Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sleep is a Blessing

Sleep? Maybe you all have that… but can you please share it to me? LOL

After all the stressful day, for me, sleeping is a blessing. I got home from school at 8 PM, I immediately eat dinner and then rest for a while. I feel so good at this moment and my “wicked” sister LOL, took some pictures while I’m sleeping. I look like sleeping “beast” that time, but I don’t care- as long as I can sleep for a few minuets. It’s quite a small amount of time, yet, helpful. This is the reality of my life.

I wish that the alarm clock will not beep, please… grrr… I here that irritating noise again so I have to get up and do my daily routine; to post and update my blog, to study and work for my assignment-in math, to do my CAD project and others… are not mention here because it’s too long that it may take all the space here. To sum up all those things… well, it is equivalent to...STRESS. But it’s okay for me. It’s good to sacrifice, for in the end you will reap the goodness and blessings from your hard work.

I just want to thank God for everything. He never leaves me in my difficult hours. I will post here my “close encounter with God”, how He accompanies me in my days of struggle. Just want to leave this post for a while-just to finish all the things I should do. I just want to do good this time, to work hard for God, for my family and for myself.

God Bless.


Tey said...

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windmill said...

Hi LinGZ,

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Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Sleep is very important to your health. Sometimes, you must let something go in order to get the sleep you need. You will actually be able to function better too if you get enough sleep, thus you will be more productive. Pleasant dreams.

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