Thursday, January 15, 2009

Raining? Just Relax

I’m so bored today. It still raining outside and I think the rain will continue to fall this week. This is the raining season in the Philippines. And when I had no class, I usually stay at bed all day. It makes me sick with this kind of weather. Before I love the rain, but now maybe I should ask Mr. Sun to shine again.
Lately, this morning, my mom scolded me because I never get bored in staying at bed all day long. She told me not to lie in bed because it makes me sick. She advised… (I think that’s not an advice, its scolding) me to do some house hold chores to exercise my body. Speaking of exercise, I think the best way to do during rainy days- aside from sleeping- is to do some exercise. Now you may wonder how to do it. Well try to do some indoor exercises. Every time we had a time, we usually spend time with my sister to do some exercise-indoor. Dancing is just one way for alternative ways to do some exercise. Why not try some chair massage.
Exercising and massaging are another way to relax and get fit. Be body conscious. There are some companies who tried to reach out their customers. They usually do it on DVD’s. Hot stone massage DVD? Yes, that’s possible. I find it very interesting too. This will give you some instructions to follow. There are some who also offers breast massage video (exclusively for women). These will also help you prevent breast cancer, right? Deep tissue massage would also be great this time. I found this video and it’s awesome. It gives you tips how to do a deep tissue massage from the experts. Here is the video:
Deep Tissue Massage

Massage Techniques   |   Massage Supplies

Actually you can order the whole video online. You can use to pay by Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. You will surely be interested in having their videos especially because it comes from an expert.
Though it rain this time, but stay relax and be fit in this rainy season.

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lunaticg said...

raining is the best day to sleep for me to. kakakakaka....
Wish my place raining all day tommorow.

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