Sunday, May 24, 2009

IT Boot Camps: Anyone?

I was alone in my room. I was thinking about my future plans. My dreams and ambitions…
I was glad because I realized that I became more mature and more responsible this time. Before, I never dreamed and I don’t even have goals in life. I always go with the flow. Without proper planning, I easily decide for myself.
Now, I learned to build up my dreams. Lately, we had discussions with mom and I told her about my plans in life. With my mom, I confessed all my desires in life. I’ve shared to her that, after I graduated, I want to enroll to other course taking up IT courses. It’s more on technology and art courses. I loved to explore the world of Information Technology and its arts.
When I read about IT certification boot camps program, I just come up with the thought that we can still learn new things and we should never stop learning. This will give me the idea to grasp opportunity to study computers and its field. IT boot camps is the perfect place to learn from certified instructors who will make you a certified high quality IT skills.
Well I think setting up some goals can keep your journey moving. You can never walk in a path without a purpose why you are walking. Always keep in mind that we are the one who choose which way to go. SO, always make a right decision and make it a fruitful one.
Keep going. God bless.

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