Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Time for Back to School

Good morning friends. Well, today is our enrollment day. It’s a little bit tough because I’m not yet prepared for school. I do really want to stay at the house and chill. Well then, I have to face the fact that “school time” is right here. I need to start my week right so I woke up early and prepare for school. I call my friend Beth and we both agreed to be at the school today. It’s enrollment time!
It’s very hot outside. It’s almost 10’oclock in the morning when I leave the house. The sun is shining very well. I forgot to bring my umbrella that’s why I was forced to walk the high way to the school under the heat of the flaring sun. It’s very difficult, this time, to go outside the house and you didn’t even wear any sun block lotion, hat, umbrella or even an eyewear. How I wish that I could have the chance to go back at the house and wear all those gadgets. Prescription sunglasses are really better for me because I usually suffer some sore in my eyes every time I go outside as I clearly see the rays of the sun.
Before the school will start, I just wish that I could have a chance to check my eyes condition and I prefer to have a prescription eyeglasses just to prepare myself and my body to do a lot of school work and board lessons. I usually complains with regards to this matter because I cannot cope up with the lessons that our teacher discusses- cannot see clearly when its far from me. So before I face the toughest and the busiest even in my life I’ll surely prepare for his coming.
God bless everyone and have a blessed day ahead. No matter what the situation, you will always take good care ourselves as well as in our health.

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