Friday, October 30, 2009

My 1st Bloganniversary

It’s my 1st bloganniversay. Above all, I want to thank God for giving me a wonderful and blessful year of blogging. Thank you very much for supporting me and my blog.
LOL. I don’t know what to say. In my 1 year of blogging, I never felt this kind of “speechless” thing. Well maybe it the gladness itself. Enjoy blogging and keep on going.
Thanks a lot for your support. God bless

Online Pharmacy: Its Possible

Happy weekend everyone. Yes, I do really enjoy my weekend. We watched movie early in the morning. Every weekend I feel sick and down. I don’t know why but I feel so tired and unwell. Whatever it is just check out some helpful tips and medical assistant online. No need for you to go outside the house because online pharmacy has a lot to offer.

One of it is body pain. Buy Fioricet Online and you will no longer ache for pain. Experience A big result with Fioricet and stop the pain easily. It’s about time to realax during weekend and try Fioricet Online - Bluelist surely you will no longer suffer any body pains and aches.

Keep going everyone.

The Truth About Jesus Christ

One way Jesus. He is the only way to God and the way to Salvation. Please share the good news today.
God bless. Keep going.

Burdens about Moving will End Today

Can you imagine life of moving for almost a hundred times? Oh, that’s quite difficult and great burden. But you know what sometimes people life is in God’s hand. You don’t know what God’s plan is for us. Why were here in the specific place, but for sure God arranged all His plans for out lives.

I can still remember a true to life story on TV where in the family moved out in there place for almost a hundrend times. They have no permanent address where in the whole family- a single mom and her children- will move from one place to another.

That life is truly a struggle and hassle. Well, I can say that moving is really a burden for me. I’ll help you work it out- if your life is more on moving- let me give you a site that helps. If you want one f the best Adhesive Packaging Tape, then you can have it. Try to check out this helpful site that offers a wide variety of moving supplies. So the next time you start moving it is much easier for you to pack and get all things done.

If you move today then it’d easier for you now. Have a happy weekend. God bless.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I was a little bit busy today. I slept late at night that is why I woke up at 9 AM. I don’t really like to wake up late because the sun and the weather are hot. That really causes me headache.

Our home is not really well relaxing. The environment is noisy and the surroundings are hot. The ambiance is not comforting. I hope I can have the chance to have a home sweet home. How I wish that I could have to relax, watch movie, read books and experience comfort but sometimes searching the best home today. To make your life easier, well you better to visit Idaho Falls homes- they provided with there web site a map that will serves as your guide. This will serves as your directory in finding the best home for you. Everything is easy and fun to search. For sure you can find the best and relaxing home that will suits for your needs and desires.

This time you can find the chance to check what they got- a real estate. Well this is going to be great semester-break for me. Keep going and enjoy the day. This is going to be a fun time for you and your family.
God bless.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Make-up Session

LOL. We had a "make-up session" yesterday. That was so much fun. Well it's a girl thing for me and my girl cousins.
Keep going everyone.

Safety in Your Family

I cannot imagine the time when we arrive in the point that families are not safe in there own home. I’ve seen several incidents about robbery and killings in there homes. It’s so disappointing that your home- which is one of the safest places for your family- is not safe anymore. It’s time for your family to seek safety.

Our world turns to be so wicked that every day- in TV’s and radios- you can hear the news about killings and robberies. It needs a wide protection for you and your family. God is with us.
Now, checkout some new stuff here. I keep on posting it so that people will know the importance to install and purchase adt home security in your homes today.

The adt security is made for your family. It is good to invest now and experience the peace of mind for your family. I guess it’s time for you to give your family the convenience and safety in your simple way.
Remember that safety is the first thing you should invest for your family. A single home alarm can be great help and can save your loved ones.

Keep going everyone. Keep safe always. Have a safety week ahead.

My Quote Today

Take one moment at a time. I’ve got this message in the application in Facebook. Yeah, it really applies to me today. Sometimes I’ve been so busy about things that I almost forgot to enjoy each moment of having it. I want to make all things done easily at my planned time.
This time I have to enjoy and do things according to God’s plans and enjoy it. God gave me everything that I should value everything that could make my life interesting and joyful.
Keep going everyone. This time, I’m going to live each time to honor and enjoy God’s blessings.

Credits? Repair It

Yesterday, my dad was busy repairing our busted electric fan. It took him long time t surrender. After all, it seems that the electric fan didn’t work. We need to change and buy a new one soon.

What I am pointing out here is that having some sort of repair on something can sometimes loose our patience. At that moment, my dad gave up and he looses his patience. Doing some sort of repair, in very aspects of our life, is really difficult. Like for instance, doing some credit repair can cause frustrations and struggle emotionally, especially when you are having a hard time and money to pay for its interest rates. There are some who ended up their lives because of this emotional stress.

Like what I’ve said sometimes we cannot fixed everything- but always remember God is with us. Just trust in him fully. If you encounter some credit and loan problems, then you can always have the chance to repair it. Check out some credit repair services online and you will realize that in just a few minutes of time you can repair your credit problems. Here are some of credit repair companies that can help you work it out.
Keep going and God bless.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Say Hello to PBX for your VoIP

I just can’t imagine myself working abroad or overseas. Yes, I want to travel but not to work outside the country. “Home sick” is my greatest enemy if that happens. Well then, I think over a million Filipinos who worked abroad for their families here. I admired them in there courage and strong will fight and work- far from their family. That is why communication is very important.

Communication and everyday calls can ease the “lonely” feeling of being alone outside the country. I just wish that this hosted pbx can be a great help for those who are far away from there loved ones. The latest technology, VoIP, is the new solution for your costly bill fro your long distance call- VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is better than the traditional phone lines. It transmits your voice with the use of internet.

See, technology had widely innovated to help people get rid of hassle and live in convenience. Here’s good news for you, start installing your VoIP- which is advance, reliable, effective and affordable in price. I’m glad to share this helpful info to you. this technology are also helpful and needed when you start your own business.

Keep in touch with your loved ones and you will never be lonely again.

God bless.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shake, Drink, Enjoy and Get Slim

Have you ever tried to go on a diet and you’re having struggles eating unsavory food and drinks. Well let’s end up all those tasteless diet. Here’s what I’ve got from internet browsing, I got to know about diet shakes. It is available worldwide via internet.

Avail your drinks and shake flavors at the same time you’re achieving your desired weight loss goals. It is a selection of different flavor for your diet drinks and shakes. Feel free to experience the delicious way of maintaining a food diet. Change your lifestyle now and enjoy every moment and different drinks while you are in a diet.

Enjoy. Keep going.
God bless.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Feel the Warmth of Christmas

Christmas is coming. 66 Days to go before Christmas. I always love to do this every time I can nearly see, smell and feel the warmth of Christmas. Well I’m the one who is been s excited about this day. It is the essence of loving- because Jesus Christ is born and He is our victory. Well it’s been so great to celebrate it annually.

Well then… let’s start the celebration. Well when it comes to Christmas, I’m probably the one who always updates and do some excited post about Christmas and everything on it. Well this is the time for me to give you a full time excitement about Christmas. The update that I will share to you today is about card giving. When I was young, I don’t want to receive cards, I always want to have gifts. Then when I grew up I realized how valuable it was- because cards can express the emotions and the feelings from someone or the sender. Christmas cards can express and share real feelings.

Fun Christmas Cards

Classic Christmas CArds

Sealed your massage and share your feelings with this new style and unique designs of christmas cards. There are a lot of available designs in the net. They offer fun Christmas cards, Classic and recycled Christmas Cards. You can also make and compose your wordings and its fast delivery can really makes you smile.

Happy Christmas.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting Over with Facebook

I've got addicted with this stuff lately. Well you already know what I mean- maybe you too. Whenever I opened my computer, expect that my facebook account is also open in my browser. Yeah, it’s quite addiction. I admit I do really enjoy some stuffs, chatting with friends, games (farmtown, fishworld, ninja saga, friend for sale etc) and any other applications in facebook- in such a way that I’ve already consumed too much of this time. Well I need some “self-control” and a true wisdom from God. I pray to God that I can work it out and get over this kind of addiction.
Keep going. God bless.

For the grace of God has been revealed, bringing salvation to all people. 12 And we are instructed to turn from godless living and sinful pleasures. We should live in this evil world with self-control, right conduct, and devotion to God

Titus 2:11-12

Do you want to Shop? Go Online.

Are you tired roaming around the mall and buy your needed gift for your friend or seasonal dress this winter? Well, let me tell you about online buying or online shopping. I know for sure all of us don’t love traffic, hassle and crowd- malls and department stores. Connect with the internet today and experience life convenience.

You've got all what you need...

You don’t need to look for the place for you to shop. Just turn n your computer and search your favorite items, like designers clothes, latest fashion trends, apparel for women, shop items and etc. Bring it to your online cart and start enjoying your shopping.
What can we buy from these online stores? Well if you are looking for your best summer wear then you can find it there and any other seasonal clothes. Women, you all have all the necessary needs for your women apparel and latest trend clothes that really suits for you- like swim suits, yoga outfits, jeans, coats, sleep wear, winter clothes and etc. Women do really love all these, they will also love the convenience in purchasing all this items.

I hope this post can give the idea on how to shop wisely and hassle-free. I love shopping and I now you too. Keep in touch and enjoy the site. God bless.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let Justice Prevail

Justice, this is one of the important things we should keep in mind when we deal with different. We should treat them justly and respect each other. When this is violated, then this is the start of trouble and misunderstanding.

Grant every people’s rights to have justice. That’s why Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers have the great role in this world- to defend you and achieve the right justice. Let justice prevail and live a happy and peaceful life today.

Checkout the finest Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers today and justice will prevail.
Keep going. God bless.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Bridge- Most

Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 15:57

This is why I keep on falling in love with our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep in touch with His love.
This video is inspired with on how God really love us- to bring hopes and victory. Truly Jesus is the only way to salvation. Keep going.
God bless.
From the movie "Most"- an inspired movie that shows greatest love to us.

Have a Break!

It’s been a long and busy hour for me. Well I keep on doing all my schoolwork today- until tomorrow. Well I’m jus so happy that all of it was almost done. After all the long week of stressed-hours, I’m totally “worn out”. I want to take haste slowly. Well I check out for my new inspirational quote in the internet and it says, “Take a break”- this quote is really for me. it seems that I’ve already forgotten the word “rest” and “relax”
To get over with this so much stress, it’s for all of us, well let me tour to you in the place where you can experience a 100% total fun and entertainment. Jump-up with excitement and by check out about the different events in the popular auditorium and arena in the world.
Well let me give you the events for this season in Madison Square Garden. If you want to buy Madison Square Garden Tickets check out these sites and have some fun.

Madison Square Garden

Needs some fun and excitements then, it’s time for you to make some reservations in the Xcel Energy Center and have your Xcel Energy Center Tickets. Sit back and watch their latest tournament and games.

Xcel Energy Center

If you’re looking for your favorite performance for orchestras and circus there’s only one place to go- Quicken Loans Arena. Buy your Quicken Loans Arena Tickets now.
Keep going and enjoy your day. Always remember… have a break.
Keep going.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Happen to my Blog?

It’s already dawn when I slept- it’s almost 3AM because I want to make all things done. I and my best bud Beth had a sleep over in our house. What we did is just merely a play and work. It’s good to enjoy the moment but the most important is, we have to finish all our projects in a span of time. What we did, which I think, is not enough. We have to double out time and efforts. This time I’m badly needed to have it done well and as soon as possible- due to my overstress and body pains. Plus I need to make good updates on my blog. It’s been a week now that my log is no longer in the top 100,000 blog in the internet.

I always check my blog in the alexa rankings and this time its statistics and visitors are decreasing. You can merely see a few friends who visit and continually support my blog. And the rest, it’s gone- unlike before when I update and visits some sites daily.

In this case, web hosting can really be a good help. In starting your own site or blog we must see to it that we chose the right webhosting company- who will accompany you and your blog. They will be the one to promote your blog aside from your own effort and daily updates. Webhosting is very important- we need to decide the right webhost who will promote and host our site in the World Wide Web browsers. This time, in making this happen, you need a web hosting guide. Let me help you in doing it and starting your own site. Website hosting can make all you needed- good website rank, daily visitors and good host to promote your site.
Check out some new and latest article about web hosting.

I hope I can find time to update and bring everything into normal.
Keep going everyone. God bless.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lights On

I can’t imagine my life without light. I’m so thankful that God always gives us the things that we needed for our daily use. I can’t imagine myself studying with all those dim light. I don’t even study at all if there is brownout in our place. We can do a lot of work if the light is on.
I can still remember the time when we had a vacation at my grandmother’s house- there is no light all over the house as well as the road. We used to sleep early in the evening and we had a hard time to cook our food for dinner. That’s why we have to use an alcohol lamp as our source of light.

To have great lighting experiences, check out some new and high quality lights today. Now a day there are LED lights available in the internet. They also offer different types of quality light that we usually use- for emergency and for everyday use. They offer rechargeable flashlights, remote control light, spot light and flood lights, LED lights- for roads, vehicles and etc .The next time we will go there we will experience LED lights on the road.

Next summer, we are planning (the whole family), to visit my grandmother. This time they will have already a light for there home. We sent money to install connections for electricity and light. I’m glad that I was able to help them.

Keep going everyone.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taking Vows and Commitment

Went to a wedding yesterday and it’s totally terrific and emotional moment for the bride. When she had her last dance with her dad as “daddy’s little girl” that was totally amazing and remarkable. The celebration starts at 2 PM, followed by a lovely dinner. Well I had a good time with that party- though I made myself as a photographer- keeping every scene as a memorable one. I can’t imagine that my “ate Sarah Joy” (we used to be neighbors and relatives) was now exchanging her vows to his husband. She’s now committed to live a life as a married woman.

signing as a witness

it's me having my own pictorial

her last dance as "his daddy's little girl"

newly wed couple
I almost cry when she say thank you to her parents- for raising her as there daughter. In that moment she cried and get emotional.

Come to think of it, life runs too fast. When the time comes… I’ll marry soon. Its God’s time, its God’s perfect timing … as God gives me the perfect man. Enjoy God’s goodness and faithfulness in our life. God knows and always ask for God’s will.

Trust God. He will give you all the joy that you’ve been looking for. God bless.

Forgetting your Key? Time for a Keyless Home

Got problems in losing your keys? Are you struggling in getting your keys whenever you left it inside your car or inside your house? Now it is time for you to try this new convenient way of entering your house without any hassle. Technology had already provided you with the latest trends that will surely benefit you and your family.

It’s time for you to experience keyless lock. Technology had already provided us the easiest one. Having a hard time in dealing with your Alzheimer or dementia’s- forgetting things because of aging? Well this is probably made to make our life easier and convenient. How about keeping things on place? We usually did this to locate things when we need it. What if you family member just misplace it. You can’t blame them. That’s why key less lock seems to some interesting thing for me- the first time I read it in the internet. It’s applicable in our hole because we can program the device where all our family members can also use it.

It’s for family. It’s for home. It’s for convenience and it’s about time to say goodbye to our “losing keys”.

Keep going everyone.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Half Day Trip

Trip to Cagayan de Oro City with my sister.
It's a half-day trip! The departure time is 9AM and we went hope at 5. Cool! but time is not enough to enjoy. Maybe next time we'll plan for a long trip.

Going to Cagayan to get my sister's Civil Service Certificate...

E'm trying to enjoy the ambiance- though I do really hate air-conditioned bus.

Bored trip. Listening to music.

Pink nails..

Lunch at KFC! (love it)

God bless. I just love to share all my day-to-day experiences.
Keep going everyone.

Check some Holiday in one Easy Search

You know what, stress can cause skin disease. Yes, last month I’ve been experiencing redness in my skin. That’s why I always keep myself stress-free but sometimes we cannot get rid of it most of the time.

It’s been one of my toughest days. There are a lot of things to do and projects to finish. I got a lot of responsibilities to face especially now that it’s final week and examination time. It keeps me on the “hot sit” where I have to plan all my moves and use my time wisely. I just wish that I could have the chance to take all the responsibilities and take time to relax and get out from that entire busy world.
Enjoy Relax and get out from the City, get rid of those noisy City and smokes and pollution from the city proper.

Go on island escapade, mountain climbing and beach hopping. You can always make yourself free from the stress and have care free life. Book a vacation on a five star hotel, go swimming in pools and go on fishing. It’s going to be a great day for you, because when you can always start your last minute holidays if you will. Do some vacation-leave. Explore the things you should have to experience. If you are out of budget well, I’m going to treat you into a website where you can find the cheap holidays for you or even for your family. Holidays will always be great if you have the right place to explore. Bring your family with you and take them in the place where they can find comfort and carefree feeling.

Pack your bags now and get ready for the outgoing experience from the best spot in the world. Let me be an easy job for you. Check out this site that offers 12 million holidays in one easy search.

Enjoy your holiday. Keep going.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Philippines Faces Calamity

I can’t imagine how people perceive the natural calamity that our country has been experiencing today. Philippines are now facing a tragedy. Manila and National Capita Region were flooded and many lives and properties were lost. Many people and families are evacuating there place in the evacuation center. There are rice and food shortage. It’s hard to imagine how people suffered from this calamity.

We keep on praying for the lives that were lost and the lives of many people who suffered because of that tragedy. Good thing to know that there is camaraderie and unity of the Filipinos have shown- by helping and do some volunteer work.
Filipinos will rise up again- with God’s help.

Webhosting and Webmasters Resource

What’s your website standing?

Well mine, I usually do my blog updates everyday but lately I just got have no time for it anymore. We have a lot of requirements to comply and a lot of projects to do- maybe because its our “final” week for our class.

How can you assure that your site in good hands? Probably you will seek the help of the expert. Learn about web hosting, web site builder, hit counters or traffic monitoring. Well we all need this if we want to establish a blog or a site that are visible in the World Wide Web.
Choose your own web host now. It allows your site and accessed by the different visitors. It will be known in the World Wide Web- if you have chosen the best web host. Learn about web hosting today and surely gobbler hosting can help you. Check out there site today and let your questions be answered with those informative links and web hosting guide. You can also explore there different free hit counters, website templates and different information about top web hosting.
Well I’m working out for my website standing now- with my webhost and updates. I hope it will help.

I hope you can find the best for your site.

Church Activities

Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.
Colossians 3:12

I thank God for the His goodness in my life. It's good to know that yo all have the kind hearted and good friends in the church. We do really enjoy each others company.
It's our church practice last Sunday.

Me and my Sister

Me... during the practice

Pictorial at the church (kitchen)
I do really feel great and good. Thank God for this day.

Relax and Meditate

Well I just got up from a deep sleep today. I’m glad that I have the chance to rest for a while. I had a long travel yesterday. We went to Cagayan de Oro City- and that is a kilometer away from our place. That’s why riding a bus plus the city’s traffic is totally a hassle. It can really cause me so much body and muscle pain.

I wish I could have the chance to experience Yoga. My friends shared about this and they say it’s a perfect way to relax- you can experience a 100% relaxation. It reflexes your body; it embodies your soul and gives you some peace of mind. While surfing the net, I’ve found this site that offers you a Crystal Singing Bowls- perfect for your Yoga session. They offer you fantastic bowls from Tibet- high quality singing bowls, the Med silk Tibetan singing bowl pillow and a lot more. Explore this site there different products- featured in the Yoga magazine.
Yes I want to explore one of these sites and learn different techniques and tools used for relaxation and repose and give a chance for you to give yourself the chance to mediate and relax.

Keep going everyone. Relax and enjoy the day.
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