Friday, February 27, 2009

Philippine’s Gigger Boys

Sam, Robi, Enchong, AJ, Dino, Chris & Aaron

I’m currently watching new videos of “Gigger Boys” performing on stage. Thumbs up for the group. I want to embed some videos but it is not available, so I do some effort in compiling there photos, I hope you'll love it.
What about Gigger Boys? This is the new dance group from the Philippines. It’s a little bit new for-us Filipinos- to see some boy group but I’m glad that Philippine entertainment comes up with this new and fresh faces of today’s generation. Well, actually, I’m a big fan of this new dance group. I just love the team-up of Sam, Robi, Enchong and the rest of the group. Well, if you’ll going to ask me about my favorite in the group, probably… Sam will be my first choice. But I love the impact and talent of the other members.
I’m looking forward to see them more on TV.
God Bless everyone. I just want to entertain myself right now. So, have a great day.

Dare to Share Jesus

It’s good to be with Christian friends. It gives you some encouragement and inspirational thoughts or encouragement. Christian friends are God’s gift to us. We need every Christian to reflect, to inspire each other and to be a part of this Christian community. It’s our time to be part of the family. Dare to share Jesus and show to the world that He reigns.
I was inspired by this new Christian community I just fount in the net. The LDS Chat Room gives a space in the net to speak out and connect with every Christian around the world. God is within us, but through technology and internet, sometimes we forgot our things that we should do as a Christian… to spread the word. Through Christian chatting you can have the chance to access to the different people who seek to know God.
For me, this is a healthy exercise to grow as a healthy Christian. If you’re down and dismayed about the world tells Jesus and He will give you company. God can comfort you in many ways, sometime we are so blind that we didn’t realized it. Sometimes, He sends people to give encouragement and enlighten you. All you have to do is open the door and break the wall that separates you from the love of God. Be inspired today. Open some opportunity to meet Christian people, I know they will help you to know God. God Bless.

Goodbye Spot

Hello everyone. I was so sad today because I realized that spot is not here anymore. Maybe you might ask about spot. Spot is my baby brother. He is our Dalmatian dog but he is not just an ordinary dog for us... he is our baby.
I don’t know why, but last time my mom told us that he will give “spot” to her friend, I thought she was not serious about it until such time he is already gone anymore. The reason why we give spot, because he is already too big and we cannot afford to buy him for food. I was sad because I used to see him when I come here from school. I was sad because I cannot hear his loud and irritating bark. I was sad because I will not be disturbed everyday just to feed him food. Though spot sometimes gives me burden, but I miss it.
Treasure and value anything that comes in your life. For my beloved spot, I miss you.
God Bless everyone.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spectrum Chandelier

I was so shocked when I got home from school today. Well, I don’t know why it seems to be so dark inside our house, though, it’s not that totally dark but the amount of light is not enough to cover the whole living room. It’s maybe because our main source of lamp is busted so we have to use our small fluorescent lamp from my room. It really irritates me because, I don’t really like dark places it’s somewhat uncomfortable for me because of my eyes. My eyes are not totally okay. So that’s why I stay in my room and sleep than roaming around our house. I think mom should have better choose the best lamp this time.
You know what I do really wish to have a chandelier in our house. For me, chandeliers can add elegance in your house. My grandmother’s house used to have chandelier in their house and honestly it looks great. Maybe we have to replace it with an elegant style of chandelier if ever we’ll replacement for our busted fluorescent lamp. But if you are looking for more beautiful chandelier, here’s a new style of chandelier… experience the ambiance of royalty in this Urban Outfitters Spectrum Chandelier. The spectrum color truly gives beauty and sensual effect of light and design.
God Bless everyone. Live a colorful life always.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Keep Going

Just continue living your life to the fullest. Live a happy life with the overflowing love and joy. He wants us to be happy. God will never leave you, nor forsake you… He won’t even let you touch the ground.
Live a happy life. Feel free to fly, with accordance to God’s plan and purpose… Don’t ever dare to quit if you’re tired. After all... at the end of the race, God will give you REST.

Have a blessed afternoon everyone.

A Smiling Cofee-Cup

Hello friends, I think it’s already midnight here in the Philippines. And almost the people here are all sleeping. I think I’m the only person who is still awake in these wee hours of the night. It’s probably not a midnight anymore but a dawn. Yes, I’m alone but I can still fight the sleepiness and stressed eyes and body. Well, I just look at it in a positive side… I think it’s going to be great time for me. With a cup of coffee and cream, I think it’s much better. I need to be awake maybe until 4 AM.
Oh God, I can't stay longer at 4. Thanks to a cup of coffee that my mom gave me a while. She gave me some helpful tips to prevent your body from drowsiness and laziness. Well, I think that was really effective. Now, you might wonder why I’m still doing some overnight even though it’s so tiring.
I really enjoyed watching this photo. I’ve seen this photo in the net and it’s probably a unique and unusual photo of a mug or a coffee cup. Actually, this is my first time to see this kind of a coffee-cup. Well, it’s the new and latest model of cups… why not? Psycho Studio smiling coffee and tea cup is the perfect gift for you to bring out the joy and happiness to the people- especially it has a smile face in it's shape.
“When it comes to technology and business, everything revolves from the old one to the new one. So, seeing this photo, actually it gives me an idea to have some coffee and with this beautiful coffee-cup.
Have a happy and great time to us. God Bless.

How should I look?

I and my best friend Beth are usually doing some weekly routine every week, we usually wear the same shirt or outfit every Monday and Friday. Maybe were doing this just for fun, but actually, we just want to get rid of those people- we usually call them as “critics”. Because they critic on how you dress-up for that day. Yes, we do really enjoy doing it – every time the people are looking towards you.
I usually had a hard time finding the best outfit everyday. I’m not that fashionable and updated about the latest fashion today. Sometimes, it takes me an hour in choosing my dress for the day. I’m totally out of budget so it’s hard for me to choose the best dress. But sometimes we are tempt to look for a better outfits in the net and I tell you, definitely you’ll longed for it and do some everything just to have it.
I love to dress-up. And I always want to be unique. That’s why I’m looking forward to have the best and unique outfit everyday, especially now that I’ve found this AE American Eagle deep v cardigan. It is made up of cotton and it has a v-neck design. I’m totally interested in it. I usually seen this best dress on TV, nut this time I’ll try to have it on my own. Maybe I just have to ask my mom to increase my allowance.LOL.
It’s raining outside, so it also fit for me today. I just hope that I can have it today.

Heavy Drinker

“…Jesus stood up and proclaimed, ‘If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink’.”
John 7:37 

Look unto God. God seeks to those who are in thirst in Him. 
He who believes in Him "... out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water"

Have a blessed Sunday. God bless.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Perfect gift to God

Myspace Quotes Graphics

What we are in God is the most precious gift we can give to Him. It’s not how mush we have… how successful we are… or how good we are, it’s a matter of pureness of our heart and the boldness of our heart. Through true worship and humbleness of our spirit… truly we can glorify God. Repent and start a new life. Start it today. BE a perfect gift to God. God Bless.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Westlife and F4... Today

Yes, definitely I’m a fanatic of the two bands F4 and Westlife.
Westlife is my favorite boy-band from Ireland. I think the band was known in the year 2000. It’s definitely a Westlife fever at that time. I collected all their posters and CDs and I love doing it. But, today, I never heard so much of the band so I was so curious about the band this 2009. So here, take a look at these photos. I think there’s really a big change with the band. Bryan McFadden is not part of the band anymore.
Westlife (before)

Westlife (today)
In the later years, I think 2002, the popular F4 come to existing. I was so fanatic with that band from Taiwan. I love them all especially when they play the role as F4 in the movie “Meteor Garden”. So, it’s another boy-band fever here in the Philippines. They call it “F4 Fever” .LOL. But this year, there are a lot of bands today. So I never had seen F4 on TV and heard about their music. It’s maybe because they are from Taiwan. So, what I did, I just browse the net and I found this new image of my so-called Phenomenal band F4.
F4 (before)

F4 (today)
thought: In a span of time, people change. But there's one thing is for sure, the memories that it gives to us is for eternity. They will always be in my heart.

My Chance to have a new Earrings

Thank God it’s weekend. It’s the perfect time for me to stroll around the city and shop. I hurriedly went to the city today. I had money this time, so it’s the perfect timing for me to buy that earrings I found last week. It’s been a long time before I had the time and money to buy those beautiful earrings. The earring’s design is a key and a lock in the other side ( a key paired with a lock). I do really love that one but unfortunately, when I come back it’s already been sold. I was a little bit desperate and telling myself… “If only…” it would be nicer and more fulfilling for my side.
I’m not that totally sad at all. There will always be another chance for me to have a beautiful and high quality of Jewelry that suits my personality. This will be fun because, I loose something I love to have but still there are more available and affordable jewelry in the net. There are dangled earrings, neck lace, rings, bracelets etc. Well, I don’t spend too much for jewelry, but if I love the design, I will do my best to have it. What I’ve learned today is that, if you love something… then, go for it- before it’s too late. But always be in the right track. God Bless.

A kid-size dress for my Sister

Today, we had a great time bonding with my sister and my mom.
We stroll around the city and we also bought some new dress for me and for my sister. This week is her defense on her thesis that’s why we bought her new formal dress to wear. We had difficult time to choose for her new dress because of her slim body. It’s difficult to find “extra-extra small”. LOL. But it’s okay, because she had found a kid-size after all.
Thanks to God for this day, though I had a headache today, but I’m still happy because I had release all my stress today. Thanks.
God bless.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A room for an Anime

Anime Icon

I can always say that I’m a TV addict and everyday, when we have no class or during summer I usually stay at home and watch anime on TV. Sometimes I bought DVDs and CDs just to grant my desires and addiction to anime. I already watch “Sakura and the Magic Cards”, “Eye Shield 21”, “Final fantasy X” and even “Naruto”. I’m childish when it comes in choosing a movie to watch. It’s not wrong to be a fanatic in a anime. For me it’s some what a passion to be like them. It’s like putting yourself in an animated character. When it comes to anime, we can get along together and talk for how many hours.LOL.
Are you an anime lover? Well, me I’m definitely… an anime lover. It’s my passion to draw and paint and anime is one of my favorite subject to draw. How about you? Are you an anime lover? Then, this will be the perfect site for all of us who loves anime. We can all meet and share our experiences, feelings and idolized characters. Yes, it’s possible. Through the net, we can now access to an Anime Chat City where all of us can meet. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and be connected…
Go bless.

Life Summarized in 4 Bottles

Take a look at this photo… I’ve got this one from the net and it somewhat caught my attention. I was amazed when I saw this photo. It shows simplicity yet it reaches every individual who sees it. A photo with a million words in it. It tells us on how to value life. In every deed that we do, always remember that there are consequences that it will cause in the future.
God loves us so much. He wants us to take good care of us. But God wants us to have freedom to choose to have a will in life. It’s very important to choose the right thing because God really cares for us, He doesn’t want us to be harm by any means of peer pressure and earthly things that weaken our Christian faith and healthy relationship with Him. Always remember, God sees… God hears us… there’s always a second chance to change. Let’s start it today. God will help you.

Good Deeds

I woke up early this morning and I hurriedly open my computer for some updates. Well, actually I have a class today but I stayed almost two hours in front of the computer. I sleep almost 2 AM in the morning and woke up at 5:30, it seems like I’m working too much and abusing my body. Though, my class will start at 9 AM but I still want to manage to clean our house and wash our dishes. I still want to do some good deeds everyday- as long as I can.LOL. But sometimes, it’s a big problem for me in washing our dishes because sometimes our kitchen sink is stock-up and the water cannot flow properly. Plus our faucet were loose that’s why there are some water that’s flowing out. I think it’s time for a new kitchen sinks replacement. I hope we can change it as soon as possible. I just wish to change it just like what I found in the net. I’ll tell my mom about it, I know she’ll love to have it. The design as swell as the simplicity of it is just right for our house.
I do really love to search different products in the net, maybe because I’m looking for a better quality of products. How about you? Maybe you should try this one.
God Bless everyone.

We Did it

I was so happy because all my hard work and sacrifices were rewarded. First, I was so glad because my test results during my midterm exams were good. I just received the test results and I thank God for that. Though I was quite busy for a month and a half but it’s alright because God rewarded all my works and sacrifices. But sometimes, I’m a little bit guilty because I had a least of time to spend time t relax and read the word of God. I just pray to God that God will work on me. In short, I need conviction of my heart.
I also had a good result on my project. It’s good that our teacher appreciated us- me and my partner- for our project in Comp. Sci. 1. Thank you because she did not let us re-edit our work as what our other classmates did.
Here's one of our project we did this week. It's a sample flyers. We were told to do some lay-out and editing. So, we just did. Thank God for that.

I thank always the Lord for being so helpful and a big blessing to me.
Thought: Always thank the Lord in every good thing that happen in your life. God Bless.

Luxurious Style

Let’s try another kind of designs. I was browsing the net to find different designs for our projects. I’m planning to find something unique yet simple designs of furniture for our drawing class. Always remember, furniture reflect our personality. It’s not bad to be luxurious when it comes to house designs, as long as you feel comfortable and relax at your house. That’s the lesson I’ve learned from our teacher when he orient us on how to design a house and it’s interior.
As I’ve seen this design, actually it’s a kind of glass furniture that will surely enhances the real beauty if your house. I’ve found this more interesting. During the time I saw that designs, I become more passionate and motivated to do my design well. It give me a true value of simplicity and beauty.
Me and my sister were planning in purchasing new furniture for our house and I think this is the best designs I found at our house.
God bless everyone and be inspired.

It’s perfect for Her

Every time I see my sister, every morning, waking up early for school I imagine myself when I was young. Crying and lazily eat my breakfast. The time I saw her, I just remember how it feels to be scolded in the morning. When it comes to difficult times, I think this is a bad situation for my sister. Every morning, it’s just like a routine, crying every morning.
My sister goes to an elementary school. So it’s little it hard headed sometimes. I know how it feels to be a child. So I just want to make her happy, so I’m planning to surprise her and buy her with great toys I found in the net. It is a playdex toys. I think it’s perfect for her upcoming birthday. Last time I had gave her a new pencil case and a coloring book. I saw her pretty face and lovely smile. It’s good to do some Step2 in surprising her and makes her making her happy.
I just love my sister. God Bless.

I just Woke up

Thank God for the wee hours of Sleep
Thank God for the Blessings. I sleep for almost two hours and I feel so Good today. Now, I’m ready for another time to update my blog. It’s good and feel so relaxing knowing that you have rested and at peace for a while after the long hours of stressful activities.
God Bless.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why Speak?

In our day today, we were facing a worldwide economic crisis. It’s very important for us to participate in every actions and decisions with regard to our political as well as the social issues in our community. Though we are just an ordinary student or an individual, we have the power to participate in every discussions or any
political forum. I encourage you to speak up and be heard. Everyone, young or old, don’t be afraid to speak we have given the freedom and rights to express.
In every issue, in a debate and forums, we all have the right to give resolutions and the power to make a change.
Be inspired. God /bless.

Happy Morning

Hello everyone… I just want to post this to express my feelings of happiness and gladness today. Well, I thank God for this day- which I always do. God always makes every single day of my life a memorable one.
Lately, we went to Thomas Cabili High School to observe the school and the classrooms. This is part of our “Field Study” in our education subject. Though it’s too far from the school but I have no regrets in observing because all the people there are hospitable and they are good to us. The students respects us, they respect us just like their teachers. I love to be there, at this moment in time, I’m now motivated and committed to be a teacher someday…
God Bless.

My Room

Reminiscing, I always reminisce the moment when I celebrated my Valentines Day. We had a great time in our church last February- this year. My sister and I as well as my cousin Mikee attended the “God Centered Love” presentation night in our church. During the service I’m surprised when I saw new faces. I realized that those new faces were our online friends from other churches. We usually communicate through internet social networking site. It’s a healthy exercise to do Christian Chat in the net, it will surely help you grow as Christian. That was really great to see all of them. I always reminisce that day because God gave me the perfect wonderful Valentine memories. It feels good to be in a room full of Christian friends. Hope you feel the same. God bless.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adios SuperM

Manuel Chua of "Fear Factor Philipppines"

Our super hero was over powered by his kryptonite. Unfortunately, “Super Manuel” did a wrong move in a stunt. His fight in “Pinoy Fear Factor” was over. Manuel Chua Jr. a.k.a. “Super Manuel” has ended up in his fight for the title “ultimo participantes” (ultimate participant).
I was so sad because my favorite participant in Fear Factor Philippines was eliminated. But still I’m so happy and proud at him because he did a great job. He performs incredible-stunts and he did a lot of world records. Though he was eliminated, but in my heart, his still my “big winner.” Whatever it is, I still believe in his fighting spirit all this time. Manuel Chua is the newest super hero. Just keep on going. Keep on fighting.
I just hope that I can see Manuel more on TV. God Bless all.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

JS Prom is Here

Excited for our JS Prom

My best friend and I were so excited for our coming JS Prom. At this moment in time, she already prepared our evening dress and she had prepared a pink gown for me. I was laughing at her because she prepared for it last December. It’s been a month now when she prepared for it. I can’t explain the excitement that we felt inside.

In my whole life, I never experienced to be in the prom. I don’t have any idea what happens in Prom’s Night. If ever our prom will be held this month, we will make sure that we’ll going to do the best to look good and beautiful for that night. After preparing for the dress, Beth also suggested in finding the best cosmetics and other salon supplies that we’ll going to use. She wanted to put some hair-high light, hair relax, make up etc. We had agreed to look for the best salon supplies that are high in quality and low in prices and luckily we had found the best beauty products for our JS Prom.
This February, our college has no yet scheduled our JS Prom so we were a little bit worried. We prepared a lot and yet the JS Prom wasn’t scheduled yet. I hope to God that we will have a Prom before the month of February ends.
God Bless Everyone. Be beautiful always.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Powerful Facial Makeover

I’m so happy in doing my daily updates on blog everyday. But sometimes, I usually sleep late at night. That’s why I’m a little bit worried about my body health and my body especially on my face. I used to have black heads, dry skin, and a little bit wrinkles from over night stress. Yes, it’s somewhat difficult to renew yourself, but through today’s technology and advance cosmetic application, everything is possible.
Lately, I’ve heard about facial enhancement through dermal filler. It’s a new thing to me so I’m a curious about it. If you have the skin problem jus like mine, maybe this info will help you. Dermal filler is done to smooth the lines, wrinkles of your face and correcting facial asymmetry. By doing restylane injection you can achieve the relevant results. You can purchase a DVD on how to inject Restylane. Please be guided in doing it.

Here's a sample DVD:
Dermal Fillers Video

Dermal Filler Injections | Dermal Fillers

try to purchase it by this contact info:
Contact Info — The Complete Guide to Dermal Filler Injections (run time: 2 Hrs. 29 Mins.) can be ordered for $175.00 plus shipping, by calling 1-800-414-2434 or visiting
God Bless and be beautiful.

She just Love to Run

my sister & my cousin @ Milo Marathon

Lately, this morning, I was so glad to see my sister participated again in the annual celebration of the “Milo Marathon”. She was just a 10 years old yet, she has a passion to run and be in the race. This is her second time to participate in this competition- together with our cousin John Paul.. At 5 AM she woke up (excited for the event) and my mom accompanied her (as a moral support). Me? Well I think I was just sleeping at that time.LOL.
She loves to run, and she will never be tired doing it… I know it. I know that she has the determination to win, to be part of the race. I’m so proud on her, though, she was the second… (from the last) LOL but still as she gains that confidence and perseverance to finish the race is her greatest victory. I’m so happy to see her doing this kind of stuff. It seems like she became more mature and responsible girl now.

Planning for an Overnight-Project?

Hello friends… How’s your Day? Well, I’m feeling great today. We went to church with my sister and my cousin. I’m renewing myself and I’m ready to face my week with joy and confidence that I can overcome any obstacles that comes my way. So, what about my weekly schedule?
This week’s schedules were all set. It’s a little bit tricky but it’s okay. My classmates and I were planning to have an overnight at our house to do our Corel draw designing using our computer. Since we only have two available rooms, I’m planning to barrow some air mattress to my grandmother so that we’ll going to sleep at the living room. Air mattress is really great. It’s very comfortable when you use it. So everything is going to be alright.
God Bless everyone.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Greatest Love- God's Love

I’m so happy today. Why because, today is Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re thinking that I have a Valentine’s date with someone, that’s why I’m very happy. But probably it’s not. I’m happy because I just want to feel the essence of Valentines Day. It’s not because I’m expecting a gift or what, but maybe I'm just full of love for God. How He showed His greatest love to us, and he gave His own life to us for us to be saved. I'm so happy and full of love for Jesus and I couldn't ask for more. His love is enough.

God really gave me the right love to feel the essence of Valentine’s Day. God gave the perfect gift that no one can ever give -the gift of Salvation, through His Love.
He showed and proved the Greatest Love of all.
God Bless.

Publish a Site today

Are you planning to establish a best site for your business or for your personal diary? Well, you don’t have to look for something else because it is already in here… this is the best webhosting company that will provide you the best that you’ve been wishing for. It is called a BlueHost Review which provides a guaranteed high- quality webhost company ever. It provides high quality in their customer service. So, when you want to be successful through your site, make sure you have chosen the right web hosting company that will provide excellent services and provide excellent rates and they provide bluehost promo. It offers 4.95 dollars per month.
It can reach far beyond your imagination. To be guided with the best webhosting company, try to visit reliable site so that you will know about the different webhost provider. Surely, you can find the BlueHost Review. It pays to have a web-host review, and it can definitely benefit you more in pursuing to have a successful site.
Go Bless. Keep on shining.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A 7-peso-gift of Love

A Valentine-Egg

Well… today is Valentine’s Day. I think everyone is looking forward for this day.
While, others are worried about the gift they will give this Valentine's Day.
Are you worried about the expensive gift you will give to your love ones- the flowers, cards, chocolates and a romantic date-boys do worry for this. LOL. Worry no more. All you have to do is just be simple… just say I love you-from the heart- and prepare a simple yet unique breakfast today.
Yes, you can give a special gift to your love ones, even if you don’t have enough money for that gift. Try to make some Valentine-Egg for him or for her. If you are a mom, then you can prepare this breakfast to your children and to your husband. If you are courting a girl, why not bring her some Valentine-Egg this morning and put some messages saying “I Love You”. Maybe you can use ketchup or any mayonnaise.
See, for only 7-pesos (1 egg- P5, coking oil- P2) you can have a Valentine-gift for the special person in your life.
“To make someone happy… it’s not important either its expensive or not… as long as it came from the HEART.” God Bless everyone. Have a happy Valentine’s Day to you.

Be Confident

“Be confident in starting your business.” That’s what I usually hear from my friend which is a marketing student.

I was about to leave the school when I saw my friend in their stall beside the College and Business Administration Building (CBA Building). These are a pre-valentine offer for the students in our University. They made- together with her classmates- different gift items, flowers, chocolates, stuff toys etc. as a by product for their business. Its part of there lesson about planning and organizing a business.

I was so glad about the type of training they have as a preparation for a business. It’s very important the passion in your business, hard work and proper planning and project management.

Good news because there is a Project Management Software that will help you in every project you want to put up. To be successful is right there at your hand. 
You have to work hard and avail any available software that will help you up in establishing your business.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quotable Quotes- A Valentne Messages

I just received a lot of text messages on mobile phone today- especially it’s Valentines Day so a lot of text messages available for us.So here's a little glimpse from these womderful messages.I'll share it to you friends and  pass the “love messages to others”.


In pain...
“I was little stupid & my mom noticed…
She asked me if I have a wound that she may heal. I touched my chest and said… there’s no blood coming out, but why does it hurt here?”

For friendship...
“Friends are like buttons in the elevator, some take you up and some bring you down. I can’t promise to bring you on the rooftop but I promise to bring you on the right floor.”

Choosing a perfect love…
“if a guy is not committed to the Lord, what makes you think that he would be committed to you? (Believe in the truth that God is raising men after His own heart.

Falling in love…
“How come, that the eyes are the most amazing parts of the human body?
Because, a severe contact with the eyes makes you fall in love.”

That’s all for now… God Bless

Debt for Me

Today, I just went to the city to withdraw some money from my account. Yes, I do really need some money- especially we were facing some financial crisis. It’s the moment that we need to have some extra income to sustain our daily needs.
One of the reasons why I have to work hard this time is that… as a student we have to find ways to supply all our needs at school. I’m an Industrial Education student so we usually have laboratory work and an output project. During this time I don’t have enough money for that specific project.
My cousin Marky a.k.a. “green man” -also a blogger- offered some help to me. I was so happy because he was in the right timing. He helps me up during the time when I need some financial assistance for my project. I’m also glad that despite of that entire economic crisis, there is always a big help for me.
Speaking f debt- I have to return that money to him today. But he refused to accept it tonight because of some superstitious beliefs- you know… bad luck.
But do you know what, speaking of debts; there are people who benefits from there debts and the debt collection were all organized and safe. When you wish to have money it takes too much time to assure security in your account. This will going to be one of the best site for you.debt collection site
Safe and guarantee some safe transactions.
I just wish you the best for you today. God Bless.

Moon Light

I want to feel the coldness of the night. My feelings are just like the cold breeze- it blows yet you can’t touch it. It’s like the moonlight, you can see it, yet you can’t have it. I’m sad. The moon looks like I’m near to it, but i realize that it’s too far from me.
It blows me down. It keeps burning me inside. I don’t know why this feeling keeps me hurting. I hope this won’t last. Inside in me is the total sadness. I’m sad and it hurts. It’s like seeing the moonlight and yet you can’ have it. You feel like it’s near but you’ll realize it’s too far away.
Where’s the light? I can’t see it, but I’m still not satisfied. I’m down, I don’t understand… I almost have it, but why is it that I’m sad… maybe, it’s matter of healing this time. Maybe, I just longed to be happy this time, despite of the darkness that isolates me tonight. I just pray to God.
God Bless.

It’s about the things we Both Love

Do you think you will be bored if you will be left alone inside your house? Well it’s not that bad at all. You can always find some company inside your computer. It’s about finding real people and sharing the things you love and the lifestyle you portray.
I just remember the time when I met my best friend Beth. We were both curious with each other, exchanging ideas, likes and dislikes. It’s all about enjoying each others company.
When you look for the best place to share your ideas, your likes, your favorite stuff, hobbies, and your lifestyle… let acobay shares it to others for you. It’s where real people shares there commonality. Be part of this beg community and find the best place where you belong. It’s also a consumer network site where people meet and share the stuff they love, the gadgets, and the life they posses. When you’re about to shout to the world about the your life, don’t forget to bring out the best in you.
God Bless.

Speak Up

It’s about time to speak up what you feel inside. This Valentines day, I think some of us are trying to find someone that will give us the real essence of being in love and be loved. It’s something inside that speaks.
My friend just sends me this message through mobile, the thought goes like this…
“When I was walking down the road, I heard the old man speaking ‘I was in love with these women for 50 years’. I was amazed. And then the old man continues… ‘How I wish she’ll know…’”
See… you know how it hurts to love someone without letting him/her knows what you feel inside. It causes you long suffering. Sometimes it took eternity to forget someone you loved most. How will you going to tell about your feelings?
It’s your time to make a move this Valentines Day…

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Gift of LOve

Today we will have our PE class and it’s raining here, so I don’t want to go to school today. Actually I don’t like PE class because I’m not that god at sports. Sometimes I miss the game and I don’t like to sweat early in the morning- when I have a second period class. It makes me nuts you know I don’t want to smell so bad.LOL. So everyday, during our PE class I always bring with me my cologne, so that I will smell fresh all day. But using cologne is not that enough so I’m planning-if I have money- I will use special type of perfume. For women who love perfume, as I was looking the net, I found this cute little perfume. You may have it anywhere you go. These perfume, is not just for women but also for men. I love to have that also… someday.
I am also planning to give it to mom this Valentines Day. If you are looking foe a perfect gift for your mom or your love ones, why not try to give her Thierry Mugler Perfume Ring? Is it amazing to give something without expecting something in return? Just let your love ne feel your love not just in Valentines Day but everyday of day that you’ve been together.

How to get rid of this?

My sister and I are planning to renovate our house, mainly at portion of our room. Since we still have extra money, we want to make it concrete to get rid of all those termites living at the wall. Our house is not that huge and it is made up of consecrate and wood. Inside our house, mostly, it is made up of wood and ply wood. And I’m no ashamed that it was attacked by termites. You know termites are so irritating. I don’t like them either- especially inside our room.
Sometimes we apply termite control to get rid of it. But there are time we, experienced that it doesn’t make a change at all. So be guided in what are the best ways to control it. You don’t need to concrete your house just to get rid of it.
Always remember… “Cleanliness started at home”.

I’ll sleep Early Tonight

Don't Diturb! 

my sister took this photo when I was sleeping last night... LOL

Many of us today are very much serious in making our task and projects to submit and catch-up for the deadline. It’s not bad to work hard and do some overtime for a work at the wee hours of the night. But we must prioritize our health. It’s very important to look after our health.
Actually why I’m telling this is that we must take good care of our time and our health. This evening, I was planning to have some rest. I’ll plan to sleep early tonight. Maybe I’ll be in bed at 12. Huh? Sound like a crazy thing… but I’m doing it for almost two months. 12 o’clock in the evening is the earliest time I’ll be in bed- lately. I almost sleep at dawn… maybe around 2 or 3 AM in the morning. Yes, that’s my daily routine.
Actually, I was planning to stop that kind of habit because lately, I’ve observed that my body was affected. I became more anemic and sometimes my eyes sore and my body will almost faint. Shocks! What did I do to my health? I just hope to God that this bad habit will end. So, I’ll end it up here because it’s almost 12 and just as I’ve promised to myself… “I’ll sleep early tonight”.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

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Today, we need to extend our hard work and earn extra income. Though we have work or classes at school, but who told you we cannot earn extra income? It needs to lake patience and hard work before we can have it. You and do online business or you can try blogging. Why not?
If you think you have the passion and ability in doing it, then do it. First, for you to have best site, choose the best webhosting company that will help you in establishing your site.
Are you planning to establish a new site? Well, it’s the right time for you to choose the best webhosting site provider. Let me webhosting geeks provides it for you. All you have to do is choose among the best. Then you can start earning money.
Hope it will help you. God Bless.

I’m done with it.

Thank God. Finally I finished my CAD project. Hough it’s not that beautiful as I expected but I’ve done my best to o it. I just hope that these will help in getting good grades from this subject. I just wish for a good luck today. Today is going to be my lucky day- this I pray.
I will be having a class this eight so, God Bless. Have a blessed day.

How to Survive from Economic Crisis?

How to survive in the world's economic crisis? We’ve been finding different ways to find earn extra income.
What are the possible opportunities we can find to earn extra income?
What can we do? If you have an internet connection at your house, why not try blogging, e-commerce and start doing business online. Though, it’s not that easy to publish a site but we have to try. We live in a cyber world. If you feel like you have the potential in this matter, then do it.
We need to learn about different things with regards to this matter. When you start building your site, you have to learn and choose the best webhosting providers that will help you establish a best site. Another tip, if you want your site to be accessible through out the net, try to visit different site that will help you find the top webhost.
Start it now. A hard work and perseverance is our only weapon in order to survive in today’s world crisis. Plus, choosing the best webhosting company, I can guarantee you and your success.
There’s no harm in trying as long as you are doing the right thing. God Bless.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Planning for a Lesson Plan

I'll start doing lesson plan

Okay. I should have prepared for this day. I should have to plan all my schedules, the task that I should and the rest time that I supposed to earn was all ruined. Well, I don’t know why the time runs so fast. It’s quite difficult for me to do the multi tasking. I should have done all these work and start planning and doing my lesson plan. Yes, I admit that this time I’ve been resting for a while but my mind keeps in working and thinking of what will I do next. Maybe it’s a matter of immunity. My mind and my body were already immune with the work and task- in short… stress.
Let see… well, what am I supposed to do now? I think I should start planning my lesson plan. LOL. Do I have to plan my lesson plan? Yes. It should be. I’ll be a future teacher so I should start planning from now on. I’ll be having a demonstration this Wednesday and I will make sure that this will going to be all right. God Bless.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Luxurious Sandals?

Women do love fashion. When it comes to fashion accessories, women do spent time and effort in making themselves look good in the eyes of other people. To all women who love fashion, I think you will be more interested in this post. Now what about this post? Well, I found this new-unique style of shoes. This is a Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes. The perfect and the most luxurious sandal I ever seen. Though it’s quite simple but unique- when it comes to its designs. These shoes are more fashionable and attractive. I used to design different dresses and shoes when I was in high school, and I tell you… this one really suites my taste. For the Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes, two thumbs-up from me.
Luxurious sandal for your Valentine's date

Be beautiful this valentine’s day. Surprise your love one with your new you. How about the price? Well if you really love the style, the quality, I know you will spend for that thing. And I think the shoes are accurate on its price. So women… be beautiful and feel free to explore something new. Who know… maybe these Valentine’s day you will meet the man of your dream- your “soul mate.”LOL.
Just keep going. Whatever you do, always remember to be beautiful inside and out. The most important is, it’s not just from the outside appearance but also from the attitude you will show to others that matter.

Metallic Cage Booties

“Dress to Empress.”
This is the favorite quote from today’s generation. They are more active, expressive and outstanding when it comes to fashion and dressing. How will you dress yourself? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Well, try these new fashionable shoes I just found from the net. It’s probably in its new unique style. It is perfect for fashion these Valentine’s Day. To be in the fashion, try these Yves Saint Laurent Booties, surely you will be the “head-turner” in your Valentine’s Date.
Don’t be afraid to stand out. Don’t hesitate to express yourself. Make good of the time and chances that you will have right now to re-style and be beautiful. To the girls out there, if you can afford to have it and feel like you look good when you wear then… Go! Why not? Try Yves Saint Laurent Booties now. Maybe this will be your chance to stand out from the crowd.
Whenever I saw different sandals like this, I always longed to do some experiment when it comes to fashion and the sandals that fit to my personality. It keeps on reminding me to dress and look good in going to school. This maybe the perfect opportunity for me to choose the best sandals and shoes that will surely fits my personality. LOL.

I’m in the Right Position

I feel good today. Well everything is doing great. We had already started our exam and the results… well I’m more assure on my answers. I had already accomplished half of my projects so I was glad for that accomplishment. I know there are more work to do and more task to accomplish but I still thank god for being so great to me that He never leaves me, in times that I was down and weak. When I’m so tired with those entire overnight projects still… I survived from that challenge.
As they said, with all those wounds… there are scars. A scar that tells a story that… I survived. Now, I’m quite stronger and more active. I’m sitting with a great perspective... thinking of what comes next.
I’m more convenient and more relaxed today. I just want to greet you a pleasant day. I thank God for giving me some rest. I think I’m in the right position- to sit down and relax and reminisce God's Goodness. God Bless.

A need for an Eyeglass

Sometimes when we are too busy in our work, we became unconscious about our health. This is what I’ve been experiencing right now. It’s not new to me to sleep at dawn. When it comes to work I work overnight. I worked lately for my CAD projects, encode and work for a sample flyers and brochures. It’s all about working in front of the computer.
Sometimes, I suffered from migraine and it really difficult. Mostly the cause is from my eyes. I’ve been complaining about my eyes and it really made me sick. I cannot survive working on the computer for about 4-5 hours because it causes me headache. My mom told me to have some eyeglasses. She told me that I need to have it due to my severe headache all the time. Yes I think I need that too. Though it’s another expense for me but, when it comes to health aid, I’m willing to try.
Lately, I stroll around the city but unfortunately, I can’t find some new style of eyeglasses. I also looked for good quality eyeglasses  because my dad suffered some eyeglasses problem before. His eyeglasses- newly bought eyeglasses- were broken. It is brittle and not so good when it comes to lenses. So, that’s what I will consider “the quality” this time. I've been trying to find some high quality eyeglasses online and I think I found the right one. I love the designs. Zennioptical offers new eyeglasses that are in good quality and in affordable price. Choose you're design

God Bless.

There is Something in me that SpeaKS

I may be speechless,” but there’s something in me that speaks”. I even hide my feeling to someone I love. But let my actions speak.
I’m always speechless, wordless, and coward to speak out. It’s my weakness… Yes, I can’t afford to talk to someone face-to-face, talk and confess” but there’s something in me that speaks…”

Many people sometimes don’t understand me, many may conclude that I have no emotion-totally empty but I tell you “… there’s something in me that speaks…” I may be angry sometimes, especially when I can’t understand why I’m sad without any reason… again, “there is something in me that speaks” Now you will ask me about... How's life? Well no body can understand me. But if you look closely... if you'll spend time to know them better... "You will know me. I swear.

This is my simple way of self expression- through drawings.
I just want to thank God, though He didn't give me the "sweetness of words" to speak but He granted me this talent to speak out "more than words".
God Bless.
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