blog so it’s quite worthy that I have that kind of school break. I don’t know why I feel nervous, maybe because of my past experience last semester- that was crucial. Now, I have to be ready for the new challenges to face.
I have to prepare my:
1.My school-clearance and any other documents.
2.Tuition fee – I don’t know where to get it.
3.My prospectus of my subjects- I think I’ve lost it.
4.Of course my “outfit”- I think I haven’t washed my clothes...
5.Myself. Am I ready for tomorrow? I hope so… I think God will.
I’m nervous but I believe that God will make my day complete. This I pray in the name of Jesus everything will be okay. See yah, God Bless.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

make me More Complicated

I think I am more immune to more complicated days. I started my busy day when I had my enrollment and all those stuff and other requirements should be comply. Clearance, controlling of subjects, payment to the cashier & etc makes me so anxious about what happens next. And I should also have to post on my blog- but I've enjoyed this stuff. And the never-ending household chores, unwashed clothes... oh… so much work to do. Lately, I haven't spent time with the Lord. I know some sort of a busy day makes my day more stressful, weak-in spirit. But I think I become stronger every day I've encountered this obstacles. I learn to make use of it. Unlike before that every problem, I easily get depressed. One thing I've learned today, I thank God for those trials because I learned to be strong... I just learned to smile and laugh even trials are pulling me down. I learned to breathe… I learned at the end of the day, God’s arms are wide open to give you some rest. You will know that, that busy day He was there to make it for you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Musica

Well, today... I think I haven't accomplish anything. I just watch movie all day and that's it. I cannot Imagine myself of being immature again. Sometimes in our life we experience nothingness it's just you and the empty space left inside your heart. I just can't help myself but to stay indoors, while waiting for the next opening of class- and that is next week. I know something or I'll say I should keep that music in my heart. The feeling of being secured. You know one thing I've learned today... is that It's not good to be alone. Yes.. I thought before I can be myself when I'm alone- but it proves me wrong. You need others to be with you... so that you can be yourself.

The Music Team(in our church)- my brothers & sisters in Christ

This team really gives revival in my heart. The music that it plays is really inspiring- the music of Christ.

Well I just remember the people around me who supports and loves me as I am. Whenever my heart feels lonely, they always keep the music in my heart.I just want to thank you. To my family, cousins, friends and my brothers & sisters in Christ.
Good night and God Bless.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Morning Meditation

What a great Tuesday morning. I need to meditate myself to the word of God before I start my day. Well I don’t exactly wake up early this morning but praise God I don’t wake up late. So, God gave me some time to read the Bible. I thank God for securing my heart this morning. I don’t feel any fear today, especially now that I have many complicated things to settle- in my enrollment stuff. I just post this message to remind you to meditate in the word of God before you started your DAY. Just relax and let God take the LEAD. God Bless.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

BrinG it On?

Got to know what's for today? Well always keep in mind... Always on the Go! Keep going. This is what makes me motivate every time I face another exam and challenges. Well I just want to make things right and perfect. Higher than... alright.
Today, maybe we will be having a quiz, and too bad for me I didn't study last night. Sounds like irresponsible student.* sigh But I still have faith in myself and trust in God. I know I can make it. Maybe it's hard but there's nothing like difficult things to handle... specially when you are in the good hands of God.I know WE can make it. So, got ta go for you this morning. See yah for my next post later. Got to prepare for school this time. God Bless Every one.

CaN u? ; )

Just can't help myself but to blog all day. I know something awaits me... chadang.. ~my assignments. My mathematics subject really makes me nuts. Logarithmic functions, equations... all algebra and trigonometry..hooo.. Well, I'm not that totally weak at mathematics but I need a special time to study. I think I need my ate (big sister)... She is a BSMath student so I'll answer my assignments with her. Heeelp.. where's my tutor sister? huh.. What happen? LOL. She had a tooth ache so today she went to the dentist and pull that (grrr...) aching tooth. So time to study by my own. Study, study, study... I need to be independent now when it comes to assignments. GO!Go! or Maybe tommorow she'll be ok so I'll do my assignment tommorow... I'll go blogging now.LOL

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Love Asian Movies

I just can’t help my self but to amuse about the Asian movies I’ve just watched lately this morning. This is a new movie aired here in the Philippines, the “Why, Why, Love?” and it is very interesting movie. It is the start of the first episode but I feel like watching the whole show. The characters are all handsome and beautiful and all off them are very convincing- the way they act. Actually this movie-series is from Taiwan. Yes, they have different language but it is dubbed in Filipino so we can understand. There are lots of Asian movies aired here. I think Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese Filipino and etc. have the best quality of movie if only you’ll spend time to watch and understand it- when it is dubbed or subtitled. The languages are not a hindrance in exploring great things, nor can stop you in exploring new things that you have not discovered yet.
Try to explore… and you’ll learn that the World is wonderfully created by God with such wonderful people and talents.
Here are the lists of admirable movie-series. And all of them stick to my heart. (Usually romantic movies):
1.Meteor Garden
2.Save the Last Dance for me
3.Princess Hours
4.It Started with a Kiss
5.My Girl
6.Only You
7.Three Dads with one Mom
8.Why, Why, Love
9.Romantic Princess
10.and many more.

My ultimate favorite Asian Movie:
1.My Little Bride
2.A very Special Love
3.My Sassy Girl (original)
4.Let the Love Begin
5. Wind Struck

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Wish for a New Laptop

Well since our school has a wifi an internet access... I just wish to have a new laptop so that in my vacant time I can update my blog. And besides... our P.c. is sometimes used by my sisiter. So wishing here that my wish will be granted.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why, why, Blog?

Well, come to think of it, if blogging is like schooling I may consider myself as a “freshman”. This seems to be new to me. I may not good enough (I mean writing stories, blogging info, updating etc). I may confuse about the policies, the rules but one thing is for sure… I write from the heart. At first, I want to blog to entertain myself and to earn money-honestly for an extra finances next enrolment. I feel blogging is exciting. Yes, it seems like its hard- I wish it won’t last long- but I’m looking forward for improvement. I learned that blogging is more than earning money… it’s more than social networking… For me, now that I started blogging, I learned that it is a “self-expression”. It’s a way of sharing yourself to others- to inspire and be inspired by them. I admit that I cannot write well, I mean the grammar and words are not very well-written, but in my heart it is perfect. I ask God about this, if it’s okay to blog, then I find myself blogging. I’ll try to find myself. I want to share JESUS to others… how He miraculously works in me.
I love to express myself through writing… Just want to share you these thoughts in my mind. You know… just a simple way of expressing help- asking for your assistance. LOL

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Other side of Sam

Sam Concepcion is the newest teen star in the Philippine entertainment. This 16 year-old young star is now a famous Filipino singer, dancer, host actor, and model in his generation. Well, I just learned to admire Sam Concepcion. He is so talented and inspiring young star, and we have the same birth date too (October 17). Actually, last October 18, 2008 he had his first major solo concert- his birthday tribute. I just want to feature Sam Concepcion in my blog because I believe in his talent-from the heart- and he is an inspiration to all the youth. Aside from being famous, he is also a Born Again Christian and a God-fearing person.I can see that all his outstanding performances is dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ. Soar high Sam and always thank our Lord above everything. I’m so proud of you. God Bless.

Friends, please watch this short film entitled "Miko," that features Sam Concepcion and his dad Raymund as leads. It won as first place at the Bogen Imaging Film and Video Shorts Competition in New York last June 12, 2006. "Miko" was directed by Paolo Dy.

Source: youtube

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Semester’s GPA- A test of faith

It’s time for me to face the test of faith. Maybe it’s my fate today to face all this challenges.I think so.

This morning I experience the true test. I was so excited to open this site official website of our school). This site will assist you in doing student-related transactions within Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology. Today is the final submission for our grades. So I hurriedly open my personal account and look for my grades this semester. I was just disappointed of what I’ve saw. I’ve done my best and I really work hard for this semester but it seems that it’s not enough. I only gained a total GPA of 1.84 this semester. And for me, I don’t deserve this grade. Every sleepless night and stressful hour just to study my lesson and my projects was not enough. But I’ve realized that this is just a test of faith. I made a promise with the Lord to entrust everything to Him. I should not worry and besides I already made decisions to give up everything to God. So why worry? You know what; I realized we have to guard our faith because sometimes with just a little test in us we easily shake. I pray to God, this time, “to heal my unbelief”. It’s just so happen that I behave as a childish-Christian again. I hope it will not happen to you. God Bless.

I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.
-Romans 8:18

Saturday, September 6, 2008

How is SHE now?

Well… I’m glad it’s our semester break. I’m very happy because finally my stressful days… weeks… and months are finally over. I think it’s time for me to rest now. I’m planning for a movie marathon or do blogging all-day or maybe I’ll try to sleep the whole day. What do you think? It’s really fun. I thank God for this day but you know what; I just suddenly miss my best friend. How is she now? It’s almost a week since the last time we’ve met.
She is really my closest friend in school. And every time we had difficult projects to take we do help each other. We usually pass our assignment and projects together and we don’t even let each other left-behind. There are times when we do cross the street with the signs “No Jaywalking”- that’s fun for us. She lives in dormitory beside the school so we usually hang-out in their place.
But I think she’s bored today. I can feel it. I really miss her. She doesn’t even text me now- maybe she run out of prepaid. But I hope she’ll text me. Maybe this is just a melancholic feeling without her. Hope God will take care of her. Good Afternoon.

me and she(her name is Beth)

My bestfriend..

Friday, September 5, 2008

He must be disappointed…

Maybe I’m quite lazy or what… but I think I’ve just disappointed Him. I made a promise with the Lord that starting today I will wake up early to do my morning devotion. I feel so asleep and I haven’t heard my alarm clock. Then I realized it was already past 9AM. So I want to say “I’M SORRY LORD”, I think I need to guard my deeds. Sometimes the enemy is just too near that they will hinder us from having a personal relationship with the Lord. i know God is faithful and just to forgive me- that’s what I’m thankful about. We have to build up a special relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. For tomorrow may not come. Start it now! God Bless.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Your my Everything

I would like to share this video to you. Be inspired and inspire others. Enjoy Watching. God Bless.

Thank you for watching.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Getting Over

Looking at my pajama, I remember when we had our pajama party during our English4 class. We are asked to make an original poem and read it in front of the class. Here is my originally-made poem.

Sweet Lemoning

I was once a graceful swan,
Floating along the crystal-clear spring;
Autumn had began,
And falling leaves tainted the beauty that
It brings.
The place is dreary,
But, I find pleasure!

I was once a quiet forest dweller,
And sense my curiosity and wonder;
I heed the foliage of tress and shrubs.
But coupled with horror stirred me:
I am secluded and imprisoned.
But, I find pleasure!

I was once a mineworker,
I seek for gold mines and treasures.
Isolated under the earth and departed from light,
I couldn’t unearth my way back
It’s full of uncertainty
But, I find pleasure!

I was thwarted, frustrated
And mislead to somewhere else.
To be a lemon in a basket full of grapes,
It is a quest.

But, I find pleasure in them.
I find pleasure in them?
Yes, I can find pleasure in them.
I hope…
I can.
Yes, I can make my lemon sweet.

In our wrong decisions always find pleasure in them. Remember God is always there to rescue you. Be Happy!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thanks… Head & Shoulder

I just want to share this newly discovered cure for skin disease. Do you know that head & shoulder shampoo is also good for your skin? Yeah, it’s true. Last year I really suffer a disease in my skin. It’s just a little redness but I got worried about it. It’s going larger at my back part of my body. Lately I’ve searched from the net that the head & shoulder shampoo is also good for skin. “Pyrithione zinc” is found in head & shoulder shampoo and it is very effective. just use it as a body wash. I tell you, just a week, the redness is all gone. And it is much cheaper than any ointment-I just spent five pesos for it.
Skin disease? Worry no more- Try head & shoulder.
Remember... you have to feel good and look good about your self. God Bless.
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