Saturday, June 27, 2009

Examine Yourslef: How do you know that you believe?

“How do you know that you believe?” (from Paul Asher)

This is one of the video from YouTube that truly captivates my heart and soul.
“How do I know that I believe?”
Sometimes we think that knowing God is enough to be called as Christian. Sometimes we were deceived with the things and richest in the earth that we forget to build up a dipper relationship with Him. We are all overconfident that we already know God but the truth is we just know His name but we don’t actually know who He is.
I just had convicted by God today. For sure God wants to send this message to you. Don’t ignore it…

Please Watch this video...

When He looks at you and say “come
And you go “NO” (by Paul Asher)

Be Guilty.

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