Monday, May 18, 2009

Nail Makeover

Hello everyone. Well I was a little bit tired today because I went home late at night. It’s raining too hard outside and I can’t go home early because all the transportation vehicles are full. So, when I got home I feel ease and relaxed. We ate together with my family and I’m glad and blissful for the food that my mom prepared to us. After our dinner, we watched TV at the living room. My mom was lying at out sofa while I and my big sister were busy doing some nail art in our fingers as well as in our feet. Though, it’s raining outside, we choose to give our nail some makeover.My sister used to have a neon-color on her forefingers- my cousins and I were playing a prank jokes in her weird nail colors.LOL. Since tomorrow will be her scholarship-application interview she has to remove that funny color in her nails. That’s the reason why we were busy the whole evening doing some simple nail art.
To establish formal and good looking fingers, nail polish will do. Well, it’s good to make it simple but more pleasing in the eyes. With the help of nail polish and little bit nail art, she will be more confident for tomorrow’s interview.
I just wish her luck.

God bless.

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