Thursday, January 15, 2009

Managing my Extra Income

From the start I can’t believe it myself but guess what? I’m going to have my own money this month. I just received my allowance from my mom and my sister also gave me P 3000 for my projects and my additional expenses. Plus, I’m receiving my income at Google adsense. Hurray!
From the time I started to receive extra money, I tried to do my best to budget it and use it wisely. I saved a half-of it and the remaining one is for my shopping expenses. You know most girls or woman do love shopping. This week I’m planning to buy new T-shirt and pants for my school outfit.
If you are planning to shop from your extra budget for your expenses, you have to provide yourself a plan in dealing with all this stuffs. Actually I’m planning it for myself too. I’m going to plan the best way to lessen all my expenses. Maybe we should try some cash back rebates in the products that we want to buy. It is also better to know the best quality of products you want to buy and better know where you can find it. I just want to be wise and time-conscious when it comes to money and time management. Me? Well, I usually do some “comparison shopping”. This will allow me to search for the best price for sure, or maybe you could have done this online and do online shopping deals. If you are planning to do it online, then try to do saving money online. Actually there are many things you can do online; you can do some online shopping, online checking for available stores, earning money from your credit cards etc.
Always remember… shop wisely.

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