Monday, May 31, 2010

Back to School Math Problems?

Have a happy week to everyone. Tomorrow is the enrolment day in our school and I really feel sick because that implies that is the end of my summer break. Well I have to accept the fact that busy days is approaching.

Time is really fast approaching. I’m in my 4th year in college. I’ll graduate soon and as I reminisce the past, when I was a freshman, I really struggled in learning Algebra 1 subject. My sister used to be my tutor at that time- she’s a BS Math graduate now- and I’m very thankful to her because she really assisted me in that subject. I’m thankful to God that I’ve passed the subject with her help.

Math is really one of the difficult subjects in school. I’ve encountered a lot of people who has the same perception as mine. They say this is one of the difficult subject to pass. That is why when you can find the best tutor in your home. You can seek Algebra 1 help in the internet. Yeah, I used to encounter a lot of leading online tutoring company. That’s why this coming school day you’ll no longer worry in finding Algebra 1 answers because there’s online help that you can rely always.

Welcome back to school and to the upcoming “freshmen” God bless and welcome to the college world.

God bless and keep going.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Turn Away from Bad Habits?

Hello friends I’m back from a long week vacation. I stayed in the province almost one and a half week. Well I really enjoyed staying there because it is truly a relaxing environment and away from the busy city. It can really smoothen up your feeling and the beaches are really beautiful. It is also a great opportunity for me because that was the time we met with my cousins and bond together.

One thing I really hate about my vacation. I think all of my uncles and some of my cousins are drinkers. That was a fiesta celebration in their place that’s why almost all of them were drunk. I think of those people as m family that’s why I’m very much concern to their health.
They say, it’s really hard to get over and turn away from your addiction- like drinking alcohol, cigarette smoking and drug addiction.

It’s really helpful if there is alcohol rehab center for them to assist and help them turn away from this addiction. I really feel pity for them because they don’t know that it causes trouble in their health someday. One of the best solutions to this issue is alcohol treatment center. They really provide complete assistance and treatment. Those helpful treatments are alcohol treatment, drug treatment, drug rehab- that is surely an effective program and treatment if you want to stop your addictions. I hope they could consider this treatment.
I wish they could change and I hope they will be a newer person when I go back and have my vacation to province next year. Above everything, let’s ask God to change us and turn away from our bad habits.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Back to the Blogosphere

It's good to be back home. I'm glad to be back in the blogosphere.

It's a long week of vacation. We went to the province and visit my grandmother. I never had a chance to blog about it because that was a sudden decision and departure. I’ll post my one and a half week experience. For now I just want to greet to you all, a happy weekend. I’m still active in the blogosphere and I miss you all.

God bless and keep going.I feel better now.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Precious Gold

I was asking how life really works when you are married. I was watching in the TV lately and I’ve seen different couples complimenting and giving sweet messages to their wives or husbands. Honestly I’m really glad if I see couples celebrating their 50-years wedding anniversary. It seems that there promises that they’ve vowed “till death do us part” is really accomplished. It seems that they really valued their marriage and love for each other.

Why gold in a 50th wedding anniversary? Because gold is the most precious metal and it signifies “preciousness”. Lately, I just browsed in this site, and it really makes you amazed on how they’ve come up with different gold figures like coins. Having gold bullion coin really proves that the more it gets older, the more it increases its value. That’s why check out some of the best place to buy gold bullion and increase your life’s wealth.

For those who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, check out and purchase the latest gold accessories or gold coins for your gift. Well then, I hope you’ll check out their site now and have a good time. I really wish you happy days and keep going and God bless.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hostmonster for Blog Hosting

Yes, everything was set. I’m so happy because we’ll have a vacation break together with my family. Though, I feel bad because I won’t be able to watch the championship of the basketball league here in or place. I really love to witness the excitement with this beautiful event. But I have to choose between those two. The final decision will be a great week vacation in my grandmother’s house in the province.

One thing that really bothers me is that my grandmother’s house has no internet connection or any forms of technology. They don’t have any TV or computer. That’s why I’m really bothered about my blog. I will leave unattended. Even the bloggers out there really needs the help of Really web hosting is really helpful right now. Really most successful blogger used and choose the best web hosting site today. Well then, you’ll not go to worry about your blog traffic because surely it will give you a big hit.

Wishing for the cheap best and web hosting, dedicated server hosting? Well then, you better check it out and you’ll see how it really works. I know for sure web hosting will really help me out in increasing my traffic and best hosting in my blog even though I’ll be out for a week.
Keep going everyone and God bless.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Which Costumes Fits You?

Hello everyone, I just watched my favorite noontime show “Showtime” and I was really interested when the performer wears different super hero costumes. All I can say is, “wow, where did they get that costume?”
I really enjoyed browsing in the computer lately. After I woke up, I hurriedly browse the computer to do some important matters. Yet, I can’t stop browsing some interesting sites that can really hook my attention. I just browsed some interesting costumes in which I really want to wear.


Whenever I see different costumes in a party I always think, “Where did they get those lovely costumes?” It’s really interesting on how they mimic costumes from an anime, Disney movie characters, known personalities and etc. Here are some interesting costumes- Anime and Cosplay Costumes- I really want to wear: deluxe snow white costumes, card capture sakura costume, sailor moon costumes and etc.
No more “no” answer when you will be invited in a costume party because truly you can have all it in your just one browse and click. And take note, mommy’s out there who are worrying about there kids costume party outfit, well here’s Costumes for Kids for you.

Enjoy browsing- because I really did. God bless always and have a happy weekend.

Help to Help Others

Have you ever experienced the time when you change and touch the lives of a person or lives of many people? Trust me, this is the time you experience unspeakable joy.
Sometimes in life we truly experience emptiness- you feel like you have to do something that can really satisfy and fins happiness. You do everything you want to do. Later we realize that the unspeakable joy we’ve been looking for is that when we reach out and help to others.

If you really have that compassionate for others then this is the best site for you. Do you know that there are some reasonable sites made for you to help you help other? Yeah, its true I’ve been viewing there sites and it is really interesting to share it to you. I want you to help them too. I know many and rich people there have “soft hearted” who are willing to help.

The Donkey Ollie Series is one of the animated song that teaches moral and ethical lesson
Checkout some Car Donations today and you’ll see how it can touch the life of many people extraordinarily. Your donations will truly help and support youth homes. Like for instance, Boat Donations- BoatAngel Outreach Center produces- they help to produce song-filled children's animations that teach moral and ethical lessons to the 3-10 year. If you they also wish for House Donations. Well if you have the wealthy life then you can be a big help for them.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Stand Up and Vote!

Last May 10, 2010 I really went out and vote. I voted according to my convictions. I stand and campaign for change. I voted for the righteous leader but somehow it really frustrating to see the results. I really feel seek that, once again, people failed to vote according to their convictions. They will govern again with the principles of money and not God.

Stand up for truth.

Though, we failed (my supporting candidate) – but I still stand up to be a righteous Christian after all. I never let anyone to buy my vote. I stand p for truth and God’s sovereignty. Though we stumble and fall but it really strengthens my faith in Jesus Christ.
“This world is too poor to buy my convictions on the principles of truth, justice and righteousness”. -Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva.

I got this quote from my church mate Celesa Mae and I want to share it to you:
Our eyes may not witness in our lifetime the change and revival that we've
been longing for this nation... or that He may answer not in the way we
expected it to be...still the GOD THAT WE SERVE CAN DO MORE
THAN WHAT WE DARE ASK OR IMAGINE (Ephesians 3:20)... beyond our wildest
dreams...beyond any man's ideas and interpretation.... and beyond the
possibilities that we think... Let's all have a humble heart and learn to accept and see God's Sovereignty!...c",) LOVE IS THE ANSWER!

God bless everyone. Keep holding on to God. At this moment in time He is the only hope for us Christians.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Emergency Money? It's About Personal Loans

Do you ever remember the time you run out of money? Well, I’ve experienced it many times. You really feel helpless when you can’t find any money for your expenses in school and personal needs. Somehow, we feel so frustrated when you can’t find help from anybody. When I was in that situation, I can’t help. At that moment I really feel self-pity when I can’t buy what I want to buy. Honestly, my parents are not able to support me financially.

I know some of you had experienced the same as mine. One of the options people choose today is that they can guarantee financial help through personal loans. I’ve known some of my relatives especially my auntie had personal loans in the bank. We need to be informing that loans can really make you better if you know how to handle it. Make sure you have the right agency that will protect your privacy and your personal information. Always remember that when you use payday loans, you must be capable in paying it and use this money for emergency use only. Make sure that the rate is not that high. Okay?

Check out some possible opportunities in the net where in you can use in times of emergency- checkout some payday advance and cash advance today.
I hope this post can really help you when you really needed emergency money. You browsing in the net, truly there are a lot of opportunities.

Whenever you need a big amount of money for emergency well that’s the time to apply payday loans. Always remember that think well before you do something- especially when it comes to money.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Experience Accurate Weather Tracking

“When seconds matter…
…can you protect those who matters most?”

This really caught up my attention- for sure most of you will do. I’m talking about protecting someone- who really matters most to you- in times of crisis or natural calamity. All of us here really want our loved ones will be safe always.

But how can you make sure that they will be safe all the time? I remember one time when I watched the news on TV when there were flash floods in Manila and some people died- mostly children. In times like this we can’t prevent it to happen but we can have the chance to prepare. How well, by the help of Weather Software. I just found this site and it offers Desktop Weather software in your homes. I really take some time to make some slideshow to inform you on how important to have it at home.

Weather Defender
Photos are credited from their site.

How important is Weather Software today? Like any other services, it gives a lot of benefit that you will surely ensure you have the time to prepare for any calamities or tragedy. It has
-Live Weather Satellite & Doppler Radar
- Hail Damage and Storm Reports
- Lightning Strikes
- 1-Hour Storm Tracks
- Instant Weather Alerts
This helps to track real-time weather conditions.

You can also try to have a free trial in 7 days. Enjoy and keep safe.
Keep gong everyone and God bless.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Make a Change: It's About Conviction

I won’t say anything about it but I think actions speaks louder than words. For all the Filipinos out there just think (million times) of whom you will choose that can really make a change for our country.
“Bangon na Pilipinas” Bangon Kabataan” God is with us.

Keep going everyone. Feel according to your convictions. This May 10 is the start of that change.

Bangon Pilipinas. Go for 9. Make a Chan9e
God bless everyone.

Donate for Veterans

I was watching the Philippine TV show here in the Philippines and I was really amazed on how they portray a role play showcased the story during the Vietnam War. It is like the Miss Saigon opened at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London’s West End.

Yeah, it opens me up about the world history about the Vietnam War. This situation I really feel sympathy to the victims of this war- the civilians as well as the soldiers. This is really a big war indeed that really marks the history of the world. Decades had passed but few had thought about the veterans of this war. Few had thought about their current situation today.
I just found this quote in one of the website and it feel somewhat relieve about the feeling of sympathy to this people.
"Never again will one generation of Vietnam veterans abandon another."

The Vietnam Veterans Car Donation Programs seeks to provide help through car donations, vehicle donations to the veterans of Vietnam War. Some of you here really feel empathy to the American Soldiers that fought with all there might during this war. Consider your self a big help for them and donate car.
Car donation seeks to provide support benefit for the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Keep going everyone. God bless.
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