Saturday, January 10, 2009

Needs new Unit of PC

When I started blogging, I became more exposed of to the cyber world. Though I’m not that computer wizard but I’m always willing to learn new things. Honestly, I’m not exposed in that kind of technology in my younger years. I was computer illiterate until the time I reached 1st year high school. Today, we have our personal PC at home so I’m more prone to cyber space now. We are so lucky this time because my mom bought PC for us. My nine-year old sister is also eager to learn computer. It gives me an idea to find new set of computer for her.  I was planning to purchase Cryo PC - High Performance Custom Built PC's because it offers new services. This time we will not share and wait so long for us to use computer. There is a new service that meets the need of every profession.
When it comes to video games I know my sister will love it. LOL She’s so excited to have her new PC. So I'm convinced with the product offered. But maybe it takes us a week before we’ll have it because we don’t have enough money this time to purchase the unit. Good for us to have this PC because my sister is working also in her thesis. Same with me, have to work for my video editing for my Ed. Tech and CAD project. It needs multi tasking, and work expertise to meet the deadline. That’s why we need to have high quality PC who can perform multi-task that meets our needs according to our profession.
Take time to think in deciding what PC will surely satisfy your need. When you’re done, that’s the perfect time to have it. God Bless Everyone. Have a blessed day ahead.

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Lord CM said...

Hehehe :D Ang PC talgang multi tasking yan, ang problema jan di pwede 3 kayo na sabay sabay gagamit at iba ibang application ang gamit nyo...pero im sure, ganda ng new year nyo coz of that new PC

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