Monday, June 14, 2010

Get Ready for Swimming

Hello friends, here’s what I’ve got from our one and a half week of vacation in Siquijor Island. I’ve come to visit fascinating and great beaches there.

I used to have wonderful moments by just watching on the sea breeze and the blue sky. Oh, I really miss that wonderful island. It’s really wonderful to stay in that island and relax. There are a lot of tourist and visitors who visits the place with gladness. It’s good to see you there as you wear your best women's swimwear outfit as you enjoy the white sand of the beach and the summer heat of the sun- you know women really love sun bathing. For men, prepare your men's swimwear and enjoy surfing with the big waves of the sea. Yeah that sounds really great. Well be ready for your best outfit and get in to the latest trends of today’s lingerie today. It’s really best to have that stuff with you as you explore the wonderful island of Siquijor.

Well sad for me because I never had the chance to swim in the beach because we had only one day to tour in the island. So I hope, someday, I’ll go back to that island with my best swim wear ever and have fun.

Keep going everyone and God bless to you.

1 comment:

sem724 said...

I'm getting jealous of the beach. Missing the Philippines. Getting out from a trip for our inbound call center company promotion.

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