Sunday, March 29, 2009

Facebook of The Week (1): My Childhood

Reminiscing the past… This is me 15 ears ago. Though, I hesitate to post these photos, but since this is my first post for my “facebook” so I decided to put mine first. Yeah, it's good to have hp printer and scanner at home, so let it be. LOL.

I will always remember my childhood days. I want to be a child again. I want to play all day, ask when I’m hungry and cry when I’m hurt. I want to bring back the time when I used to have a childish heart… where there are no pressure, no temptation, no heartache and no responsibility.

When I think of my childhood times, I used to laugh… to smile and thank God for taking care of me ever since. It’s just me, though I’ve changed physically but the moment I’ve cried out to God, it’s like a little child asking for attention, care and love. When I think of the past, it reminds me on how I laugh and giggle. It’s been a long journey for me. Maybe today, I’m weak, I’m weary- afraid of responsibility… yes, I cried often… but just like a child I can be okay by just tapping my back. I'll smile when everybody is happy. But I'm older now, but this is one of the things I want to be... still a part of me- my childhood heart.

I thank God for my childhood… for 19 years… I’ve become stronger and better.

Watch out for my next facebook… Who knows you might be the next to be feature.
God bless. Keep going.

Bring Back the Beauty

My friend Beth and I were laughing to each other because of our haggard faces this past week. We work over time in our projects. Because of so much stress, that’s why we usually have oily faces, uncombed hair, pale lips and worst of all acne. Oh, almost all of us cannot get rid of these awful pimples. I just laugh at Beth because she got a big pimple in her white cheek and the other one are in his nose and fore head.LOL. Beth is very conscious when it comes to her skin problems. She can definitely find ways to prevent it. Now she’s very busy finding some acne treatment to her stressed face.

A Peaceful Sunday

Relax and enjoy the day. God made this day a lovely day just for you. Release all the worries you feel inside. Cast all you fears away. And feel the peacefulness and calmness of God’s love. Always seek the presence of God. God loves you so much you are always His beloved... and rest in His Love.

Have a Happy Sunday Everyone. Keep going.

Reading Session

This summer, my eagerness to read more books comes alive. Well, it’s just me who usually needs to read. I’m planning to purchase a membership card in book- rental shop located inside our school campus. Though, we will have an OJT (on job training) this summer but I still have to find some time to read. My mom usually told us before- when we were still young, but it is late for me to realize that. I’m so excited for my membership card.
But it’s been a month for me since time that I’ve promised myself to provide some eyeglasses in my eyes especially now that I’m planning to have a “reading session” this summer. This time I need to have reading eyeglasses because it is difficult for me to read small fonts of text. I jus hope that I could find discounted reading eyeglasses. Yes, I feel better now because has a lot of eyeglasses to choose from. I have to hurry now because summer is coming and I’ll start barrowing books next week. I just wish that I could have found a High-indexted Prescription Eyeglasses for dad. It is much better than conventional glasses. It is lesser in terms of materials used in glass.
I wish for a happy summer. I just hope that I could do a lot of things this summer. Keep going everyone. Keep in touch to God.

Insurance of Life

We usually talk with my friend Beth about the life that we have. I know, somehow, in your mind you could always have the best thing in your life as long as you live a life to the fullest. You live a life without fear in the future… fear of death and fear to be alone- in the sense that your children will left you when you get old. Life goes very fast. You’ll never know what waits in you in the future- only God knows.
Many people today are taking time to seek life insurance that the world could offer. It seems that they’re looking forward on the days that will come that they will get old and left alone. They are also insuring there life in case of accident or death. The term life insurance is a time insurance- it is based upon the time you had it until you need it. People are seeking for the best life insurance that will satisfy their trust.
Speaking about trusted insurance company, life insurance quote could offer that to people. It is a company that provides people a wide access in finding the best life insurance to people. It provides an access in purchasing a trusted insurance company by just staying at home or in the office.

People now a day are very much fearful on how they life goes. For me, it’s okay to have a life insurance but above everything… God will take care of us. God bless.

A Pain-free Sunday

In the whole week I keep on working for my projects at school. Though, we were not done yet and the classes will end this week, but we still not loose our hope and faith to finish the task. We were four in the group and I think all for us did our best, but it’s just it seems that we cannot cope up with the project. It’s a little bit harder and we were all stressed and weak. My body seems to be robot without feeling the pain until this morning. Today is Sunday and I woke up late because of that body pain and muscle pain I felt from last weeks work. Usually back pain- from my back, until to my toes. I just hope I could find a solution for this pain.
I just got struck with this phrase I’ve seen from the web. It goes like this “Having problems with pain?” because I do really have pain problems. I’m a college student, but still I need to take pain relievers just to ease the pain I got in working with my projects. Many had tested and proven tramadol as a pain relief drug. It’s okay for me to work hard, as long as I will be given a pain reliever.LOL. For those who are interested about this post, there are many places that you can buy tramadol.
Keep going. Have a pain-free Sunday and spend time to go to church. God bless.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour

Support earth hour- time out from blogging. It’s earth hour. Let’s save the earth. We are the shepherd of our mother earth… let’s take good care of what’s given in us.
Tomorrow will be the “Earth hour”. The electricity will be off for one hour this is done for a cause-to save our earth. Truly this is a worthy action that a man can do. So let’s participate. Prepare and support.
Love the earth as you live in it. Keep going. Support our mother Earth.

Halo-halo Special

enjoying our halo-halo

Summer is here and it’s too hot in here. This is the best time to eat halo-halo- a combination of fruits, cream, milk, sugar, ice and my favorite leche flan. This is mostly perfect serving during summer
Lately, Beth and I, we went to Chowking just to have two serves of halo-halo. I thank God for this day. We all released all the stress from school and tomorrow we were planning to have an “ice cream” food trip. Have a happy day. Let’s all enjoy the summer. Keep in touch and keep going.

Meeting Asians

I’m currently online in Asian Chat Rooms. Well, I’m not that fanatic in chatting it’s just that I want to explore new entertaining site at this moment. Meet different Asian people, I tell you, they are all friendly. Definitely Asian people are gorgeous and good looking. Got to know different people from different places around the world and prove that, we, Asian people are unique.
God bless.

Summer Sport

Okay, let’s talk about the things we both love- summer vacation. So what are your plans this summer? Me? I do really love to have a vacation break, but unfortunately, I can’t because of our OJT (on job training). Though, we will have an OJT but my classmates are very happy because they could play there favorite computer games.
I suggest they should find another leisure activity that is more healthy and fascinating. I suggest they should try paintballing. It’s a kind of sport that develops your self-esteem and courage. I watch it on TV and it’s an interpreting sport. They were equipped with paintball gear. I think that is one of the interesting sports to try this summer. If you think the equipment is so expensive, maybe you should try to visit one of its websites to check it out. Try
Have a happy summer everyone. Keep going.

TaG for You

I got this TAG from Bryan. I visited his blog and check it out and copied the tag. I'm so thankful that he chose me to be one of his recipients of this tag. Thanks a lot Bryan for this tag. For those who haven't received any of this, feel free to copy and pass the tagging.

The basic premise is this – answers should all be “at the current moment.”

Let's do this!
1. Where is your cell phone --- in my desk
2. Your hair --- curly and black
3. Your father--- at home
4. Your favorite thing --- drawing, blogging
5. Your dream last night--- our RAC project
6. Your favorite drink --- iced tea
7. Your dream goal --- to be a mature Christian
8. The room you are in --- Living room
9. Your fear --- heights, mistakes- decision making
10. Where do you want to be in 6 years --- At home with my family.
11. Muffins --- chocolate
12. One of your wish list items --- to have my personal laptop
13. Where you grew up --- Iligan City, Philippines
14. The last thing you did --- clicking the mouse of my PC
15. What are you wearing ---pajama, T-shirt
16. Your TV ---Sharp
17. Your pet --- Dog, but it’s gone
18. Your computer --- PC
19. Your life --- roller coaster
20. Your mood --- no mood- empty LOL.
21. Missing someone --- my special someone
22. Your car --- invisible
23. Favorite mall --- Gaisano Mall
24. Your summer --- I will have my OJT
25. Your favorite color --- yellow
26. When was the last time you laughed --- this morning (with my friend)
27. When was the last time you cried? --- can't remember
28. Last person who emailed you --- sponsored review
29. Your favorite food --- peanut, adobo
30. A place you would rather be right now --- church

I'm passing this tag to some chosen friends and cousins here in the blogging world. I’ll pass this tag to my cousin Marky, who can’t graduate this year LOL, to Shimumsy who commented on my latest post, to my cousin Yang for being a new blogger and to Nikka so that she can have a new post today. For those who I haven't mentioned, you’re included here. It's just that it'll be too long if I'll mention yah all. Thanks again Bryan.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Plan for Summer

It’s almost 12 AM here, and I think my family is sleeping right now. Well, the place is so cold and quite. Definitely, I’m starving. I’m craving for food at these wee hours of the night. Well, I just come up with a great idea. Summer is approaching and I want to find the best rated toaster oven just to continue my passion in cooking and baking.
I love it. I’m looking forward for a great summer break.

Can I Launch a Facebook?

Hello, friends and co-bloggers. Maybe it’s a little bit exciting for me today. I’ve been thinking of a better idea on how to make my site more exciting and more interesting. I just come up with a new idea and I want to share it to you. I want to launch a new post category where in I can have a so-called “facebook”. From the word itself, it is some kind of a post where I will feature a face every week. Because I believed that people just come and go and I want to leave a remarkable post for them. Who knows… your face will be feature in my site. Of course, I’ll ask your permission first.
I hope that it will do well. I know and I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad, so I need your comments and suggestions. I hope that I can hear a good one from you. Because all I want, is to come up for a best idea for my post and for my visitors and regular droppers. I just wish that I could come up with the good one.
Keep going everyone.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brown Credit Services for You

Are you having a hard time handling your burden in your credit? Financially, people today are very much aware of the global crisis that we are facing right now. Some of the difficult things to handle during this crisis, is that most of the people are having so much credit. It pays you years before you can get out of it. Some people commit suicide just to get rid of credit bankruptcy. I know that this is a sin to people and to God. But you know what, why suffer when you can find other alternative? Maybe you can have a loan, for your credit card and you are having problem in repairing your in fixing your credit report. Then, you really need a help from a trusted company. Let Brown Credit Services will offer it for you. they can help you fix your faulty credit report.

Maybe you should spend some time to know Brown Credit Services if you have a problem when it comes to your credit reports. My auntie did have the same problems as yours and she just patch up with it. You have to take time securing your credit report in Brown Credit Services before it’s too late. Because success comes from those people who know how to handle things that are in trouble- financially.

I hope I’ve help you. Keep going everyone. God bless.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Certificate of Recognition

My Certificate of Recognition 

Though, this is just a piece of paper, but this is priceless. My certificate of recognition I got from our school is so meaningful to me. It means they’ve acknowledge my hard work and perseverance. I know all the sacrifices, tears, and stress I’ve invested for this paper… and at last I finally have it. Without God’s help, I can’t have all these blessings and recognition. I know that all of us sacrificed for there studies and I’m proud to those who fight for it and to those who never give up dreaming for it.
After receiving this award… I realized that, the joy that you gain is greater than the pain and sacrifices you’ve take. It’s all worthy, after all.
Keep going everyone. Don’t stop believing… Don’t stop dreaming…

Anti flea for Quankhi

My class is almost over. I can already feel the summer bliss. I’m just a little bit lonely because our dog, spot, is not with me anymore. My mom gave it to her friend. That’s why my grandmother’s dog, quan khi, is my company now. But there dog is not properly cared. There are a lot of fleas in its back. I don’t really like a fleas, especially fleas on dogs, I suggest them about the fleas control site to find the best and effective anti fleas on dogs. I hope they can find the best to get rid of it.
God bless.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank God I'm on the List

I was so glad seeing my name in the list of honor student. In my three years in college, I got an over-all GPA of 1.6979 and it is an achievement for me. It’s my unusual experience. It’s a lifelong fulfillment. From all the hard work and sacrifices, with God’s help, I deserved to achieve this academic award for honor. It’s definitely an achievement and an inspiration- to do better, to dream more and to trust God fully. It’s not me who is good, but it’s God who’s been so good to me. I’m always thankful for the blessings that God has given to me. After all, it’s all His will and guidance that’s why I achieved all this things in my life.
With all these gift and award, I will always glorify God above everything. God bless everyone. Dream big. Keep going.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Wacky, Dopey Ideas

Imagine a College student doing this foolishness.

Well… it’s just that we were bored sometimes. I don’t know how, but in some point in time, I can always have great time when we were with each other. (we were bored yet we can still find time to release those boredom). I know, somehow, we enjoy each other’s company. This is what we usually do with my closest friend Beth. Most of the time we’ve been together- as friends and we never miss any single day that we won’t do any crazy thing.
Beth is one of my closest friends at school and we usually took pictures every event and memories in my life. I just want to have a good time this time. I love to be here. This is a tree that is located in front of our college. And we usually climb-up here just for a minute to relax… reminisce and do “crazy idea”.
So, here I am today, trying to figure things out- in my foolish photos

Time to Relax

Hey, friends. How’s your day? Well… I’m feeling well today. I can already feel the summer bliss. After all those long days of stress and hectic schedules, I can already feel ease and relax today maybe because all our exams are over. It is the perfect place for me to sit-back and relax. I just want to enjoy my day.
If I could have the time, it’s a perfect time for me to have a whole body message. Till this time I can still feel the back pain, shoulder and body pain. I hope I could have the chance to have massage therapy video. This can simply gives me a relaxing feeling in releasing all my stress. It would be better to learn massage. Try some new foot massage DVD. Yes, that’s one of my favorite.
Here's a sample video i got from the net.
Massage Therapy Video

Full Body Massage Video   |   Massage Therapy DVD

Take care. Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Corel Draw

Well… here it goes. What can you say? I know that it’s not that pretty good, but I’ve done my best so, I should be proud of it. So here what I've done...
Here is my final output for my project in Corel Drawing.T-shirt design . Though it’s not that satisfying, but it’s beautiful for me. I just submitted this project to our teacher and that's it. I’m so glad that my class is almost over. I can already smell the fragrance of summer bliss and wind remedy in my balcony… and do all the things I wish to do… drawing, painting, listening to music, baking and everything.

My Corel Drawing

A sample of a T-shirt Design

I just thank God for giving me strength till this time. I’m glad I survived.
Have a happy Thursday to all.

TV Satellite for my Summer Vacation

Finally the examination week is almost over. My complete vacation is almost here. Though I’m looking forward for my OJT this summer, but I’m more excited for my vacation break- a break to all my stressful days I’ve experienced lately. I thank god for the upcoming week-long vacation.
Vacation or summer time is the perfect time for me to sit down, relax and watch a movie. I love to stay at home especially when we have lot of TV programs to watch. I already prepared a lot of DVD tapes for me to watch. Unlike before that we were using cable TV it is more convenient and accessible to all programs. That’s the reason why I always want to have cables at home. I think Direct T V deals is the best and affordable TV satellite . Direct TV satellite is much better than any other cables.
Its performance is excellent. Direct T V Specials has a variety of advantages to offer. You can save money plus its convenient packaging, easy installation and many more. Direct T V offers guaranteed high quality and affordable cable TV services.
I just wish that I could purchase satellite TV before vacation month starts. God bless.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's all about Webhosting

What about webhosting? This is what everyone, who is newly establishing their site, has been asking. Yes, I’ve been asking this site before to my cousin Marky because I’m merely curious about this matter. For me, this is one of the difficult questions to answer.
So, if you are a new to blogging, here’s a glimpse of what website hosting is. Web hosting companies are who will provide internet hosting service which helps an individual and organization to establish their own site which is accessible to the internet world or World Wide Web.
How will web hosting help you?
You have to make the right choice. For you to able to access your site with the others, you have to choose from the best web hosting sites. You may visit different website hosting directories which will help you choose the right web host site. Webhosting directories can provide you with the ranked ratings of the best web hosting site. So it’s time to make a move.
When you know what web host to choose, then you are now ready to publish your site. Good luck for your success.

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Time-plan

Finally the “exam week” is here. I have to be prepared. Well… what am I going to do now? Maybe let’s have little plan of my schedule.
I hope I could have coped up with this time-plan.

1. Tuesday schedule:
Exam for our Comp. Sci1- 7:30 A.M.
Class at 1:30- 3PM
Go home and review my lessons for CAD
Work for my projects at night (CAD and Corel Drawing)

2. Wednesday schedule:
Class in the morning till noon
Exam in Math- noon
Go home and review (again)
Review and finalize my projects- night

3. Thursday schedule:
Class, submission of projects and exam in our CAD- morning
Review for my other exam- afternoon

4. Friday schedule:
No class in the morning but I’ll work in our laboratory work at school- morning
Class at 1:30 PM
Review- evening

5. Saturday schedule:
Exam at 10:30
Laboratory work- afternoon
Young people service in our church- 5:30 PM

This is my reminders. Just to remind myself about this busy week. That’s how my life works. But wait, I think there’s something lacking in that schedule… I think I forgot to put the word “REST”.
God bless.

Enhancing your Confidence

I forgot to eat my breakfast this morning. I cannot afford to do some makeover and look after my health and physical appearance. I was complaining with my thin body. I almost sleep late at night. Though I was conscious about my thinning body, my friend Beth was complaining because of her enlarging body. I just laugh at her because despite those stress and schedule… still, her body enlarges.
Maybe we have to talk for awhile about these matters, when we have fatty and sagging body sometimes it can really irritates us. I’ve seen in the web that there are people who try surgery to reduce there fats and lately I’ve read about Breast Reduction Surgery. I never thought that there are also women who’re complaining about this matter. Well, totally, enhancing your physical appearance can gain you more self-confidence. I think many women who wish for this type of enhancement will travel for a long distance just to have surgery.
Being happy and fulfilled, when we look into the mirror, can increase our confidence, so I never say “no” when it comes to beauty enhancement. We always have to be beautiful for ourselves and for God.

Friday, March 13, 2009

When You Start Blogging…

"When you start blogging... you've been a part of it."

Well… I know it’s so difficult for me to manage my time at this moment because of that so-called “Final Week”. Classes will end up this April. Though I’m excited for summer but I’m afraid to face the days “before summer”. Maybe you can find me always at school or at my classmate’s dorm or what... but I still try to find time to help Nikka with her new blog. 
I just come up with the name for her blog that suite for her- the "Mean Girl's Confession". Thank God for her new blog. Though it’s not that quite updated but I’m glad she had her first move. Maybe… one step at a time and she can make it through (it takes a lot of patience). It is somewhat slowly but surely. I just wish that she’ll become more eager and willing to do blogging, because blogging is somewhat publishing your own book-which is your life.

So here’s what we’ve done so far… (I hope that she'll get more excited for a new post) 

... and her site...

Her name is Nikka
Welcome to the blogger's community.

I hope that she’ll be motivated in sharing the best of her life. Maybe you can try and check her new site. I just wish you can shore up to be in her blog. Just keep going and stay in touch with my posts. Thanks.

"Blogging is just like breathing... how can you stop when it's already part in your system?"
Get excited but don't get too addicted.

A Bag for All Season

It really sounds interesting for me this time to see different kinds of bag. Since I started my FS 4 (Field Study 4) I become more conscious in preparing for myself- the clothing, shoes and bags. Before, I was so eager to buy huge leather bag. Since then I always longed to have a bag. To look more professional and presentable I always want to have a black leather bag. I always want to look and feel confident. Yes, I do have money to buy a new bag but it is something to deal with me. The tendency is, I used to have no bag for my notebooks, books and DTR and any other papers. I never had the chance to have a new bag.
Since summer is here, it is more practical to buy a new bag ha suits you and the seasons today. You can always have it as a summer look and professional trend. We can always have with the help of Milly Della Fonte Beach Totebag. For summer, you can have the best floral designs. This is the type of bag that will have it all- summers look plus a professional look. Totally, the bag can gives you two stylish look.
Keep going always.

Shop for Your Personal Wear

From the time I started blogging, I always encountered different sites and unique products that has been offered in the net. I realized that there are a lot of products from the net that you can choose from. You can always have a wide access of the latest product and fashion. Well, internet had almost everything-with regards to there different merchandise and products- are all in the net. I find more interesting, for me, because you can always have an access with the salesperson or the companies who are selling the said products. Through product advertisement in the net, it can provide benefits to the consumers. You can always have the confidence to buy that product when it is accessible for you personally. Definitely, it has greater impact to the consumer. Even in personal things, clothing and personal wear like Myla Cassandra Lingerie Thong. You can always gain confidence and dare to buy it anytime. You can always try to purchase it. You don’t have to worry no more if somebody is looking at you- intriguing the stuffs you buy and the things you love.
There is nothing wrong when you make use of internet shopping as long as you’re using it for good. Keep going.

Successful Digital Film Fest

I went home late at night today because we (me and my sister) watched our school’s short film festival. I do really have a great time in watching it. Though, we find inconvenient when it come to accommodations but the movies were very great. It shows some individuality and uniqueness. It is somewhat “the birth of the new artists and film maker”. Truly, the students of MSU-IIT (Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology) proved there talents.I just wish that I could have provided some snapshots for you.
To sum up everything that happened to me today, actually, I enjoyed my day.

I just want to congratulate my cousin Marky a.k.a. “GreenMan” (he’s blogger too) who’s the story writer of one of the movie during the film fest. Their movie is entitled “She’s my Angel”. I love that story. I hope that you could watch the trailer.

God bless.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Unique Bride

Do you wish for something unique in your wedding day? Well, before, I wish for a unique wedding celebration. The setup, the motif and everything will be unique. And most of all, I dream for wedding groom- which is to be my “God’s Will”. What do you think of my idea? Well, it just comes up in my mind lately. Actually I just remember that I was by my friend in her sister’s wedding. They’re all busy for the preparation. It sounds good. 

Surely, wedding day will be the most memorable day for a woman. It’s not about luxurious place, gowns, jewelry, flowers and set-up will tell how successful and memorable your wedding will be. Even in a simple way you can have the most unforgettable wedding in your life. I’m not telling you that you don’t have to prepare and cost too much for it. As long as you are doing it because that’s what makes you feel satisfied in your wedding day. Speaking of uniqueness, when it comes to wedding preparation, well I got here some unique accessory that will surely loved by all brides. The Wedding Foot Jewelry is somewhat interesting for me. It is something that glows inside in you. Maybe I could have try it soon… when I become a bride.LOL.

Just keep going.

Slow-progress Site?

Sometimes, it seemed to have paranormal manifestations. Sometimes, I’m out of my mind. I usually dreamed for a thing or an event to happen. Maybe they call it “absent minded” but for me it’s somewhat my abnormal behavior. Have you experienced thinking of something and definitely you want it to happen right away? Unfortunately… that’s the negative side of me. When time gets closer and closer, you become more eager in achieving it. Well… it’s time to change again.
Honestly, when I started blogging, I become addicted to it-I just hope it won’t affect my grades. I become more obsessed in to it. Every time we had a class, I always think of possible ways to on how to improve it, increase blog traffic, page rank and etc. some say I’m sick in to it. I keep on thinking of possible posts- that is interesting- to attract my readers. The worst is… I become more frustrated if my blog has low visitors, blog traffic and rank. But we should ask ourselves… Why worry if we can have Seo Tools Shop? How does it work?
SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is one way to increase blog traffic. SEO Tools Shop you can purchase an E-book that will help you learn different strategies to increase blog traffic. It will also lead you to different directories that can link your blog.
So friends… it’s a matter of discipline and hard work to gain blog success. So don’t get frustrated, like me, when you want to achieve something. Just take it slowly but surely and let SEO tool shop help you.
Take care.

Your eyeglasses and You

Wearing eyeglasses is pretty cool. Truly, I just wish for stylish glasses. When you say fashion, actually I love to be fashionable. But I also want to be a geek sometimes- with all those nerdy eyeglasses. What ever it is… I can be fashionable at the same time a geek. When you wear eyeglasses, you can have it all- to be a geek and fashionable. Wearing eyeglasses is cool.
Fortunately you can have a Wide Selection of Eyeglasses to choose from that will surely fits your personality. Now if you think you think that you need eyeglasses all the way, there is an easy way in doing it. You can have purchase it through the net. That’s definitely fast and convenient to do.
I do really love to have these eyeglasses I’ve been complaining about my severe head ache and usually it aches near my eyes. It usually aches whenever I browse my computer all day. Definitely I’m a computer addict and I don’t care I it takes me 24 hours by just sitting and browsing in front of my computer. I just hope that I can change this bad habit. I know that there are eyeglasses that are available, but you cannot bring back the time when you totally loose your vision. I just hope that we should have to take good care of our health especially our eyes.
I just wish you a happy day. Have a happy reading.

Captivating Asian Beauties

Yellow race, brow race… these are mostly from Asia. I love to post these photos. I got this from YouTube and it is truly amazing. I cannot imagine how they portray and shows the beauty of an Asian womenl.
Sometimes, there is racial discrimination between races. I tell you all of us are made as a unique individual. Asians are family oriented, they are rich in cultures. And Asians are beautiful.
Truly it proves… I’m proud to be one of those… LOL.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Missing my pet Spot

Well, I was eating my lunch at out patio when I remember Spot-our Dalmatian dog. We used to play after I eat my lunch .He usually bark at me and play at me after I got home from school. I used to take care of him, washed him and take away his flea - I can always help you up on how to control fleas from your pet. We usually bond with each other every weekend.
During the time that we are all busy, my mom decided to give Spot to her friend. Now, I’ve been missing Spot. I hope he’ll come back.

An Orange a Day, keeps your Doctor Away

I think I rephrase the thought of my title. I know that the title should suppose to be “An apple a day keeps your doctor away”. But for me I eat almost three oranges today just to ease my colds and cough. Yes, I’m not feeling well today. Especially now that summer is here so it’s very hot in here. I cannot take the colds and sneezes every time I’m exposed to sunlight or dusty area. Okay so much for that. Well I’m glad that I learn to eat healthy food this time. I just hope that I can continue this habit. I just wish that mom will bring more oranges today. God bless everyone.

Helping a Friend

My friend Nikka had started to make her own blog. Today, she’s busy posting for her new blog. Well as usual, I have to look after and do some advices for her to be successful as I am. We cannot deny the fact that before I start blogging, I was helped and advice by my cousin Mark, so here I am today, trying to help my friend Nikka.
The first thing we did, we search for the best web hosting site for your blog. And it is much easier for me because we visited webhosting geeks are there to help you. Now that we had a new site for her, all we have to do is update it and search for another directories and feeds. Then, it will surely increase the blog traffic. I hope that this week, we could have done some entrecard application. I’m pretty sure that the web host site will also keep our blog successful.
I hope that simple help will be a big help for her. Keep going everyone.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

MSU-IIT's Digital Short Film Festival '09

MSU-IIT (Mindanao State University)
2nd Digital Short Film Festival (montage)

Finally, the long wait is over. The 2nd Digital Short Film Festival is here. CineARe in cooperation with the school MSU-IIT (Mindanao State University) had proudly come-up with the artistic films- participated with the different colleges and students of MSU-IIT.
Our school, in cooperation with different colleges did a great job. Though I haven’t seen all the films yet but I think all of them are very interesting. These are the proof that MSU-IIT is one of the Center of Excellent School in the Philippines. The students prove that MSU-IIT students are talented, intelligent and artistic.
God bless for all the participants and the colleges. I wish for all the success. I just hope this will be the good start of the said successful event.

The Worth of Success

I know it’s somewhat difficult to be a teacher. Yes, I’m a College of Education Student and soon to be teacher. It’s difficult to find a job now days so I was little bit unsecured about my course that I’ve been taking up right now. I have to strive, study hard and do well on my grades so that I could be able to compete whenever I’ll graduate and be in the real world. I can say that today, being a teacher, you should have patience- which I don’t have. But still I’ll do my best to gain that patience.
Being a teacher is a fulfilling profession. Though the salary not that worthy for the effort and sacrifices but it is a worthy profession after all. I can still remember my cousin talking about her salary. Actually she’s a fresh graduate teacher and she used to have different Loans. Because of not that good salary, she used to have Unsecured Personal Loans. Every month her salary was deducted in all her Loans she had. I just wish that I could have helped her by advising her to take some Business Loans for her to start a successful life to business and as a teacher.
I hope that it helps me to motivate more to study hard and stay in this course. God bless everyone.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Greatful Morning

Start out your morning with a grateful heart by remembering that you have so much to be grateful for. The stressful night was over. Worrying and stressed feeling can lead you into another terrible and stressful day in your life.
Seek the peacefulness and lovely feelings of living. Life is so beautiful, though you know what makes you weak but still you choose to live a life with strength.
God is great. God is good. God will take care of you today.
God bless.

I got this picture from shop at moxie which offers cute stuff and gift items.

Moving On

I know how it feels whenever I think of the times of my childhood days. I was eight years old when my family decided to move to our grandmother’s residential lot. Now, we were living at the back of our grandmother’s house. And today I’m already nineteen years old. Tough that was long time ago, but I can still feel the feelings of leaving the place where all your childhood memories are made. The emotional feelings were there- sadness, excitement and stress. Why stress? Well that was really terrible, because all our things were on one truck and all of them are swerving. And we have to find another truck for our dog and all of my playmates are crying. Seeing that scenario, I can probably say I don’t want the essence of moving… moving out from point A to point B.
Now a days, it is much even luckier for those who want to move because it is easier to move. There are a trusted Moving Company who’ll going to help you up. It will surely make you feel comfortable. From company personnel- the CEO, movers down to the drivers- who will assist you and safely handle all your belongings. Surely it will give you a comfortable feeling in moving. You will feel secure when you travel.
Actually, I reminiscing all those things because I just feel like going back at my childhood time… to bring out the memories that I’ve been treasuring till this time. Growing up is big responsibility to me. I just wish to go back on my childhood when all I want to do is play.
God bless everyone.

Battle of Blog- Win your Price

What will be my blog’s standing for this month? Actually I was a little bit curious on how to make a successful blog. I just wish to obtain higher rank in the following month. What is really our main goal why we have to increase our effort to have more traffic and visitors? Well, aside from having a PR at the end of the span of time, but the successful site determines your patience, hard work and faith in yourself. If you believe that you can do it… Your surely can.
Actually there are many times that I feel discourage to blog because it is so tiresome and hard to do. Always seek for improvement on my site. For me blogging becomes my serious work- my daily routine. I always wake up early- usually at dawn. Sometimes I get tired of all the stress that I felt. If you feel that we have the same situation like mine and then do the right thing. We can always have fun when we update our blog. Today, I just admire this new Battle of Blogs. Please visit, just enjoy the prizes through the number of points.
I just hope for us a better success in the future. Don’t just sit there and wait for your fate, instead prepare to grab opportunity that fate can offer.
God bless.

My Skirt Outfit

Tomorrow, I’m planning to go shopping with my sister. We’ve been always planning to buy some new skirt. Yes, I do really want to buy different skirt because we have no more outfits to wear every time we’ll go to church every Sunday. Yes, do really want to wear skirt. I want to wear my best every time I go to church. It is more pleasing to God when you are in your best- in your dress and most especially you have your best heart of worship. There’s nothing wrong if you become totally conscious on hoe you look, but make sure it won’t hinder you to worship God. So, time to shop.
Well, time to search at the net for the best outfit. It’s been always be my favorite hangout place is our computer. I always look for different ideas and designs and luckily, internet can offer the best. Actually I was attracted with this wonderful skirt I just found when I browse the net. It’s an AE American Eagle pencil skirt style which is my desired style ever since. Well something’s like it caught up my interest to buy it.
I just wish that I could have done better in my blog so that I can afford to buy all those stuffs that I can find in the net. God Bless.

Savings for my Prom

Finally our JS Prom was scheduled. IT will be on March 21, 2006. Though, I can’t afford to dress well during this special day but I’m still looking forward for to look good during that night. This will be my first time to attend a JS prom so I’m a little bit nervous about that event. Beth and I are very excited for this. I just hope that I can have extra expenses for my new dress to wear.
I hope you could help me up in with all those stuffs- the dress, shoes, make-up. I know that God will provide me with all my needs today. I just wish that God will use you to bless me. (I’m just kidding). See you friends. I’m going to study my lessons in advance- to avoid worrying for our prom. Financially, I’m in need. I have to save money for these expenses.

Talk and Payless

It’s really hard for us to miss our loved ones who work abroad or who are far to us. I think most of us, had a family or friend who worked abroad just to earn extra income. But the most difficult situation is that we tend to contact them often because of too much payment for our phone bill. I’ve known a friend who used to call her dad abroad once a week to minimize their monthly payment for the bills.
Why do we have to suffer to pay for that necessity when we can have VOIP Phone Service? VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It offers a fractional cost or even a free pay for your phone bills. It is the same as with the phone but it uses high speed internet to make calls.
So why you have to limit your call we you can have it for more?

I hope that it will help my friend to communicate and keep in touch with her dad. God Bless.

Multiplied by Two

I’ll start my OJ (On Job Training) this coming month. But I was a little bit bothered because I still have to pay my whole tuition fee. I still have an account balance of two-thousand pesos or $ 41 USD or something. I hope that I could have made it this time. I still have to gather some money to pay for that fee. I hope that my parents can give me money this week. I hope that my allowance from my scholarship will be released. Yes, I’m a scholar student but my allowance is always late. It’s never comes on time whenever I need it. I just hope I can have money now. I hope that God can resolve and provide all my needs. I know that God will pour out His blessings.
The only thing that I can do is believe and it shall be given. God Bless everyone.

Save our Youth

When I heard the word youth, it is always accompanied with the words loneliness, depression peer pressure and disappointment. I can consider myself as youth. I’m eighteen years old and I agreed about the fact that youth really seeks for attention from others. They are weak in decision making and defeat. They are more on solitary mode, depression and pressure. Sometimes, youth are weak. Youth needs guidance from parents. They think that they know everything but honestly they were confused. They want to be in independent- to in there own but sometimes they’ll run at you and cry. They’ll try everything because they are curious. Youth seeks for happiness… they seek the real essence of life and when they can’t find it they just quietly bleed. That’s maybe the reason why there are a lot of youth who were involved in drug addiction, crime and suicidal activity. Too sad for them who finds the wrong answers to their confused mind and heart. They think that they already have the answer but they got the wrong one. Though youth are weak but they’re knees are still strong to stand after a down fall. They still have the long way to run, the power to fight and the courage to dream again. Save our youth. Don’t just give up on the young dreams.
I know that this is the most common scene of our today’s youth- addiction to drugs. But, as what I’ve said, youth are weak but they can still dream dreams. I’ve known a friend who was addicted to drugs but he’d overcome it. Now, he is an active member of the Christian fellowship. Please don’t give up to our youth. There are ways to help them not only those youth but all drug addicts. In a drug addiction, there is always a drug rehab as an option. Don’t just judge those drug addicts but help them. They minds may be dead but in there is life in their heart. Open the chance for intervention- to talk to them. Drug rehab center can perform drug detoxification and release the drug-addicts from the control of drugs.
Help our loved ones. Let’s establish a “dangerous drug- free youth”.
God bless everyone.

Farewell FrancisM

Lately as I watched the news, I was shocked when the TV reported about the death- March 6- of Francis Magalona a.k.a. “FrancisM”. After the long fight in his leukemia, FrancisM’s battle was over. At the age of 44, Francis is definitely the only King of “Pinoy” rap music. Though he passed away, but the music and magic of his voice will truly remain in the people’s heart. He is a good actor… a powerful rapper… director and a good man. Truly the people in the Philippines will miss him. Farewell “FrancisM”… you are history in deed.
Let us pray for him as he leads his way to the eternal life.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Eyes needs You

Good morning everyone. I hope you enjoy your night sleep. Me? Oh I really have bad eye today because I sleep late at night or should I say this morning? I’m really busy with my works so that I have I little time to sleep. And guess what? I need to wake up early today coz I need to go to school and start our class again. Huh! But before that I need to post something on my blog. I don’t want to leave my blog empty.
I look at the mirror today and something really troubles me a lot. You know what? My eyes are really disgusting. I got some eye bugs and what is this, wrinkles? Oh I can’t really imagine myself going to school like this and face the crowd. Then suddenly I remember the eye creme of my mother. My mom says it’s the best eye creme so I hope it would really work. My mom never lies to me so I believe my mom. I also feel comfortable having this cream on my eye so I really hope I could get rid of this eye bugs and wrinkles. Oops, time to go to school. Happy blogging everyone!

My Close-wound Injury

Well, I was a little bit irritated about today’s event. Yes, I was so happy because my auntie celebrated her birthday today but I was somewhat disgusted about my injury I’ve got from that celebration. We really had a good time with my cousins. We dance all night at their house, the foods are really good and I do really love celebrations- especially birthday party. We keep on dancing while my cousin is busy taking picture on us. Maybe you were asking where I got my injury… well, when my cousin took us some picture, they decided to jump- for that pose. So, they jump then suddenly, one of my uncle’s helper jump-up at my back and I was really hurt. So I slap him and poke him by my hand. And my hand was really hurt. I think I got a close-wound injury plus my back was hurt. This time I can feel the back pain.
I just hope to be well.

I'm willing to help

Hello friends. Well, I was a little bit busy today. You know our final examination is approaching and summer time will be here. So I keep myself busy right now. By the way, my cousin’s friend Nikka wants to ask some favor for me. She wants me to help her in her new blog. I want to give her tips to have a new start. This time, I was giving her the option to choose the best web hosting company. It’s difficult for me to decide about the best. I’m still lucky for the webhosting that provides a comparison for the best webhosting company. I just hope it will help her.
It looks like blogging is everyone’s interest now. I’m just happy for her and I hope I could have helped her to update and suggest some tips to have a good start. Oops, something is wrong with my schedule, I just wish for a good luck for us, though I’m struggling with my schedule.
God bless.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thank God for our new Printer

Hello, friends. How are you today? Me? I’m always fine. I thank God because at last... we have our new printer. Last Tuesday we bought a new computer printer together with my sister and my mom. This family printer is very helpful to us. Well, I know all of us need it. Especially me- that I’m a college student. Actually I have a project to finish right now but I just want to post this topic for today because I’m happy because I can benefit on it. I can print all my projects here in our house. Yahoo, I can now scan all my photos and drawing here. I can also Xerox and print multi copies. Though, I’m not advertising HP computers right now but I believe in its quality. I just wish that I could have finished all my work today.

I hope I could take pictures on it, but I don't have a good camera right now. So here’s how it looks like:

God bless everyone.

Fashion Statement

Hello friends. How fashionable are you? Sometimes, we are trying to find about the things we love to wear and the things that state our own personality. We look for the right fashion that satisfy our taste and reflects our own personality. Every one of us has the right to choose there own fashion. It’s up to us in how we wear our clothes and shoes.
I do really love shoes and sandals. I’m very much fascinated with the different shoes that I’ve seen in the mall and in the net. So maybe it’s a little bit interesting for me to wear a “head turner” dress and shoes. Well there’s nothing wrong for that. How about wearing Christian Louboutin Dillian Flower Pumps? Well, that’s pretty cool. Wearing those high-heeled shoes looks very fashionable and interesting. It somewhat gives you a floral accent and fashionable style as a lady.
I love the color itself and design is really great. When I found this style of shoes in the net, I admired it so much. I wish I could have it and wear it in special occasions. I could say that, we all have fashion statement. The way we dress, sometimes speaks on the personality we have. It’s not bad to show express something that we want others to see us. It’s a big accomplishment- especially to the ladies- if we can wear something unique from others and wear what we want. As long as we are not hurting anybody, it’s good to state our own fashion.
God Bless everyone.

Couch Potato

Good day everyone. Our class will start at 6 PM today that’s why I’m so happy to watch a movie today. Though, it’s a little bit disgusting because our DVD player is not that good in terms of its function. The quality and the emotion of the movie sometimes depend upon the settings in which it has been played. It’s good and relaxing to watch a movie with a high tech movie player.
It’s good to be a “couch potato” sometimes. It feels good when you’re just sitting and watching TV all day. But it is much better when you have a media pc at home. Media PC is a multifunctional device where you can use as a personal computer, video recordings and music and video player. It sounds good especially to those people – like me- who just want to relax at home. Maybe I have to invest a little bit money just to buy my own personal media pc for me- just to satisfy my craving to watch movie everyday. Maybe, when I have already my own media pc, it’s cool to invite my friends at home to accompany me. It’s good time to have rest.
God bless everyone. Enjoy the day.

Feel at Home

I was so busy today. I can’t help but to wish to rest for the whole day. How I wish I could bring our house with me so that I could have rest whenever I want to. But that’s life, I have to do all my schedules for the day and go home- tired and sleepy. That’s why I wish to have a movable house. I keep on wishing on it.
When I heard about car trailer from our pastor, I was little bit curious about it. She told us about her experiences when she stayed in America for how many months. She was so excited to tell that she lived in a trailer truck. Sounds so exciting for me because I love do unusual things. Where ever she goes, she brings it. The trailer has different appliances, a little room, and bath room. It is really a moving house. It is really great experience for her.
Now, for me, trailer truck is really cool. If you wish to have unusual experience like our pastor, you’ve better start look for car trailer for sale. It sounds so exciting for me and for you.

God bless.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Inspirational Quote

Seek to find peace inside your heart. You can always find happiness when you give it to others. Be blessed by God’s presence. In God you can be a bless others. Find a way that you can be a blessing to someone in your own special way. Value yourself. God wants you to be happy and God wants the world to be happy because of you.
When can’t find the happiness in you, seek to know God and the people of God. He will always there for you. I swear. To seek God’s people, you can knock my door. I’m very much welcome to help you in terms of emotional comfort. I will always willing to help you. In this way, I can be a blessing to you. You may e-mail me if you want advices.
God Bless Everyone. Have a happy Sunday.

Risk-taking for your Business?

From the time I started blogging, I always think of the idea to have a small business. Since I already earned money, I think it’s a good idea to start up a business. Maybe it’s something you can invest, that if you put hard-work and perseverance, I know you can be successful, just like the others did. I’m thinking of a good business to start-up maybe let’s try merchandising, I do really want to put up my own department store ever since. SO how can we make it to be in the track?
First, choose the best location. Second, know the demands of your community- the possible needs of the consumers. Then third, establish a good capital. But people today cannot start-up their business because they don’t have enough capital. In this situation, people who have the capability and ability to handle a business cannot make it because they lack a capital.
So, what if you have no capital? There are many ways to attain these financial needs. You have a lot of ways to choose from. If you can avail, why not try Business Loans, it is easy and you can truly benefit from it. If you are afraid to risk, then you should have chosen the best company that can guarantee your trust. Try to visit these sites: and I’ve heard about these companies and surely it will provide you with Personal Loans and Business Credit. You don’t have to take a risk taking because surely it can be trusted.
Have a blessed day to everyone.
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