Friday, January 23, 2009

CED Day ‘09

Yesterday, it was really fun. Our college (College of Education) celebrated its annual Foundation Day. We usually call it “CED Day”. In our school we have different colleges and one of it is the College of Education. Yes, I belong to the “soon to be...” teachers in the future. And I’m proud to be in this profession. This time, though I have a lot of projects to accomplish this week, I’m still lucky because I had so much fun yesterday… together with my classmates and friends.
I think teachers should act like “kids” sometimes.
Teachers are not terror… they are funny and outgoing

My friends... (Me, Beth, Li Ann)

My classmates- “a certified camera addicts”

"Kids" LOL

Good boys


As future teachers, we should build up a strong foundation- the act of leadership and activeness. It’s good to have some fun and forget all the works that awaits me. I just want to thank God for this DAY. God Bless everyone.


E-Tavasi said...

Nice photo :) it looks fun and enjoys (^^,)


Have nice day.. nice to meet you

Apry said...

nice photo, you look so besutifull..

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