Sunday, June 7, 2009

Do You want to Play Computer Games?

Hello everyone. Are you having fun today? Well, it’s time to relax and have some fun. But first you should have to go to church today. Fellowship with your churchmates and always praise and thank God for giving you such a wonderful life. So, have you gone to church today? If yes, then very good. This will help you grow as a Christian.

I do really enjoy the day today. In the morning we went to the church together with my sister and my cousin Micah. And I will never forget this day because today is my younger sister’s birthday. Though, we cannot give her a birthday party but we just buy some food for the family and for my relatives. I’m sad because I can’t give her the birthday party she want but we still enjoyed the day.

I asked my her, “Do you want to play computer games?” she just nodded and smiled. We played the very poplular game super mario and tower defence game. Through miniclip games, I just made her happy. I’m glad because we were together and enjoying the day of her birthday.

I just loved my little sister so much. So the site full of games can give a smile to a child.

Have a happy day ahead. God bless.

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