Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Perfect for Dad

What am I supposed to do today? Well, I was planning to wash all my clothes today but my family and my cousins envied me to have lunch in a fast food restaurant. Yeah, I’m glad because I relaxed the whole day. Actually, I was planning to wash my clothes this evening but I think the rain falls very hard. So I just decided to stay in the living room and bond with my family.

We were talking lately about planning to buy some new appliances. I want to get it on my savings account. But mom told me to postpone it. Instead, she told me to save it for a while. Actually if my savings was enough, I want to use it as a dream gift for my dad. This father’s day I want to give something for dad- which I think he really loves most. I want to see him wearing some leather vests while driving it.LOL. But there are some disadvantages in using motorcycle most especially when it rains so hard- like this time. Though motorcycles are prone to rain, but I think Motorcycle rainsuite can be a big help.

I do really wish to have it as our family servise. Well, if ever we could buy it, I’m just too excited or I’m looking forward to see myself wearing a pink Motorcycle Rain Gear.
Keep going and God bless.
Keep dreaming.

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