Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tender Care for Babies

I just watched the TV series entitled “Boystown”. It is a Filipino TV show that aired here in the Philippines. The show showcases the four young man who was abandoned by there parents when they were just a baby. The young boys raised and lived in “boystown”. It is place for the boys- actually it is an orphanage for the young boys.
The moral value of the story, well, actually I’ve learned that the environment in where we grow and the proper care of the parents affects the behavior and personality of the child. The four young men experienced struggles and personality problem in which leads them into trouble. Children should be raised by there parents. Children longed the love from there parents and parents should show this tender loving care to them.
From our psychology class I learned that children, while they were still in process of growing, should be nurtured and taking good care of there parents. If the baby’s needs and wants can affect there personality and behavior when they grow up. That’s the reason why mothers as well as the fathers should know there responsibility as a parent. They should give and take good care of there children.

I was so glad and happy every time I saw families together in the mall. They were all together as a family. Though babies are very hard carry, but there young children are with them. Take time to be with your family and children. Baby strollers are very much helpful every time you want to go out with your family and your children. Develop parent and child relationship. While there were still young, build up a good relationship with your children. Maybe they need Easywalker strollers or baby bling strollers for your outing then it is available in the net- it is an easy and fastest way in purchasing it. Then why not buy it for them?

Build a strong foundation of your family, because the child’s personality also depends on how they were raised when they were still young.
Keep going everyone.

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