Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Relax and HAve a Break

I was so tired today. We clean up and cook in the office. I worked at our school as a student assistant- that is a part of my OJT. We celebrated ma’am Lorie’s birthday (one of my boss) - which is supposedly yesterday. Well that’s fine to us because we want to give her time to celebrate her birthday with her family.
I’m glad for today. Though the work in the office is quite tough but working with them seems to be the enjoyable one. Almost all of us were very tired today. I just hope that I could have given myself a time to relax- just like what ma’am Carole did in the morning. She just gives herself a massage. She hired reflexologies during the morning.
I know that I have no time to do that during the day. So I just try to deal and try some yoga after the working hours. I’ll just do it by myself- to save money .LOL. Yoga is a kind of traditional physical and mental disciplines which is done to meditate oneself. Doing some yoga with a Crystal Singing Bowls is much better. I just found out that these bowls were used as a support for meditation- those unique singing bowls can produce sounds.
Yeah I was quite curious about it so check it out. I hope this singing bowls plus yoga can ease my weariness for the day.
Keep going every one. God bless.

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