Monday, May 4, 2009

Upgrading IT Skills

Again and again it’s been a problem to me. I’m talking about our computer. Really, this seems to be burden to me. Our server got stuck and it really didn’t perform well. It always ruins my excitement to use computer and update my blog. Sometimes I just loose my mood to update my blog every now and then. Well, I think I have to make a way to bring back the interest and motivate myself again. Now, what’s the problem with it? Well, it’s just so happen that our computer’s server just didn’t work accurately. It is very slow when it comes to downloading and processing.

I’m just looking forward for an online windows 2008 training that will upgrade my knowledge in an IT world and upgrade my skills with in this matter. By the time that I’m updated with these new windows 2008, maybe the problems regarding with my computer is solved. This generation, it is very important to make some steps to upgrade your knowledge and skills in the IT world. There is nothing wrong to learn new things and learn to work on it. So we may start learning about the next generation’s server operating system with just one-step ahead- by just enrolling in an online training.
Don’t stop believing and don’t stop learning. Because the things you’ve learned yesterday is just an inch of what you will learn tomorrow. Face the horizon, you can learn as far as you could.
Keep going. God bless.

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