Saturday, January 31, 2009

He will Reign


Whenever I heard the word “gun”, I always thought of the real scenario in the southern part of the Philippines, especially Mindanao area. Me? I’m from Mindanao and I’ve experienced the bombing and terrorism act done in our place. We cannot deny the fact that a lots of incident- with regards to terrorism- happens here in our country. I also experienced “red-alerts”-where there are lots of military man and army’s around the city, curfews and bomb threats. I also saw real guns. I don’t know about guns but I know that was real.

As I reminisce the past, I just cry. I cry not because I’m afraid but because I thought of those people who loose their fear to God. But I know above everything… God will surely reign. We just have to prepare ourselves spiritually and physically in times of trouble.

Today, many people were trying to learn self-defense. Even I, myself, also want to try some sports that will develop my self defense. Paintball is the best sport to be.
To all paint ball lovers, try Tippmann Alpha. There is also a Tippmann Alpha Black that is perfect gadget to get into the game. Prepare and get involve into a game.
There’s nothing wrong in trying to learn self-defense at the same time you are enjoying it, as long as you won’t hurt or overpower anyone.

God Bless. Enjoy the Day.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mom’s Escabeche for Dinner

I can’t help but to craved for food during our 8 o’clock class. I always have classes in the evening. After our class, I just hurriedly went home and excited for dinner. Before, we usually find time to bond with my sisters and to my Mom- in cooking. I can’t find some ways to do it. But I hope this time I can find some ways and time to do this at weekend.
Philippine escabeche
*photo source
When I got home, I’m glad that the food for dinner was ready. My Mama prepared special “escabeche” for tonight’s dinner. Escabeche is done by frying the fish and marinating it with vinegar, cornstarch and lemon juice. Plus my mom put some ketchup- for a sweet and sour flavor. Oh, I love this food- especially when my mom cooks it for me. I’m always grateful for my mom’s cooking. Before, I usually help her in cooking. This is our simple way to bond and enjoy the passion in cooking. I just hope that we can do it again every weekend.

I love you Mom. Thanks for the dinner.

God Bless.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's another Beginning

Hello, I just want to give you a blessed morning. Every morning is a new day for us, God give us the day were we will have to do what is right and change the wrong things we had done in the past. Experience God's goodness every morning. Experience the love that He always gives us- sometimes we didn't recognize because of the busyness of our day. Keep a time to relax and feel the presence of God, then you will surely find happiness and security as you face your day.

This will be my new day... and I'll spend it with the great passion to live. So help me God.
"I'll try not to be a "time-conscious", but a "moment-conscious". I won't try to keep in touch with the time- trying to do that and do this... I just want to make used of the moment... to be happy and enjoy the day. Always rely to our Lord, HE is the only way.

Have a happy Day. Keep in touch with Christ always. God Bless.

Sleep is a Blessing

Sleep? Maybe you all have that… but can you please share it to me? LOL

After all the stressful day, for me, sleeping is a blessing. I got home from school at 8 PM, I immediately eat dinner and then rest for a while. I feel so good at this moment and my “wicked” sister LOL, took some pictures while I’m sleeping. I look like sleeping “beast” that time, but I don’t care- as long as I can sleep for a few minuets. It’s quite a small amount of time, yet, helpful. This is the reality of my life.

I wish that the alarm clock will not beep, please… grrr… I here that irritating noise again so I have to get up and do my daily routine; to post and update my blog, to study and work for my assignment-in math, to do my CAD project and others… are not mention here because it’s too long that it may take all the space here. To sum up all those things… well, it is equivalent to...STRESS. But it’s okay for me. It’s good to sacrifice, for in the end you will reap the goodness and blessings from your hard work.

I just want to thank God for everything. He never leaves me in my difficult hours. I will post here my “close encounter with God”, how He accompanies me in my days of struggle. Just want to leave this post for a while-just to finish all the things I should do. I just want to do good this time, to work hard for God, for my family and for myself.

God Bless.

Monday, January 26, 2009


The time I started blogging, I become so busy and my entire schedule was so hectic. With all my projects, sometimes I sleep almost 3 AM in the morning. I think it’s already immune in my system-to sleep late at night. I tell you, being a student and a blogger, comes with a great responsibility. You have to work hard and come up with a good output in your projects and a good quality post. Sometimes we have to sacrifice to achieve our goals in life- and that’s what I’m doing right now. I just pray to God that I can handle it all.

I can’t imagine myself struggling in my AutoCAD projects. At first, I was so excited to have this subject but now… I think the atmosphere has changed. Since our computer was transferred to our living room, I have to stay alone-late at night- in this pace. I do really need help, but I think that my family is all as sleep now. It’s also dark here. I thank that I have a lamp on my computer so that I won’t feel afraid in the dark. My mom suggests of having a desk lamp on my computer so that I can turn off the light in our living room- just a simple tip to save current. Use lamp shade to save energy. LOL I'm just being practical this time.

I just want to have some company this time. I hope you will visit me often now. I wish that you will accompany me in my stressful days. God Bless. Thanks for being here. I wish you Good luck.

Friday, January 23, 2009

CED Day ‘09

Yesterday, it was really fun. Our college (College of Education) celebrated its annual Foundation Day. We usually call it “CED Day”. In our school we have different colleges and one of it is the College of Education. Yes, I belong to the “soon to be...” teachers in the future. And I’m proud to be in this profession. This time, though I have a lot of projects to accomplish this week, I’m still lucky because I had so much fun yesterday… together with my classmates and friends.
I think teachers should act like “kids” sometimes.
Teachers are not terror… they are funny and outgoing

My friends... (Me, Beth, Li Ann)

My classmates- “a certified camera addicts”

"Kids" LOL

Good boys


As future teachers, we should build up a strong foundation- the act of leadership and activeness. It’s good to have some fun and forget all the works that awaits me. I just want to thank God for this DAY. God Bless everyone.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Which one?

I just want to post these photos. Well I do love apples- actually that's my favorite fruit. But Have you ever wonder which one is more delicious. Well, I haven't try the green one. And most off the apples I've eaten are just "local" apples. Maybe I should try the green one. How about you? Which one tastes good? LOL Just want to remind you that... always take good care of yourselves. Have a happy and healthy day to you.

I just found these photos in the net. And I feel like posting it... so, I did.

God Bless. God loves you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Favorite Place to Hangout

My favorite place

School Library

Wow... love it!

Is there anyone here? LOL

Okay. Knowledge is power!

I've been in the school Library for a while...
This is the place where I used to be...
Strolling around, trying to find something, maybe some interesting books to read. Every Tuesday's of the week- while waiting for my class to start- I used to be here and I enjoyed it a lot.

I love to be here. Though, some of my classmates invited me to go them, but I refused not to go to... maybe it's just a matter f personality. It is my choice to be alone this time. I have a lot of friends but there are times in my life that we need to be alone. It's just you and yourself. LOL I don't know if you understand that. There are times in our life we need some peace. And in the library I found that pleasure and peace that is within me. In the library there are books that you can be call as friends... ready to reveal its self to you... if only you will spend some time to do so.

How was it to be here? Well, I can say that I'm okay now. In my life, I always seek for a second or a minute to have peace within you, to emotionally check your feelings and attitudes and most of all to spend some peaceful time to talk and rest with God. Have a peaceful hour to you. God Bless.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bar-B Que Anyone?

Friends, take a look at these photos…

Here in the Philippines, this is what you usually see in the streets. This is the most common street food and I tell you-I usually eat this kind of food- it's so delicious. I find it more interesting because they usually have this at street, but this time, they sell it in the evacuation area in our site. Yes, looks like they enjoy having picnic. Speaking of evacuation… I’ve posted here about raining so hard- I think it’s almost two weeks until the rain stopped. So here, as you have seen in the picture, many families were affected by the flood here in Iligan. They are like cast-a ways trying to find there safety.

It’s so difficult because they need more space and better shelter plus the food that they eat. I hope to God that this disaster will end.
God Bless Everyone. Be thankful always to God for giving you the blessed life you have right now.

Page Rank Matters

These past few days, I’ve been so busy in updating my blog. I’ve been trying to do some possible ways to help me increase my site’s page rank. Google page rank matters. The higher the page rank, the higher possibility to have greater number of visitors in your site. Try to think of it, if you want your site to be visible to all search engines like Yahoo, Google or even MSN search, try some possible opportunities to do so. Observe some possible results and see if it will give you more traffic and searchable-site. Now you might ask how you will do it. First your hard-work, increase your Page Rank by entrecard dropping, visiting and joining some forums. Then advertise to other blog, page link or exchange link to other blogs and many more.
Now, here’s another tips for you, I also try to join Search Engine Optimization. What is search engine optimization? These will serves as your help in increasing your visitors, traffic and page rank. It offers visibility, “rankability” and “findability” on your site. You may be asking how much will you pay for this services… luckily it is available for free, before the results. It is offer for free and you’ll pay after the good results will happen in your site. If you wish for more opportunities… it needs hard-work and Search Engine Optimization, to have a better and stable site rank.
Don’t be afraid to try and grab some possibilities and opportunities in your site. Try it. There’s no harm in trying… as long as it is for good. God Bless.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It’s Still Raining After all

Almost 2 weeks already since the time the rain started to pour from heaven. It’s still raining outside and it is very cold. I don’t know why people don’t like the rain… but if you ask me about it… well I love it.
The mud... the noise... and the coldness of the day seems to be very wonderful view for me... a wonderful feeling. There is something in it. An art that speaks… it’s amazing how God pour out galloons of water little by little to touch each one of us. The rain symbolizes our life, as it falls, it will always go back to where it started- to our creator-God. God Bless everyone. Keep Going.

Picture Duplication

Do you have problems with double digital pictures on your file? I asked you this because I have also encountered this kind of problem before. Luckily I had already a solution for that. I had tried this new program about duplicate image finder and believe me this is the solution to my problems and maybe yours too.
I f you have digital camera, and then you might encounter the same problem with me. You don’t have to worry this time because you can do picture comparison instantly. No need to browse and look for duplicated photos and delete it one-by-one because you can automatically do it once and for all.
This time, duplicated-photo will never cause you problems again. I hope this will help you. God Bless.

First Love never Die

Hello friends, try to look at this YouTube video. Actually this is the TV commercial of McDonalds Philippines and I swear you will be touch by this "young love", first love and sad love. The first time I watched this video, it really makes my heart fall in love with the commercial. Try to watch this video and enjoy… and be In LOVE.

Philippine's "first love" McDonald commercial

How about that video? I just suddenly remember my “first love”… so sad, how is he right now? LOL Have a blessed weekend to you. Just keep on going! God Bless.
"At kahit hindi rin naging kami sa huli,siya pa rin ang first love ko" haay...

Friday, January 16, 2009

What about Diet Pills?

My cousin Mikee needs diet

The time I started blogging, I usually sleep late at night. Last night, I slept at the wee hours of the night. That’s maybe the reason why I loose weight instantly. My best friend Beth asks me how I loose weight at the short span of time. For me, it’s certainly not an effective way in loosing weight. It’s totally a stressful activity that causes me to slim. LOL Could you imagine yourself slimming but your health is at risk? Well, come to think of it. In this point of time, many Filipinos today are using diet pills. Actually, I’ve known a friend who used diet pills to slim. Yes, that’s very effective to use, but you should consider your safety. Is it safe to use? If yes, then go.
There are many diet pills out in the market, but you should make sure the best and most effective weight loss pills… for you and for your health. Surely you will find the great sites that will help you decide and the top rating site for diet pills. There’s no harm in asking, inquiring and consulting about your beauty and diet pills products.
Feel good and look good about yourself. Express and be beautiful as long as it doesn’t harm you then… Go for it. God Bless.

One Step at a Time

Definitely, this post is not about Jordin Sparks’ music entitled “One Step at a Time”. Well, I actually want to post this for my sister (I don’t know if she’ll like this) LOL. But I just want to encourage her and congratulate her for her hard work and perseverance. Truly she'll soon be called as "graduate". Yes, she is a BS Math graduating student of MSU-IIT (Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology)… soon. This March is her graduation day. This will be her greatest chapter of her life. She will soon end her College life as she walks not as a student but a new responsible citizen.
Now, she's busy preparing for her thesis, pictorials- for the year book and all those stuffs that will be needed for graduation. Hmm I can already smell the toga, cap and diploma. Here's the photo for her year-book. LOL (She might scold me for posting this!)
Soon to be MSU-IIT graduate... (a preparation).LOL.

A photo for her year-book

Just one step at a time, soon you will be there.
I wish her the best towards the quest of her life… your family will always here for you, Good luck in building your future. God Bless (ate)!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rainy Day Makeover

It’s almost a week and a half when the rainy season had started. It causes inconvenience and hassle in our place, especially in going to school. I’m really got stuck at our house and do my usual habit- sleeping LOL. For me I love this kind of weather but sooner, I started hating it. Why? It’s maybe because I’m experiencing some internet-connection problems recently. I don’t know why maybe because of the bad weather in our place. That’s the reason why I haven’t updated my blog this week. I hope it will not last long.
Feeling bored, we do some little-crazy idea with my sister. We do hair styling. We usually do it our self. It’s good that we have a learn how to cut hair dvd. It’s a hair cut video from professional hair artist. Here is an example of the video:
Long Hairstyles

Long Hair Cuts   |   Hair Highlights

Good to have a dvd hair cutting to have an idea how to do your hair styles. It’s also a good source of techniques for those people who have business in hair styles. Actually the dvds' can be purchased online through credit cards.
So, have a great look during your bad times. God bless!

I’ll be at School at 9

Well today? I start blogging early in the morning, maybe around 5 AM. I just love to do my usual hobby… so I didn’t notice that it’s already 8:30 AM here. Oh no… What happened? I supposed to be at school at 9, oh… I'm late again. I love to stay but sometimes we have to leave and do your usual life- schooling. LOL I’ll be late again. Don’t know what to do now but to stop this for a while and leave this post to you. So that you’ll know I’m not at home today- maybe just a half day. So see you later. God Bless.

Raining? Just Relax

I’m so bored today. It still raining outside and I think the rain will continue to fall this week. This is the raining season in the Philippines. And when I had no class, I usually stay at bed all day. It makes me sick with this kind of weather. Before I love the rain, but now maybe I should ask Mr. Sun to shine again.
Lately, this morning, my mom scolded me because I never get bored in staying at bed all day long. She told me not to lie in bed because it makes me sick. She advised… (I think that’s not an advice, its scolding) me to do some house hold chores to exercise my body. Speaking of exercise, I think the best way to do during rainy days- aside from sleeping- is to do some exercise. Now you may wonder how to do it. Well try to do some indoor exercises. Every time we had a time, we usually spend time with my sister to do some exercise-indoor. Dancing is just one way for alternative ways to do some exercise. Why not try some chair massage.
Exercising and massaging are another way to relax and get fit. Be body conscious. There are some companies who tried to reach out their customers. They usually do it on DVD’s. Hot stone massage DVD? Yes, that’s possible. I find it very interesting too. This will give you some instructions to follow. There are some who also offers breast massage video (exclusively for women). These will also help you prevent breast cancer, right? Deep tissue massage would also be great this time. I found this video and it’s awesome. It gives you tips how to do a deep tissue massage from the experts. Here is the video:
Deep Tissue Massage

Massage Techniques   |   Massage Supplies

Actually you can order the whole video online. You can use to pay by Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. You will surely be interested in having their videos especially because it comes from an expert.
Though it rain this time, but stay relax and be fit in this rainy season.

As She shares her Smiles and Laughter with Me

From the day we’ve met there is always something special in our friendship. We definitely enjoyed the company that we’ve been together for years. I can’t help, but to laugh every time that we’ve been together. She’s truly a “best friend” to be…

This is taken during our IED 100 class. Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is the reason why we can't catch-up with our teacher’s lesson. We usually do some funny-talk that’s why we can’t catch-up with our teacher’s lesson. We so talkative, sometimes we tickle each other or sometimes we eat during the class hour. But one thing is for sure, though we do crazy things, but the friendship that we build every time that we’re together is the craziest yet memorable… that I will always treasure forever.

“A friend is a gift you give to yourself”… but a “true friend is a gift you requested from God”… a friend that He exclusively created and designed for you. God Bless.

Managing my Extra Income

From the start I can’t believe it myself but guess what? I’m going to have my own money this month. I just received my allowance from my mom and my sister also gave me P 3000 for my projects and my additional expenses. Plus, I’m receiving my income at Google adsense. Hurray!
From the time I started to receive extra money, I tried to do my best to budget it and use it wisely. I saved a half-of it and the remaining one is for my shopping expenses. You know most girls or woman do love shopping. This week I’m planning to buy new T-shirt and pants for my school outfit.
If you are planning to shop from your extra budget for your expenses, you have to provide yourself a plan in dealing with all this stuffs. Actually I’m planning it for myself too. I’m going to plan the best way to lessen all my expenses. Maybe we should try some cash back rebates in the products that we want to buy. It is also better to know the best quality of products you want to buy and better know where you can find it. I just want to be wise and time-conscious when it comes to money and time management. Me? Well, I usually do some “comparison shopping”. This will allow me to search for the best price for sure, or maybe you could have done this online and do online shopping deals. If you are planning to do it online, then try to do saving money online. Actually there are many things you can do online; you can do some online shopping, online checking for available stores, earning money from your credit cards etc.
Always remember… shop wisely.

A Dream House

I’m so excited to visit my childhood-friend. She’s my closest friend when I was in elementary school. It’s been a long time since the time I visited her. We been a close friend but now that we were both in College, we had no time to hang-out and bond together. I’m glad that after the long years of no communication, she texted me and invites me to go to their place. Actually they’re family are financially stable and they have a good income in there business-mainly a frames and industrial supplies.
Looking at their success, I was properly motivated to strive more and do better in my studies have a stable job in the future. I know it’s a dream, but if you believe and you do hard-work, dreams are meant to be true. They live in a subdivision house and they have also swimming pools. So for me having a good and comfortable house is a dream come true. LOL I tied to find out the different and latest designs, good to say I found these free Foreclosures in the net. They offer online service that helps you direct the best place for a Real Estate foreclosures and REO foreclosures. It’s a good offer online because you will be able to locate the place with the picture attachment. The prices are somewhat great because you can see the quality and beauty of the dream house you are wishing for.
For me, I never stop on believing about dreams that comes true. As long as you pursue and work hard I know I can have my “dream house”, someday, for my family. Don’t stop dreaming and believing, cause God can answer prayers. God Bless everyone.

All for Valentines

I know it’s still early for me to think about it but I can’t hide the truth that Valentines Day is coming. What makes me fill so excited about it? We’ll it’s because I was planning to give gifts to my love ones. I never did this before that’s why I really feel so thrilled. LOL We’ll shame on me but that’s the truth. Well then, while I was blogging, I searched for sites that could give me ideas what to give this valentine. And I found this site that offers brilliant gift for valentine. The good thing about it, they offer gift for male and female. I really had a hard time to think what to give for males, but in that site, they give me a good offer. An aftershave would be the best offer for males who have beard. For females, perfume, jewelry, flowers, balloons and chocolates are best. And to my surprise all their product was really affordable. That’s why I’m really eager to buy it. I really hope my family and friends would love it. And of course I would really appreciate if they would give me too. LOL
So you, give your love ones your best gift. LOL Good day and God bless!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Rainy Day

Well here I am doing my daily post LOL wearing that thick jacket, pajamas and socks to prevent the coldness of the night. (Actually it’s raining today) When all was well… and everybody was sleeping… here’s little Ms. Ling trying to figure out the things that happens today. I am still keep on going. Posting the things I love to share.
What happens to me today?
I don’t know what made my day a day… but still thank God for giving me a special day of my life. Come to think of it? Everyday that you’ve been alive is a perfect blessing. Though it rains very hard outside, but praise God for the rain. You know every that happens in your life, maybe it’s simple or complicated, be thankful for it.
God Bless.
Here's another snapshot from today's event:

While waiting for Mr. Napoles (our teacher) to come. It's raining outside.

This is our CAD laboratory. (I'll be going home this time)

I'll try to use overpass (this time!)....

...because of this traffic policemen

:( school works...

cold evening... (my sleeping costume.)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Blessed Sunday

Thank God it’s Sunday. I’m looking forward for another great miracles and blessings that God will going to reveal to me. Tough I didn’t go to church today, but still thankful because God is always here to protect and forgive.
Protect… It means that He always make sure that your heart is not in trouble. He reveals to us that no matter what, He will never leave you. Today, I know some of us are worried because of the work that we are going to face or do this week… office-work, assignments, exams, reports but always remember He can always secure your broken heart. Just keep going… you’ll see He is with you. If you haven’t tried it before, then you will- this time. Reminisce
Forgive… I know some of us made mistakes. Like what I did this morning, I forgot to wakeup early that’s why I didn’t manage to go to church today. I just want to say sorry about that. It’s so immature and wrong doings. But our God can forgive as long as you’ll repent. He will forgive us because He loves us. God Bless.
Have a Blessed Sunday and Cold morning. LOL (It’s raining outside.)

Brand New You

How's my weekend?
Well, as usual … “I just spend my day in front of the computer” LOL. You might be bored about the kind of lifestyle I’m living right now. But I’m happy of what I’m doing. But I still I give a break for my self to relax. I usually go to the mall (alone) whenever I’m stress… I have to find ways to keep myself enjoy the things aside from the four corners of my room, you know loners… LOL But despite all that I still managed to be happy. Yes, I’m okay. Sometimes we reminisce alone to experience life as it is. 
Every time I wander at the mall, I always think how people build up their successful life- those huge businesses. Maybe it’s their luck. But I think, the key for that is hard work plus perseverance and guidance from God. Get started for a new you, with goals and motivation; I know you can be like them.

When you think of a business, make sure that is the way you love to do, so that you can give your heart and focus in achieving your goal. Second, be free to explore the world of market and make sure you have a great brand for your services and products offered. It’s an advantage to have a brand development for you to evolve your business. Be free to explore what needs to be done.
This will surely give you an idea to think about possible ways that you can do for your luck in life's success. Whatever you do, do it from your heart. Just live your life with a competitive spirit. 

Keep Going. God Bless.

Auto loss? Get a Help

In school we have a subject that major automotive... Maybe you're asking about my course. Well, I’m enrolled as a BSIED (Bachelor of Science in Ind. Education) – major in Industrial Arts and it was required to take Automotive and Refrigeration subject. We equip with skills in tech. to teach students about basic technology. Bu now, I’m struggling about my major subjects. Hope I can overcome with it. The time started blogging I learned that there are a lot of improvised technology that can alter the ways of living or our lifestyle. You know as a student we have to research for the possible resource of information about our course and subjects. We had a”lakbay-aral” or we call it “educational trip” to give us direct exposure about the things we should learn about our subject. With my classmates together with our teacher, we went to an automotive shop. Yes, being there you will realize how important to know those type of skills.

We cannot deny the fact that, there are people who are prone to accidents. Some of us were having a hard time to fix it up. Some were cheated, because they don’t know its Diminished Value when repaired. Get a help. Try to check this site and I can guarantee you that you have assurance and security when it comes to auto repair. I learned also about the real value of auto parts so, whenever you tried to repair your car, make sure you know the appraisal value of your car.

Be free to ask. God bless you!

Needs new Unit of PC

When I started blogging, I became more exposed of to the cyber world. Though I’m not that computer wizard but I’m always willing to learn new things. Honestly, I’m not exposed in that kind of technology in my younger years. I was computer illiterate until the time I reached 1st year high school. Today, we have our personal PC at home so I’m more prone to cyber space now. We are so lucky this time because my mom bought PC for us. My nine-year old sister is also eager to learn computer. It gives me an idea to find new set of computer for her.  I was planning to purchase Cryo PC - High Performance Custom Built PC's because it offers new services. This time we will not share and wait so long for us to use computer. There is a new service that meets the need of every profession.
When it comes to video games I know my sister will love it. LOL She’s so excited to have her new PC. So I'm convinced with the product offered. But maybe it takes us a week before we’ll have it because we don’t have enough money this time to purchase the unit. Good for us to have this PC because my sister is working also in her thesis. Same with me, have to work for my video editing for my Ed. Tech and CAD project. It needs multi tasking, and work expertise to meet the deadline. That’s why we need to have high quality PC who can perform multi-task that meets our needs according to our profession.
Take time to think in deciding what PC will surely satisfy your need. When you’re done, that’s the perfect time to have it. God Bless Everyone. Have a blessed day ahead.

Opportunity Seeking

Lately this morning we had a class in our major subject and our teacher required us to have laboratory materials for this coming Wednesday (next meeting). I can’t find myself but to worry about my expenses. All in all, my expenses will sum up to P 1000. The worse is that my mom and that has no enough income for tor this month. Somewhat disappointed, but I cannot blame them because honestly there are some point in time where you will experience financial crisis. We don not know what will be the possible options we can do to end this crisis.
When we have financial crisis, it’s good to know, there is always resolution for it. If only you’ll be patient and motivated to grab some opportunity on the net. Geared with different skills plus attitude towards work, we will be SUCCESSFUL.
My friend, who is a BS Accountant student, is an opportunity seeker through the net. So, I tried to push my luck and find some opportunities in the net, luckily I’ve found this Stock market game. When you try it, definitely you’ll gain extra income plus the enjoyment in trading tournaments experience. This coming weekend, I’ll try this extra option. Enjoy + earn from it. It will develop you. Deploy your trading skills for fun and profit.
God Bless.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Planning to have a Trip?

Camiguin Island Philippines

My cousins were planning to have a trip to Camiguin Island, Philippines this coming summer. Actually that gift certificate trip was given to them by the Department of tourism. They won that price last December during the Mindanao Tourism Wellness Expo. They were given time to set a schedule for their free tour to Camiguin. I love to go with them but that trip is exclusive for all the winners.
Speaking about travel, my greatest wish in life is to travel around the world. Traveling is the greatest exercise in finding relaxation and accommodations. For now, since I’m still a student, I used to travel some places in the Philippines and I tell you… there are a lot of fascinating place here in the Philippines.
Here’s a traveling tips for you:
1. Know the best place to go.
2. Make some reservations. (Hotel, Flight, Resort, Restaurant etc.)
3. Prepare your luggage the night before you travel. (Food, medicine etc.)
4. Check the tire and gas of your car.
5. Prepare your money for your expenses.
6. Pray for your safety.

To have some tips and easy accommodation, you should also consider site: Hotelscombined. Be connected with different hotels online.
It will help you search simultaneous hotel reservations around the world and help you find the lowest rate instantly.
Travel safely. God Bless. Have a Happy trip.

Free Credit Reports

When I started blogging I became more aware about making transaction in the internet. There are more information I’ve learned in dealing with online money transfer, credits cards, money deposits, applications and earnings, card account. Though, technology is the new approach for a convenient social lifestyle but there are some applications that are not use-friendly. There are some errors or hassle in using it.
Yes, some of you experienced about credit cards being tracked by thieves using fraud identity. Like for instance, I watched from the TV that there are some department store in the country who’s employee did inside job in manipulating the credit cards of their customers. They copy or stole the codes of your credit cards. The owner of the card has no idea that her account was being used by other people without his consent.
Money is very important in our daily living. So, we should make sure that we will use it wisely and take good care of it. Monitor your credit reports and your credit history rating. You can do this online. It’s so easy and fast, plus hassle-free to use. It will also improve credit score. From the time I did my online monitoring, I’ve also learned the reason that affects my credit score. It is also an advantage for us because it removes credit report errors.

Hope you will be aware this time. This site will surely help you in money monitoring. God Bless. May you have blissful life ahead and God Bless.

A Good Start

Do you wish to have a successful business this 2009? When you say building up a new business, sometimes we rely in technology that will help us to improve and monitor the transactions or operations.
Well, I just mention about it because were planning to have business this 2009. My uncle is thinking about a good business for an extra income. Since we had a class in entrepreneurship, I suggested him to have an IT consultant that will monitor his business through technological gadgets like computers. He just laughs and told us about his plan. He wants to hire my cousin who is an IT student and who will graduate this year.
Unfortunately, my cousin refused to do so because he planned to go abroad and find a job after graduation. Though he refused the offer but he suggested something better to help my uncle work out for his business. He suggested doing IT consulting and networking support services online. Manhattan IT consulting services offers great opportunity and services in monitoring your business. Surely this business will be new to us but there is always a present help for us in IT outsourcing solutions.
I just wish my uncle good luck for his business.

Wanna Help Mom?

My mom asked me, if I have a time, she want me to get my nine-year old sister from school today. Usually my mom is her “classmate” since the time she started schooling LOL. Actually, her school is forty-kilometer away from our house so my mom is the one who look after her before and after her class. My mom usually does this every day. Since I had a class today, I refused to do so. But in fact I don’t really want to go. I know my mom was busy looking after with my sister and also she had a little bit busy on her business. So I do really feel SORRY for that.

My mom had a little business- selling different products like clothes, perfumes and cosmetics. So what I did was, to show sincerity on my apology, I asked her if I can sell one of her cosmetics. Then she said YES. It’s not that difficult task for me, especially in selling eye makeup because I have a lot of friends who uses it. You know girls do really love different colors of high-quality cosmetics. They all have different kinds of beauty and cosmetic products plus different styles and tip in applying it- Asian styles. LOL

Since I’m a student-teacher, we usually ware those stuffs to look good in front of our student during our practice teaching, so it's quite easy for me to do so because of my friends wear makeup. Good for me.

Next time I will obey my mom whatever she ask me to do. God Bless.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Capture the Friendship

My friend from high school called me this afternoon and she invites me to her mother’s birthday party this coming Saturday. She is really a good friend of mine. Though were not always together but she always reminds me about our friendship. I usually went at their house when we have no class and her family is hospitable and good. I’m glad, though were not that close just like before, still she had a time e-mail me and communicate with me. We will be always friends… forever.
From the time she called me this afternoon, she asked me for an advice about the gift she will give for her mother. I don’t know about her mom’s like and dislikes. I’m really confused. But I’ve heard about Video Production Service, so I gave her a tip to have a multimedia presentation. That presentation maybe a recorded greetings or any video cover, a message for her mom, photos, birthday greetings through media presentation or any graphic presentation that will show an appreciation and love to her mother. Actually I was planning to have a video presentation for her but this time maybe that’s the best gift that I can give to her- my golden advice. LOL
Still I'm happy for her and to our friendship.
God Bless everyone.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stress-free Tip

I went to school this morning and I took two major exams. It is very stressful in my part. I hurriedly went home after the exams to update my blog and do my other projects, but unfortunately my sister used the computer. I argued with her because she was playing computer games. She told me to relax for a while and she advised me to play with her. She taught me how to play Solitaire for mac or the so-called mac solitaire and risk online game. Definitely I enjoyed playing it. And all the stress from exams was gone. Have a happy day to you.

Time Saver

I’m looking forward to finish all my exams this week. I should do some multi-tasking for me to accomplish my entire task: first to do my project in school, second, to update my blog, do my thesis and to do the household chores. Budgeting your time is not that easy work to do.
This afternoon, I went to the city to buy some school supplies for my project, and as usual, a bunch of people were there in the mall to shop. I think, after New Year, people were busy buying for new outfits, shoes, bags, toys, infant and toddler clothing.
It’s very difficult to shop at this time, especially to mothers who have their babies at home. They also have some difficulties in bringing their baby at the mall. Maybe you should try to shop online. They will provide guide for buying babies and toddler products. This time you can give your baby the perfect site that meets their needs, car seats, Strollers, tear free soaps and other baby’s stuffs. For Mother who’s looking forward for time management, try to shop at home.
This time, I hope I can help you in managing your time. I’m looking forward to try this new offered-technology that will surely save your time, effort and money whenever you’ll do shopping. Actually I’m planning to try this online-shopping. It’s good that I’ve found this site that will surely give you some tips and idea on how to shop
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