Saturday, January 31, 2009

He will Reign


Whenever I heard the word “gun”, I always thought of the real scenario in the southern part of the Philippines, especially Mindanao area. Me? I’m from Mindanao and I’ve experienced the bombing and terrorism act done in our place. We cannot deny the fact that a lots of incident- with regards to terrorism- happens here in our country. I also experienced “red-alerts”-where there are lots of military man and army’s around the city, curfews and bomb threats. I also saw real guns. I don’t know about guns but I know that was real.

As I reminisce the past, I just cry. I cry not because I’m afraid but because I thought of those people who loose their fear to God. But I know above everything… God will surely reign. We just have to prepare ourselves spiritually and physically in times of trouble.

Today, many people were trying to learn self-defense. Even I, myself, also want to try some sports that will develop my self defense. Paintball is the best sport to be.
To all paint ball lovers, try Tippmann Alpha. There is also a Tippmann Alpha Black that is perfect gadget to get into the game. Prepare and get involve into a game.
There’s nothing wrong in trying to learn self-defense at the same time you are enjoying it, as long as you won’t hurt or overpower anyone.

God Bless. Enjoy the Day.


brigaspad said...

nice,... keep going..!!!

LWM said...

Awesome, thanks!

amiable amy said...

thanks for the wonderful message...God bless

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