Saturday, January 10, 2009

Auto loss? Get a Help

In school we have a subject that major automotive... Maybe you're asking about my course. Well, I’m enrolled as a BSIED (Bachelor of Science in Ind. Education) – major in Industrial Arts and it was required to take Automotive and Refrigeration subject. We equip with skills in tech. to teach students about basic technology. Bu now, I’m struggling about my major subjects. Hope I can overcome with it. The time started blogging I learned that there are a lot of improvised technology that can alter the ways of living or our lifestyle. You know as a student we have to research for the possible resource of information about our course and subjects. We had a”lakbay-aral” or we call it “educational trip” to give us direct exposure about the things we should learn about our subject. With my classmates together with our teacher, we went to an automotive shop. Yes, being there you will realize how important to know those type of skills.

We cannot deny the fact that, there are people who are prone to accidents. Some of us were having a hard time to fix it up. Some were cheated, because they don’t know its Diminished Value when repaired. Get a help. Try to check this site and I can guarantee you that you have assurance and security when it comes to auto repair. I learned also about the real value of auto parts so, whenever you tried to repair your car, make sure you know the appraisal value of your car.

Be free to ask. God bless you!

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