Saturday, May 2, 2009

Work with Windows Server 2008

Hello everyone, this is LinGZ. Again I want this day to be informative to you. I’ve been working in the office for a few weeks already and it seems that everything is fine except in our computer server who is just left-behind-in-time. I was busy connecting and uploading to the network, but it’s just didn’t work out. I think its Windows is in year 2000. It’s somewhat an old-school in deed. And it is absolutely slow…
It is now time to make a break… to make a change. Perhaps, let’s make a try with today’s generation windows 2008 server. Let’s make it faster and upgraded, this time we have to learn and prepare for these changes. It is now time to work with windows 2008 server.
What about this thing? Let’s learn about this stuff through online training courses which is available in windows 2008 training dvd. Yes, it is already in a Microsoft windows 2008 training course. You can learn on it and have fun. You can do it anytime and anywhere. Because you can enroll whoever you are, whether you are a student or a worker or in business, you can always have a chance to enroll. Today’s “computer age” is now ranging in 2008 let’s make ourselves upgraded in technological advancement and changes.

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sem724 said...

I'm a windows fan, the only thing that bugs me is that they really cost much. But they do have nice Applications.
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