Friday, August 28, 2009

Healing Verse

Hello this is LinGZ. LinGZ is sick right now so I just wish and pray that I'll be okay soon. I'm suffering from too much pain and unease feeling. I hope you'lll still visit me even if I cannot return back the favor.

"... For I am the Lord who heals you."
(Exodus 15:26)

Keep going. God bless.

Web Host Directory for a Good Start

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Choose your best Web Host now...

Enjoy learning and browsing- trying to get some new stuff for the success of your site. I just hope to send me some new updates in enhancing my blog and site success.

Keep going.

Plant your Success in CCNA boot Camps

Studying today requires us to give some extra effort, a sacrifice for our time and money. We have to give some extra hard work and labors for us to reap success and abundant harvests.

Why do we have to do some hard work? In CNNA boot camps, it requires us to do some hard work. Boots camps offer you a broad learning particularly learning IT skills- which in deed benefits you in landing a job. This one of the skills we must acquire to be more competitive and skillful in dealing networking technology and information technology. Check out the wide benefits of enrolling in the ccna boot camp. It requires you a focus on the training and willingness to learn- because he CNNA boot camp is surely a good program for those who wish to gain high quality training.

CNNA boot camp facilities are truly a good place to study. They provide you with great quality equipment that will surely assists your learning. The time I saw some photos on its facilities, I know that this is a better place to learn and feels like your home. At the end of the training and hard work, gaining a Cisco Certified Network Associate certification is truly a first step in reaping success.

Keep going.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

PALAKASAN '09 (Sports Week)

Today is the opening of our Palakasan '09- a sports fest event in our school- you know cheer dancing, ball games, singing and dance contest, literary events and etc. This are all the events I've been looking forward for. I'm just so excited of this prestigious event. I wish for the best for our college- College of Education - to win this year's over-all Champion.

Keep going everyone.God bless and keep safe.

Wow Acconts for Online Games

Are you stressed from your work? Students or even office men can check out some new online site to help you release stress from your office and from school. For sure most people today are trying to cope up with different hobbies and entertaining games to release there stress. Based upon the people I’ve met in the net most of them are trying to get rid of stress through playing online games. Now, I asked what about those online games? Then they say, they found it more interesting if they can play with real people- through online encounter with different players. Mostly they play warcrafts- the most popular ones. They also added that they purchased a character for them to get into the game. Maybe, you’re asking me, how. I browsed and arrived some sites that offers some online characters for there customers a cheap wow accounts. Try to check this out if you want to get in to the game. I’ve read about it and truly I’ve found different characters.

In life, it seems that people are diverting there social life into technology. It’s good that technology is trying to give us a chance to relax in our free time. Just keep in mind that playing is for entertainment. Don’t be too much addicted in which you become a lazy citizen.

Keep going.

Where can I find this Superfood (acai berry)?

Have you ever heard about Acai berry before? Well, actually it really calls my interest when I heard about this wonder-plant. It also addends my interest when people called it as a “super foods”. Here’s I’ve learned about this nature’s wonder.

Acai berries can be found usually in South America. Actually it is the fruit of the Acai palm. Many researches had proven that these berries are good for our health. These berries were used as food supplement and, now a day, a dietary supplement. It helps in increasing your energy, improved immune system, helps blood circulation, antioxidants to the body and mostly it helps in loosing weight. Yes, there are a lot more health benefits that acai can give. Maybe you’ll be asking me now, where can I buy acai? That’s why most people today are browsing for the best place to find this “super food”. Then this site can answer your question in “where to buy acai” – mostly acai for weight loss- then check out this site for you to learn in where you can buy acai berry.

Keep going everyone. I wish you a good health for all of us. I’m also trying to apply this for myself to- due to my health problems lately.

God bless everyone.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

K Alliance: Bridging the Gap between Learners and Educators

The long wait is over. We all know that K Alliance is the best place to go when we look for a high quality trainers and educators when it comes to computer, technology and information or any IT courses.

When is comes to competitive skills acquired, in landing a job, one of the biggest asset for you is learning IT skills. Yeah, it’s quite difficult when you are learning other skills- together at a time. Maybe you are enrolling right now in your current courses… well it is time for you to do multi tasking because k alliance today is offering distance learning- so all of us have the bigger chances to enroll. So all interested enrollee- all over the world- have all the chances to be enrolled in this prestigious school.

Yes, in fact K Alliance distance learning are trained and taught by high prominent and professional instructors. Distance is no longer a barrier because technology had built up its gap- that’s the essence of distance learning. So maybe you as, well as I, can be part of this beautiful and interesting program.
Do you want to enhance your sills and knowledge, probably the solution is here… K Alliance had already built that gap through distance learning.

Keep going everyone. Have a bless day to you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Preparations for Midterm Exams

Mug and spoon? All set.
Coffee or milk? Whatever.
Okay coffee with sugar? Okay.
Highlight pen? Check.
Cell phones off? Done.
Reading materials? Complete.

It's time for an overnight study. Now what's upwith this post? Well I jst want to give you some updates about what I've been doing this past few days...
I'm preparing for my for all my midterm exams- you know doing some over night study...
Keep going everyone.
I know that God is with me. He will take over in everything- as long as you deserved to be given an award for your hard work.
God bless s all.

ADT Seurity for Family and Home

Lately this past few weeks, I feel like we were been tested by God. Maybe we just have some problems with regards to our health that’s why I keep on praying for it. Well… It’s good that God provided us with medicine to heal us. I realize how God allows people to develop “technology” to accompany us in our daily life. Our health is okay now. I bought herbal medicines, tea and etc. I thank God because we are all okay.

How about safety at home? Well, how about life and home security? Of course, yes. God is always our protector. The latest technology is here. Technology, now a day is fast changing and evolving. In America, I just read that ADT in Tampa is one of the best companies who offers guaranteed electronic home security services. It’s just that, I was so glad and loves to purchase it because there are a lot of high-tech devices offered for your own home and family security like high-decibel siren, pet sensitive motion detector and etc. Family first and have your security.

When you know your secured… that’s the great time to bond with your family with today’s entertainment with this new FOX site where you can have all at one site- entertaining episode, merchandise, purchase different and etc.
Keep going.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

How about Choosing your Web Designs?

I’m currently browsing different kinds of website today. I visited hundreds of website everyday. It’s a good thing to do because I do really appreciate different kinds of web designs. Web designing is one of my favorite professions. Well, I was so happy to search a lot of website today. I’m very much fascinated to explore and surf different web sites especially when I see a well-designed websites.
Here's a snapshot of web designs made by WebFullCircle Web designers

It’s interesting thing to know that there are sites that were really well-made- when it comes to its web-design. Web design can really help promote the quality of your web site. It is one of the assets that can attract more visitors and customers. If you are trying to build up a business online through website, then consider the quality of design- to help visitors access and browse your site. If you can’t imagine how your website looks like, then, it’s time for you to ask some help from a professional web designers and competitive IT professionals. Check out there website-WebFullCircle-and experience the high quality and competitive web design for your web-site. Leave it to the expert who provides high quality designs and experience your site’s success. Place your site to the top of the search engines by choosing the right web design today.

Keep going. Experience success and experience quality appearance of your site.

Get in to the Game

I was so overstressed lately because of my assignments and upcoming midterm exams. Yeah quite difficult to handle but I know I can make it with the help of God and a little bit self- relaxation.
Are you bored or are you struggling with so much work and assignments in school? Just give yourself a break with this new Nintendo DSi that will surely give you a 100% entertainment.

So, how does it work? Well… get in to the game with this Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DS package. This is the latest gadget hat technology could offer. This is a high-tech digital device that package with an advance digital media capabilities, can be used in a digital storage of pictures, audio player, voice recorder, built in camera and most specially you can download software and games plus play with your favorite game. Its amazing features and designs add deluxe style. The built in camera, 3.25 touch screen, slimmer body DS Lite and most especially it has a free web browsing feature. You may purchase it and check out there latest model online.

For sure, it is going to be relaxing and entertaining when you have this Nintendo DSi deals. I love this gadget, its all-in-one.

Keep going everyone. Have a happy weekend.

Building up My Photography Career

Here’s another snapshots from my DC-833s Digital Camera and my creative hands.LOL. I’m so eager to start up and do some practices to build up my photography career. Here’s one of my single shot I got from today. I’m trying to make a good start it will do so. I start practicing some macro shots with nature- as my subject. I’m trying to enjoy my holidays and trying to get over from too much stress from last week.I hope you’ll enjoy my “amateur-photographs”.
Keep going.

Gummamela Flower

Title: Fading
Subject: Nature
Photographer: LinGZ


A Glimpse of a Student’s Life

Me and my Classmates (doing some school-project)

It’s another tiring day for me as a student. I went to my classmate’s boarding house today to have some group activity. Yes, it’s good that we have a holiday today so that I can rest for the whole day, but I end up spending the rest of my afternoon in my classmate’s place and do our school assignment.

It’s a nice to know that my parents are supporting me all the way till I graduate in college. I’m so thankful to God on how fortunate I was to have parents like them. In the other hand, how about those who can’t afford to go to college? You know, college life is full of overload projects, tuition fees and any other bills and school expenses.

Just end up your burden now and start to enroll in college. God is good that He will provide us resources for the expenses. I found this new Student Loan website- it’s online so anyone can grab this opportunity. You can always have your Private Student Loan Consolidation here. Guarantee your future. I know I struggle for school expenses too, but you cannot take this as an alibi to stop schooling.
Keep going everyone. Stay good and do good with your studies.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

His Death on the Cross=Love=Salvation

This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.
1 John 4:9

He Died for me. I Live for Him.

JESUS saved me!

Accept Him and you will be save...

Experience fast Access through Hughes Net

Again and again, it’s been a burden to me to work on my low internet-connection computer. It just took me a few minutes before I can download and upload heavy files in my social network and blog account. I think it is almost 3-hour-waiting for me before I can load something. It’s frustrating because I have lot of things to do in the net but here I am, trying to wait another long period of hours before I could load something.

Internet’s wide-access serves as the helping tool for me to learn about Satellite Internet. It is much better that dial-up (internet access via telephone) because you can easily access as fast as a second because you are connected through satellite tv internet. Now if you want to experience fast access then it’s time for you to switch to a high speed internet like hughes net satellite in Irvina, California. Though, I don’t come from California but you can avail it everywhere (in any part of the globe). You can experience the affordable price, but most importantly the high access internet connection.

I hope I have helped you if you have an experience the same with what I’ve been experiencing right now.
Keep going everyone.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm Back

Hello, I'm back!
Hello I’m back. After all the long and tiring exam-week, well I’m glad I’m back to blog again. Yeah there are some things that needs to be done. But I always awe you for being, always, visiting my site. Keep going. God bless us all. Keep going.

Fashion and Lifestyle at One

Hello friends. I got some new updates of fashion and style in my blog. I find this site when I was browsing for something new. I got this new sporty-shoes and fashionable boots. Well I was very fascinated with regards to the prices because all the high fashion dress shoes are all in whole sale. You don’t have to worry about the price because it’s all affordable for you. Yeah, it’s all for us because it is sold below whole sale. You can already buy a pair of shoes with a cost of $7.99 per pair or almost 383 pesos here in the Philippines. It’s so affordable and it’s so lovely because it reflects to your own personality.

Maybe you really love sports and you’re looking for the perfect sports shoes, then this wholesale shoes is right for you and your team. While in the other hand, women do love it, there are fashionable boots (which is available in different colors) which are all set for you. Be fashionable… be on style… experience glamour and sports. It all matters on Fashion or even Lifestyle. Make it one in visiting the right place and the right site for wholesale shoes.

Keep going. God bless.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long Week Celebrations

Hello it’s a long week of celebration for me. I do really enjoy my whole week. I thank God for every events and unforgettable memories. I’m here to give back the glory and thanks giving to Him.
Thank you Lord for such a wonderful week.

August 6... It's Marky's Birthday!

My cousin Greenman (Marky), LinGZspot (Me), Parahana (Bryan)... the bloggers!

Me and my cousins. (LOL)

August 10... Ching2x's 16th Birthday!

Me at my Churchmate's debut Party. (Setting: at our Chrurch)

August 9... Trip to Calda Pizza...

Tres Marias... (Me and my sisters)

Cousins... and the super-gigantic Pizza. (mmmm)
Keep going! God bless.

Make a Good Start

I’ll start all over again. I need some time now to understand what are the things and factors to consider in increasing my success as a blogger. Well, I was a little bit disappointed lately because my domain blog had turned its PR to 0. The blog traffic that is coming to my blog also decreases. The question is, what am I going to do now? Well… I just need to step forward again, but this time I have to be wiser.

Now, I’m planning to build up a new site. This time, it will be well-prepared and well-planned. One thing to consider the most is to choose the right web hosting company. They are the companies that will help my site to be visible in the World Wide Web. It will be a pleasure for me to help you in choosing the bet web-hosting site. You may browse the drupal web hosting. They give me the info about web hosting and the top 20 Drupal web hosting company- which is based on the rating of there valued customer based upon there customer satisfaction, technical support, reliability and affordability. We have so much to learn about blogging. But this time, we have to make a good start. Choose the best web host now and experience the increase of blog traffic, page rank, improve rankings of SEO and experience success in your blogging career.

Keep going!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Facebook of the Week: Brian Littrell

Who is this man called Brian Littrell?

I was browsing the net, specifically YouTube, to check out some new stuff when I found this video.

In Christ Alone
Sang by: Brian Littrell

Yeah, this is Brian the lead singer of Backstreet Boys. I was really inspired by this young-man and his songs. Aside from a band lead singer (Backstreet Boys) he is also a Christian recording artist and released a solo album, Welcome Home, in 2006.
I love the way he proclaims his faith in Christ.

Brian is an outspoken Christian who believes that it is the duty of Christians to be open about their faith, saying, "I think as Christians we need to join hands and mount up together and lift God up and talk about our faith publicly and talk about all of the things God has done for us in our life to touch other people. (More from Brian Littrell).

I was really inspired with him and his Christian song (since it is one of my favorite Christian song). "In Christ Alone" is really a powerful song. And it really touches my deeper soul.
Knowing how Jesus (In Christ alone) satisfies me.
He saves me.
He loves me.
He cares for me.
This is what we called "The genuine experience with Christ". It is the most amazing and most significant experience that happened in my life.

Keep going everyone.

Charity Works starts From You

Always offer our helping hand to others. Always Donate for a Cause.

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."
Proverbs 22:6.
Always train your children as well as your young self to be more charitable and helpful to others who are in need.
Parents, always remember that charity starts from home. In every good thing that comes in our life… always thank God and glorify God in everything that we have received from Him. Many people today are suffering from poverty, hunger or lack in education but we are thankful and blesses because God is poring out His blessings to us continually. So let’s train our children and even ourselves to do some charity works.

It’s not about earning a profit or any single dollar. But the true meaning of gift giving is by giving faithfully and truthfully to others- to those who are more in needs.
When I saw this site who accepts Boat Donations, Car Donations and etc. I was so amazed on how the people organized such project like this to help others. There were also some activities like Buy Used Boats, it’s a charitable activity. Let’s support it. This is profitable project that will help almost a thousand young orphans who seek help- education, food and any assistance and etc. It’s for a cause so I want to advertise and campaign to all of you to support such wonderful gift giving. To those who have “much”, let’s give to those who are “less”.
Keep going.

Math and Calculus: A Help from the Expert

Got some problems in math? No need to worry about it.

Online tutor is always open for you.
It’s really good to share what you have learned and impart it to others. This is what I usually motivate myself. I’ll become a teacher soon and I want to be as confident of what I’ve been teaching. I want to master all the subjects that I supposed to teach.

Well… many students are afraid to master or study in Math. Yes, I admit that I even had a hard time in learning the subject. But one thing I’ve been so thankful to God is that I had a tutor sister. She’s always been my tutor even when we were in grade school- she’s good at it anyway. She mastered her course in Mathematics. Having my sister as my tutor is not forever permanent.

Though my sister is always willing to help me but there are times that she’s also busy doing her assignment or tasks in school- specifically when I needed a tutor for my math subject in calculus. It’s lucky for us because today we can now easily access to a free calculus help. Yes, it’s great because I find some Calculus tutor for all of us who had a hard time understanding this subject.
It’s online, so you can always access anytime and everywhere you are. So if you need a Calculus help, Precalculus help. There’s only one place to go to fully understand the subject. Get connected to the Free precalculus help.

Gotcha! Problem solved.
God bless everyone.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Life Hurts but God Heals

Jesus is not recorded to have turned anyone away who sought healing. Jesus said that HE came "that they might have life and have it more abundantly." (John 10:10)

He said, "… I AM the way and the truth and the life…" (John 14:6 )

"…I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies”. (and in John 11:25)

Continue in believing Christ's great love to us. He died for us so that we could receive salvation and healing. Always claim God's healing power, in Christ Jesus our Lord.

I love Jesus because He first loves me.

God bless. Keep going.

Submit Your Blog and Experience Success

I can’t imagine how my domain blog loose its PR (page rank). Lately, when I checked my Google PR in my domain blog, I was shocked when my PR turns to zero. I think, I need some extra help from the expert. Well… what are the different ways to Increase Blog Traffic?
Do you ever wonder how the many blogs reach and increase there blog traffic? Yes, I do wonder too. So, it’s time for us to answer those questions.
Always update your blog everyday. Try to make some good post everyday. Make some good reviews about the latest trends about the today’s news. Always use appropriate text that will help search engines to link in your blog.
This are the reasons why you have to submit your blog in a blog directory today:

It is also important to Submit your blog in an online blog directories. I can assure you this will surely help you ingenerating your blog and making your blog more successful. For sure you will experience the great increase of your visitors and traffic.
And always make sincere reviews. When you are sincere of what you are expressing, through, writing… surely people will come to your blog most often.

I know you will be successful in your blog. If you participate and do as what I’ve said, I know you will be one of those Top Blogs today.
Keep going everyone. God bless.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

His 21st B-day and 1st Blog Anniversary

To: Marky
From: Lingz
In French… Joyeux Anniversaire
In Spanish…Feliz Cumpleaños
In Chinsese…生日快樂
In German… Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag (Nose bleed)
In Italian…Buon Compleanno
In Korean... 생일 축하합니다
In English… Happy Birthday!
In Filipino…Maligayang Kaarawan

LOL. Happy 21st Birthday to my cousin Marky. And Happy blog anniversary to my ever dearest mentor in blogging. Let's Celebrate.
Keep going and God bless.

Let's have some Diet: Anyone?

Well it’s my time to talk about loosing weight. I’m just so conscious on how I figure out myself this past few days. I feel like I’m gaining so much weight lately because of my working habits. I wake up everyday, I go to school- if I have no class I sleep or play computer games. I didn’t do some exercise and any other physically-fit activities or sports.
Lately, I’ve been in my cousin’s birthday party and I do really enjoy the ambiance- especially the food that was served. Surely it’s another factor why I keep on complaining in my rounded face and heavy body. I think I need some changes that will start with in me. So, what are the latest updates for today? If you have the same problem or we have the same reason why we bother with my body lately here's some extra advice from me.

What’s up for today’s update? Well here’s a diet pill reviews just right for our need for our body diet. I just hope that you could check out there new and latest product that will surely be perfect for your body and health.
Keep going everyone.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

He is Coming

"I am coming to you now, but I say these things while I am still in the world, so that they may have the full measure of my joy within them."
John 17:13
Let's rejoice... 'cause God is here.
God bless. Keep going.

My Internet Security Guard

Got problems with your internet-connected computer?
Yes. I do encountered problems with my computer and my internet connection lately. Error on my page and sometimes I cannot access to my internet account. I always encounter this kind of problems every now and then. I know you also struggle the same problem with me, so let’s talk about it.

What are the reasons why we encounter the same problems with regards to our internet and to our computer? Computers who have an internet connection are more prone to this so-called “internet criminal and viruses” which will kill your computer and it can also harm you. What we need is a full-time protection.

How can an internet security help me and my computer? Well then, the answer is this… Internet security can help in protecting your computer’s internet account from any intrusion of an unknown user. Security is very is very important in a business transaction or any personal matter in the internet. Internet security will surely be a big help to us.

Protect your family and your personal computer with this new featured internet security protection- Zsecurity. They featured anti virus software, firewall, and spam prevention and anti spyware which will surely give you an extra and complete protection just as you needed them most. Plus, they also offers 30-day money back guarantee.

This time… you will be more secured and have peace of mind every time you use your computer.
Keep going.
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