Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Computer is at Risk… Help!

Ah, I was facing this kind of problem… again and again. Almost everyday I always get irritated with our slow-dumped- trash computer.LOL. Well, I was just kidding. I just over described it maybe because I feel irritated in its performances. Because every time I’ll do something (office work, blogging and internet browsing) it takes so long after you’ve load a page or a site. Yeah, it is over used and it needs to be re-formatted. I just keep on blaming myself because I cannot do anything to fix it. I don’t know about these stuffs, that’s why I always wait for someone to diagnose it. My cousin, Marky (which is an It student) promised to do the task and fix it for me. Well, it’s somewhat difficult for him to find time to fix it because of his busy schedule at school- his summer class. But I’m still looking forward to that promise. LOL. Anyway, thanks to my cousin.
This week I hope that my PC will be okay and I’m hoping to bring back its normal mode. The next time I’ll encounter with this problem, I just hope that I already have pc diagnostic tools and data recovery software. Well, I just found this in the net while I’m searching for solutions on my PC problem. If you have the same problem as me, then check this out.
Keep going everyone

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