Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beware of the Signs

Hello friends. How’s your day?
Well, I worked the whole day as an office assistant at our school. Yeah, quite bored, but this day I enjoyed roaming around the city with Litlit (my colleague). Ma’am Lorie told us to buy for our lunch today- just a birthday treat for us. I’m glad because I had a chance to go out in the office and wander.
It seems that my excitement just lighten up when I felt the summer heat. The sun is so hot and vehicular traffic just worn me out. It seems that we just ignore the Traffic Control Devices and cones just to get rid of a long hot and narrow way. We just used some short-cuts this time. We even violate some Vehicular Warning Lights as well as traffic lights. At first, we were enjoying what we are doing but later on, I realized that we were absolutely wrong. It is being made just to insure our safety. Personal Safety Products are made for pedestrians as well as commuters and drivers. Safety traffic with high quality traffic signs is made for a purpose and we should not take it for granted. I felt sorry about what I did a while ago.

I know it’s wrong. I just keep myself aware of the government law and the law of God. Keep going I hope you can learn from my mistakes. Keep gong.

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Elinor Phillips said...

If you to follow the rules and regulations or traffic lights you may prevent accidents.

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