Friday, May 15, 2009


I just feel bored today. I keep on thinking about the things I’d love to do (watch TV, read books, play comp. games, drawing) but none of them comes into reality. I can’t help myself but to stay all day in the office doing my summer job. I just want to sleep at home-I’m sick- but I can’t. I’m at school’s office doing some clerical work and my stomach is in revolution. Help!
But we had a great snack today. For today’s menu… well ma’am Josie made some abana shakes and cookies. Oh, I almost forgot, I have colds today but I still eat those forbidden food and snack.LOL. How I wish I could take some pictures of my life in the office- especially our foods- but I’m just too lazy today.
I just wish that this boredom will ease as I start my day tomorrow.
Keep going. Though I’m lazy sometimes, but please keep in touch with my posts. Thanks. God bless.

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