Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Enduring Safety Through Technology

I just got home from school. Well I was so busy the whole day. The tiring enrollment just didn’t change. It’s just the same as before. There is no improvement at all. Well, then I have to be patient this time.
After the enrollment, I went home immediately- wishing to relax and sleep at home. When I got home, I was just worried because there is no one in the house. I’m home alone again. Why I was worried? Well, they just left the house un-attended. Mom or maybe my big sister lock the main door but they just left the key somewhere in our patio. Actually, mom usually left the key inside the flower pot- just in case somebody loose or left their key.LOL. That’s what we usually do everyday and we just ignore the negative possibilities that might happen in doing it.
But you know what, it’s always advisable to do some “safety first” in every aspect of our life- like in our actions, decisions or even our very own house rules and in house construction . I longed to have a keyless lock for our house. That's one of the reason why  I just love to re-model our house. When I saw this keyless lock in the net, I feel like having it in our family house. It’s good to have this at home because it really guarantees safety in our house. Because it is a finger tip door lock, we can assure the security of our home.

Keyless lock, for me, really meets the needs of every household. It is programmable so you can allow people to have a temporary during a specific time. Yes, everyone is welcome to have it in there homes. Key less lock is a new style for protection. Let technology be applied to endure safety.

Keep going everyone.

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