Sunday, November 30, 2008

Money... Manny



Well... here's another post for all of us here. Friends, I know some of you had known this Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao... He had conquer the world of the day is upcoming in his biggest fight...this December 06, with Oscar dela Hoya-to fight with a giant.
Let's support him.
We support him all the way but not in this kind of childish way. Many Filipino will react to this photo... some of you may think it as cool... & some may react negatively. Though, Manny Pacquiao is considered as a modern hero but we should not make it to the point where in putting it in Philippine money. Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo deserves the credit... and Manny Pacquiao is different... but I think anyone deserves in a right place and space. So let's support Manny in a right way. Tnx. Go... Philippines.
This Filipino boxer gives honor to our country... the brave athlete that gives pride of the Philippines.

His Big Fight... Dec.06, 2008

Do it in a right way. Spread the Banner.

Good Day everyone.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

She and Her Mini-guitar

My sister

My younger sister is very happy this afternoon because of her new guitar. My uncle promised her to give it this December as a Christmas present. But recently, today is her day... finally she had that little guitar. Though it's not that really expensive- I don't know if that's really a real guitar- but I'm happy for her. She had really found what her interest is. Hope she'll learn how to play- but she's not good in singing.LOL. Hehehe She also told us that by December my uncle will really buy her a real guitar.

My NEW Blog is Born

LOL Hey friends... and co-blogger... After those days of waiting and construction, finally I can introduce and promote it to you... my new blog, "My Foliage Diary". I'm very happy 'coz I have already two blogs. I know it takes time to update every blog but still I'm on the share to the world, what is life of being me. Tnx, to greenman-my cousin- cause he's my sponsor (he bought this blog for me LOL). Tnx... for the early Christmas gift Greenman!
And I hope you can visit my other blog too. God bless everyone and have a happy Weekend.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let's Learn AutoCAD

It's almost three days since the time that I've posted and updated my blog. I did have a new blog- so kinda hard for me to manage my time. I've been updating two blogs a day + plus my academic-lessons.
We had a subject AutoCAD (Automatic Comp Aided Design) and it really requires a practice and exercises- Hands-on training. Hewww... So today is really tough for me and to update my blog all the time. It is really difficult to handle and work things out. So, I decided to do my lesson and blogging at the same time. How? This time I do my practice and after that post it on my blog. It's kinda "hitting two birds at one time". Because I believe that my visitors requires great and new post. Hope you'll learn.

Here's my work today. Let's start @ the basic Isometric Drawing- Using Lines.

For those who had an installed program, Practice yourselves. Try this commands:

press (L) &(enter) key to connect it on the drawing pad.
type @(size of the line)<(angle) to give size and angle of your line
type (end) key connect endpoints
type (mid) to connect midpoints
press (enter) to disconnect

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Me and the RaiN

Well the rain really embraces the cold wind. I just don't want to rain this time because I still have a class at 6:00 pm... Really it's muddy outside and I don't want my newly shine shoes will be wet. So I just pray that the rain will stop today. Hew... I wish to stay in the house the whole afternoon but I no choice for me... But it's still 2:00 PM here so still have the time to blog... so let's celebrate. Yehey...

HappY Birthday Mama

It's my mom's birthday today so time to celebrate. Though, today I easily get irritated and not in the mood to celebrate but I always thank God for giving her the New Year and a life that is worth fulfilling. Mama, Happy Birthday, hope she can understand me, for being so hardheaded today. I always appreciate her for being the best mom for me.

*images from Google.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Food for Life IV

Hello friendly bloggers... Here's my fourth batch of photos. I know some of you really love the post. So it's free to explore and react based upon your own perspectives. Get involved to the arts and self-expression.

This photo simply tells us about life. We need to sacrifice something to have the juicy life. I mean the life that satisfies our thirst. Work hard and aim high. Sacrifice what's best in us and God will fill the lacking that is overflowing. Work according to will. God Bless.

This photo really reminds me of my own self. Sometimes I became more immature and I always complain of what I don't have. Our life became so miserable and unhappy of aiming something of what we don't have. Try to be happy and be thankful of what we have. Live a life with thanksgiving. Have blessed Sunday! God is good.

I got these photos from my sister's e-mail so I cannot site the sources. Tnx!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My GreeN Santa Claus

I'm glad, though I'm very tired in washing all my clothes, but yehey... gotcha! I have already my new "blog site". My cousin just lately bought this new blog site for me. He's been my mentor...since I start blogging. Yap... I'm glad that I have a cousin like him.LOL Well...well.. I went to their house to see their newly-buy Christmas tree and luckily they have some ice cream :) Mmmm... Tnx Greenman. It's already Christmas in here... with this "greenMan" in disguise as Santa Claus. Keep going santa. Thank you for your Christmas present for me. Hehehe looking forward for another x-mas present this December.:)
Actually my cousin is also a blogger... so please visit him in his sites:
Cousin Marky
Build your own Blingee

"The GreenMan in his Green World"
"Tiklaton" and his newly launched site...
"Out of the Mundane"

WaSh Day

I just can't help myself but to wash all the clothes that has been dumped in my room. It's been a year already since I've washed all those clothes. LOL well, maybe just only a couple of weeks. I know most of the time my mom always wash our clothes... so just trying to help her this time. So I start blogging late in the afternoon.
Maybe some of my reason why I just want to wash it... is maybe because... I just want to prepare all my clothes to wear in school... yeah- let's consider it as an experience- 'coz last Wednesday my teacher asked me why I'm not wearing our "school uniform" that day...So he gave me a warning...and next time he'll mark me absent if still I'm not in uniform.LOL The truth is- I didn't really washed my uniform during weekends. So maybe next time I should try to prepare for it and wash it every week. Hehehe a weekly lesson for me~ Anti-laziness. LOL
Good Day Everyone.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Solitude Effect

Now, I can feel that most of the time was in school. It's been a week already since the time when we last bonded with my best friend Beth. She is my classmate.
Yeah I have to admit that there are times in life and in the real world our friends are not always there. So here I am again... facing the solitary mode of my life, alone in our School Library, trying to find company with the books. LOL But I find joy of being alone. Though we are not totally together with my friend- coz' we don't have the same schedule of subjects- but I find pleasure to be me... Okey so much for my loneliness time! Library is a good place to be. Common... just trying to find and reminisce my moments of my life. Good day.

Cute Smiles of "Sir Armando"

Just wanna share you what I'm watching right now. Yes it's Betty La Fea in Philippine version. Really this phenomenal hit is now one of the biggest hit in Philippine T.V.I can't help it but to amaze with "Sir Armando's" smile. Super duper... he's so cute and very handsome. Yeah, the lead actor was John Loyd Cruz and and team up with Bea Alonzo as Betty. Truly John Loyd is a good actor. I really admire him in his acting-co' it's really convincing. Hope to see him in many more movies to come. Go Philippines. Hehe God Bless.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Philippine Update: Ronnie Liang's Ngiti

Many Filipino abroad are asking about the artist who sang the song I've been posting lately. I just remove the music on my blog because my entrecard will be terminated. So, just a friendly advice, don't put music on your blog if you have an entrecard account. okey. Well... It's just a warning... so I still have my entre.
To all blogger who asked about the singer. The Filipino artist is Ronnie Liang- a winner from PDA (Pinoy Dream Academy). I just love the artist and the song. Here's a video on his music video "Ngiti". Enjoy!

My Cold Evening... uNder the Moonlight

It's been a week already since the day that my mom sprayed a very suffocating smell of anti- termites insect -killer. So we cannot stay at our house to sleep. That's why in my older posts I've mentioned about sleeping over at my grandma's house. We almost do that in a week already. But outside our balcony, I do blogging together with those heavy PC (personal computer) very difficult for me. Now it's really cold in here. Despite of the smell~ well the smell didn't really reach here in the balcony~ but the moment that I was here alone is worst than the smell. All my family is now in my grandma's home... ZZZZzzz, sleeping. So I have to sleep now. Have a Blessed day to you. The cold of the night and the moonlight did really scares me here. So g2g- got to go. :0

Picture is courtesy from Google.

The Love Song of my Heart

This is a good song I found from Godtube- a site where you can find good videos and inspirational music. Hope you could visit this site. Enjoy the goodness of God that dwells in you. God Bless. Hope you could explore good things in an internet.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Food for Life III

This is the third part of my posting.
Maybe this is what I want to post for today. I've been in a long busy hour~ some kinda desperate of the things that I've failed to do today... So I just can't help myself but to post this as a feeling of expression. When I look at the tomato, together with, the ship-like-veges it really gives me a picture my teacher in History1 who really disappoints me. I don't know but he just refused to arrange my conflict subject (I'm talking about academic matter at school)... I can't help myself but to cry silently. But later on I tried to look at things in my own perspective. I know why God allow those things to happen... To make me a BETTER and STRONGER person. I know why the artist made his artwork- from an ordinary vegetable to a new one- to make it special and meaningful to other. So I just have to accept the fact that... right God is reshaping me TO be a better and meaningful person in His eyes. Good Eve. God Bless.

I got these photos from my sister's e-mail. Actually this is my third part of my postings... so if u wants other photos just browse at my other post.LOL

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sleep OverR... Whoah

Hey... LOL I think my day today is really tough. It's been a week already when we start ou class. I know I've been so busy lately... so I have a little time to do blogging. I wish to stay at home but I have no choice. My day was so difficult. I got a conflict with my History subject... and I cannot find my teacher to reschedule it. So... kinda a long process of overcoming... I cannot help myself but to worry. But I know God is giving me a difficult type of test this week and I have to be strong for it. Sounds questionable about my title?
Well, actually it's a kind of thing that really bothers me. I've been a long process of settlement and when I got home... chadang... our house was sprayed with anti-termites and it really suffocates me. So LOL we sleep over at my grandma's house. But luckily I had my uncle's laptop so, time for... blogging. Thank God for that.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Food for LiFe II

"The Bread of Life... which is Jesus Christ"

Friends... Here's another post for you. This is the other photo that I've recently post. This is the second part. Feel free to give your interpretations about the artwork. I just got it from my sister's email so I cannot link you the source. Hope you love it. Enjoy.
Watch out for the next photo-post.

Friday, November 14, 2008

LIFe through the EYES of a Child...

PLEASE WATCH this video... Please..

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." -Proverbs 22:6
Childhood... one of my precious stages of my life. Well childhood is so precious... when all we can do is play~ freely, laughs~naturally... pray humbly... cry loudly. Oh... I wish to be a child again. Free from stress, pressure, demand and expectations from others. But I know and I thank God for giving me a life that is worth fulfilling. The childhood memories will always be in my heart. These are the foundation of my tomorrow.

PLEASE do watch this video. I do really love to post this one because it reminds me of my childhood. How you grow in Christ. Enjoy the love of God.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Philippine's PinoY FearFactoR- face your Fear

Hew...Too busy for the day... School stuffs... etc. Well it's time to relax... Enjoy... and watch T.V. Lately, I've watched the new TV show "Pinoy Fear Factor", hosted by Mr. Rian Agoncillo. It is done in Argentina~ where it originates. Now Filipinos will conquer their fear... for they are the new "participantes" (participants) of this show.

You might ask why I am posting this... Well I had a friend blogger who just recently asked about new updates or any OPM (Own Pinoy Music), I just realized that there are a lot of Filipinos who worked and lived overseas... they have no updates about what's happening in our country, what are the new music, TV shows, economic situation etc. So, I'm posting it as an update... So to all Filipinos out there conquer your fear... coz the fear to be "alone" is not easy, so GO! Go! Alam ko mahirap ang mamuhay sa ibang bansa. Mabuhay Kayo!

Don't be afraid, God is with you. When you have Christ, you always have... "No Fear" God Bless.
Watch out for another Philippine Update.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Smart Love?

Well, just wanna share you this book that I’ve been reading lately… This book is entitled “I kissed Dating Goodbye” by Joshua Harris. Surely this book is really great. Hope that you can have one too. Enjoy… reading- if you have one. Just remember "Don't make rush decisions... wait for God and He will take the lead. Let this book be your "treasure map" in finding the right love for you. Be smart about love. Surely it will inspires you on how to love with accordance to God’s will. God Bless.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Food for LiFe I

Hey friends... Take a look at these photos. Well, I just love to post this photos 'coz it really expresses something *plus the artist' creativity. Fin out why. LOL

My sister had received it from her email... so I haven't post its source. Hope you love it. Enjoy.
Watch out for another photo to be post.

Mabuhay! Philippines for winning the Miss Earth 2008

Miss Philippines is the New “Miss Earth 2008”.At last we are now the title holder, as our very own Karla Paula Henry won the crown as the Miss Earth 2008. Yah… I watched the Miss Earth 2008 last night and… bingo! We make it to the top. Though, yesterday I sleep late at night but it’s all worthy. To Karla... girl you really make all the Filipinos proud.
And for the runner-up’s …
Miss Earth Air (1st runner-up): Miriam Odemba (Tanzania)
Miss Earth Water (2nd runner-up): Abigail Elizalde (Mexico)
Miss Earth Fire (3rd runner-up): Tatiane Alves (Brazil)
Good Day...

Food for Life VI

Hey friends I know most of you are asking about the posting entitled food for life. Here's the sixth part of my posting under this category... I hope you will enjoy it. Yummy! The real essence of my post is not to crave your appetite but to give you an overview of art, feelings, emotions and life. I mean being a food alone will always be a food, unless we will do something to make it meaningful. Our life is a life alone... unless we will do something to make it colorful, meaningful and useful. We are the one who decide who we are... what we wanna be... and what is our purpose. God gave us a choice to choose... to decide of who we are. Let's make our life useful to other, meaningful and above everything desirable in the eyes of our God. Have a blessed day to all.

Got these photos from my sister's e-mail. I ask her the source... and she told me it was from the but I cannot give you the URL of the site... so sad, but I hope you enjoy the posting.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gary's 25-years of Inspirational Music

This man is really a true and pure ambassador of Christ. He has been an inspiration to me- with his songs and energetic moves. This simple and humble Filipino artist touches every soul of Filipino people… with his music and beliefs. His name- Gary V- is truly a phenomenon… an icon… Aside from his pure energetic moves he has the pure heart. Now he is celebrating his 25th years in the music industry. To all Filipino people… please do support him in his concert “Gary V lives at 25” this November 14 and 15 @ Araneta Coloseum.
I hope I can watch his concert. LOL but I believe it is surely a hit. With his originally composed song “Take Me Out in the Dark” inspires me more in his songs. To all Gary V fanatics here’s a glimpse of his official site.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Million Thanks to YOU

I just want to extend my gratitude to you “Green Man” for being so supportive to me. LOL Actually he’s my cousin. He is a blog-lover, an artist, a poet, a dancer and a singer. He is the one who help me in creating my blog- a good man. Actually I don’t know about all this stuff but he really gave patience and time to guide and instruct me- I never ever heard any complain from him. He first starts his wide and creative imagination in his first site called Tiklaton and from that site, the “The Green man in his Green World” follows. This blogs are really great and you’ll see that his great mind will sought your world.
Thank you for your support. Though I cannot repay him for that, I’ll try my best to support him also… even in this very simple way. Hope you can visit his site too.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This is Me... This is Us.

Hi friends I just wanna share you this beautiful music from the movie "Camp Rock". It's a very nice movie and I hope you can watch it. I love the songs and its theme.
Here's a video I made for you... featuring the Americans and Asians. Enjoy watching.
I also uploaded it in YouTube. Check it out.

Featuring: Americans and Asians...

This Is Me- Lyrics
I've always been the kind of girl
That hid my face
So afraid to tell the world
What I've got to say
But I have this dream
Right inside of me
I'm gonna let it show, it's time
To let you know
To let you know

This is real, this is me
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, now
Gonna let the light, shine on me
Now I've found, who I am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who I want to be
This is me

Do you know what it's like
To feel so in the dark
To dream about a life
Where you're the shining star
Even though it seems
Like it's too far away
I have to believe in myself
It's the only way

This is real, This is me
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, now
Gonna let the light, shine on me
Now I've found, who I am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who I want to be
This is me

You're the voice I hear inside my head
The reason that I'm singing
I need to find you, I gotta find you
You're the missing piece I need
The song inside of me
I need to find you, I gotta find you

This is real, this is me
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, now
Gonna let the light, shine on me
Now I've found, who I am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who I want to be
This is me
You're the missing piece I need
The song inside of me (this is me)
You're the voice I hear inside my head
The reason that I'm singing
Now I've found, who I am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who I want to be
This is me
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