Saturday, June 20, 2009

Note to God- Charice Pempengco

I'm totally speechless after i watched this video. I can purely shout to the world that I am a Filipino.

This girl, Charice Pempengco, is truly an inspiration to me.She proves that dreams do come true.
I love this song entitled "Note to God". It is very inspirational song.Please watch it.
God bless.


Rodrgo said...

Hola Amigo ya agrege tu link a mi blog, espero que tu hagas lo mismo pone como nombre Juegos-Onlines

saludos y suerte con tu blog

Bob said...

I like Charise, she's a talented singer. I was going to watch your video, but it said it was removed by the user

donna510 said...

Have a nice weekend LinGZ.
Wishing u all the best.

Cebuanong Hilaw said...

Hi Lingz,

Hi have added you blog in our partner page. please add us too.
let me know.

Rolly said...

I really love Charice. She's a superstar now.

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