Monday, May 10, 2010

Stand Up and Vote!

Last May 10, 2010 I really went out and vote. I voted according to my convictions. I stand and campaign for change. I voted for the righteous leader but somehow it really frustrating to see the results. I really feel seek that, once again, people failed to vote according to their convictions. They will govern again with the principles of money and not God.

Stand up for truth.

Though, we failed (my supporting candidate) – but I still stand up to be a righteous Christian after all. I never let anyone to buy my vote. I stand p for truth and God’s sovereignty. Though we stumble and fall but it really strengthens my faith in Jesus Christ.
“This world is too poor to buy my convictions on the principles of truth, justice and righteousness”. -Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva.

I got this quote from my church mate Celesa Mae and I want to share it to you:
Our eyes may not witness in our lifetime the change and revival that we've
been longing for this nation... or that He may answer not in the way we
expected it to be...still the GOD THAT WE SERVE CAN DO MORE
THAN WHAT WE DARE ASK OR IMAGINE (Ephesians 3:20)... beyond our wildest
dreams...beyond any man's ideas and interpretation.... and beyond the
possibilities that we think... Let's all have a humble heart and learn to accept and see God's Sovereignty!...c",) LOVE IS THE ANSWER!

God bless everyone. Keep holding on to God. At this moment in time He is the only hope for us Christians.


bluecrystaldude said...

Hopefully the rightful candidate will win! Happy Election 2010! ;)

Have a nice day

kcatwoman said...

dont worry. noy noy won and although im not one of the people who voted for him, he is considered to have integrity


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