Sunday, June 28, 2009

365 Moments to Cherish

Hello friends.
I’m glad and excited because I have something to share to you today. It is a very interesting book.
One of this days, I’ll be reading this book entitled 365 Moments to Cherish. This book is owned by my cousin Marky and I’m blessed by him because he bought this book. Truly, this book is an inspirational and a wonderful book. I just read some of its pages and I was totally stirred with its thoughts and motivational advices and stories. It is mixed with Christ message for all of us.

God loves us so much that He wants our life to be a memorable date for Him and for you. Live a life with God… and let God lives in our life…

Now, leave your busy-life and take time to go in the book store and find this book there.
Keep going. God bless.


Ramon said...

So true. Thanks for posting.

NITSIRK said...

my bro also had a devotional same with your cuz. the story there really are an encouragement and a good reminder of how we should live our life. God bless.

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